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  1. That was one of my favourite books growing up! Loved fish forever I guess haha!
  2. Let me know if you need a hand catching goldfish out, I've got a couple of decent nets and traps. Also have a pink GG that's looking for a new home if you know anyone?
  3. Add salt to the tank and watch it doesn't become bacterial or grow fungus. I've seen fish recover from a lot worse.
  4. He needs a bigger tank asap. They grow stupidly fast. You probably could have got a decent 4x2x2 on this forum for the same sort of money as that bowl. Buy dechlorinator, a small bottle is like $6 and you wont have to stress about killing your fish. A heater would be good to keep the temp stable but probably not a necessity if you don't mind him getting white spot every now and then (That's a joke by the way). I'm amazed that Mappins would sell this fish to you with this setup, it's totally not suitable for this fish for longer than a few days. I wouldn't bother trying other fish with him, they're aggro little shits. Maybe a pleco or something else that will hide/not encroach on his territory. @Desumi will have a fair idea about this, I convinced him to get one a few weeks ago. It's his first fish/tank and he's learning how to care for a fish the right way.
  5. Shameless self plug, Arapaima Exotics will be online in a week or so. check out our facebook page.
  6. The boom in flowerhorn is over. Much less people keeping them. I guess this was caused by the fact that they breed so damn fast/easily and everyone and their cat were breeding them. In saying this, there isn't a lot of quality FH around....
  7. Hey mate, I can't seem to send you a message.

    Would you be interested in doing a bulk price for 10 or so of your spectabilis?

    Give me a call/text on 0478123061

    Let me know, Thanks Finn

  8. I'm pretty sure this is that same fish.
  9. How about a moray eel in the Billabong? good idea???

    1. Yodapwnsasmurf


      Haha, probably wouldn't last too long!

  10. I assume you mean marine puffers? Not very common to see freshwater puffers available, only some brackish native species.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I prefer Silvers over Saratoga but it has to do with how readily available they are. I also just like the shape of them. I don't think there is a fish tier system at all, just that different people prefer different fish. Plenty of people prefer Cherry shrimp over Osteoglossidae but that doesn't make them higher on the "tier".
  12. Cant really compare them. Bit different when someone has flooded the market with 150+ fish that are going to outgrow 80% of peoples tanks in a year. Not to mention all the people that bought bulk to turn a profit, Bay? Plenty of people find Saratoga just as, if not more interesting that silvers. Just because a fish is worth more doesn't give it more value in the hobby.
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