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  1. Couple lots of rocks fs Rock , coral & artificial rock All in pic except the pot Free meds for fin rot included Want to clear it out $20 2nd lot is 17 x lava rock $50 come n grab a bargain pick up flagstone pm me
  2. Fronnies x 3

    Lol tems yeah haha
  3. Fronnies x 3

    Burundi I believe but I'm not an African expert
  4. 3 x fronnies fs 2 like 12-15cm 1 around 8-10cm pick up flagstone 4280 $50 the 3 or swap for a large clown loach lol pm me
  5. Hi all will be chasing a set up to hold my male Ray & whatever else ends up in there lol 6x2x2 or 4x3 or alike would consider 8x2x2 can be sumped or running fx5 just seeing what's out there prefer delivery to flagstone 4280 so keep that in mind , no ute big enough these day so figured I put it out there delivery if possible nothimg that's been repaired or looks like it needs to be LOL pm me or post on here
  6. 13hrs no power but my jenny saves the fish & fridge
  7. What import laws lol
  8. Nothing doing lol but I still advertise miss the old days was heaps going on
  9. Cheap feeder goldfish

    I was buying direct from red claw , but hit Kev up at exotic fish you probably save like I did , good size too
  10. QLDAF need to change this

    Yeah the layout changed killed this site sadly , only thing easier now is sharing pics . facebook was there before the changes so I don't think it's to blame sad this used to be where it was at , but not so much these days, I still use this site and post won't stop supporting it :-)
  11. Aquariums r Us Tanks

    They tend to have sharp edges from my experience, just check them out before buying I have 2 3ft fry tanks with built in sumps that came from them & they are fine , but have had sharp edge tanks especially around the bracing from them in the past
  12. Hi I am at Moorooka for pickup of the ghost knife 

    1. trk18


      Hey mate 

      can u send a mobile number to arrange pick up please 

    2. kitmini


      0402405523 I work thus morning but am free in the arvo


  13. Free - ghost knife

    Hi mate I can give it a home been looking for something different for my 8x2x2 display I tried to pm you & it won't let me, if u can send me a pm on where pick up is cheers
  14. Sharks

    Yes gum tree the go , not advertised on here for some reason 450 up to $1.5k for the platinum