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  1. Bump last 1 rest I had spoken for pm or miss out
  2. Still here be quick 2-3 keen first in gets her pm me
  3. Large drift wood

    Get it why it's wet ! No leaching sinks first time $100
  4. Large drift wood

    Bump $100 firm or swaps
  5. Fs - female pure mantilla 12-13cm Eating carni flat out Pick up flagstone 4280 $1.2k
  6. Large drift wood

    Bumping up
  7. Large drift wood

    Big piece of driftwood Looks awesome Would be min 2.5ft long $150 Ono Or trade for 2 -3 larger clown loaches or albino 2-3 tin foil barbs Depending on sizes Pm me pic up flagstone 4280 tank 5ft wide for reference
  8. Cheap feeder goldfish

    I was buying direct from red claw , but hit Kev up at exotic fish you probably save like I did , good size too
  9. Hi all 10 x large silver dollars be a 15cm average $100 for the ten or swap for a male peacock bass pm me pick up in flagstone $100 firm , happy to chip in an extra $50 for a nice male bass or cash want gone asap
  10. Mono pair wanted

    All sorted thanks
  11. QLDAF need to change this

    Yeah the layout changed killed this site sadly , only thing easier now is sharing pics . facebook was there before the changes so I don't think it's to blame sad this used to be where it was at , but not so much these days, I still use this site and post won't stop supporting it :-)
  12. Looking for a p bass mono pair pm me
  13. Aquariums r Us Tanks

    They tend to have sharp edges from my experience, just check them out before buying I have 2 3ft fry tanks with built in sumps that came from them & they are fine , but have had sharp edge tanks especially around the bracing from them in the past