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  1. trk18

    Motoro rays

    Up and away lucky last male left not sold or on hold pm me last batch for 3 months or so
  2. trk18

    Motoro rays

    Only 2 males not spoken for msg me
  3. Hi all will have some nice motoro rays fs soon $350 each flat price pick up flagstone 4280 or can ship and cost and risk pm me to reserve yours
  4. trk18

    Red jewls

    All sold cheers
  5. trk18

    Lungfish Breeders

    We’re $650 a few years back overpriced now sadly
  6. trk18

    Red jewls

    On hold pending pick up
  7. Withdrawn from sale
  8. trk18

    Female sen 30cm

    And sold ! Thanks to buyer
  9. 30-40 red forest jewls $2 each must take what’s there 5-6cm some bigger pm me pick up flagstone
  10. Breeding pair gold rivs $60 12-14cm pick up flagstone 4280
  11. 1 x female Senegal 30cm $300 firm can ship if needed at cost pm me pick up flagstone
  12. 13hrs no power but my jenny saves the fish & fridge