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  1. 3ft set up

    Up to the top !
  2. Wanted: Sump

    Hi mate pm me may split my rack up 5ft sump , pump and media
  3. 3ft set up

    Bump ! Bump
  4. Breeding rack

  5. Breeding rack

    Bump $1300 the lot or will start to split when the fish are gone pm me
  6. 3ft set up

    Bump ! $200 or swaps
  7. Breeding rack

    Will spit up if needed pm me if u keen on anything
  8. 3ft set up

    Part Swap for large clown loaches and cash or lots of loaches at a decent size lol pm me
  9. Breeding rack

  10. Breeding rack

    Bump up to the top . Pm me
  11. 3ft set up

  12. 3ft set up

    Will do $200 firm pick up flagstone 4280
  13. Breeding rack

    Hey all Available late jan early feb 5 tanks all 5x2x2s full lids Metal stands x 2 5x2x18 sump (6months old Denison built) Full of media (160 Baki rods) plus noodle etc , Laguna pump 11L 3 x 4ft lights Lp60 and air lines Sponges for each tank All plumbing Buyer to remove with my help , will take a few hrs I reckon so many hands be great Will part trade for a 6x2x2 sumped set up (be great if there was a 3ft tank & sump underneath) Will take $400 deposit $1000 balance within 2 weeks of deposit paid . My breeding days are over just too busy so quality set up for someone Pick up flagstone