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  1. We’re $650 a few years back overpriced now sadly
  2. 13hrs no power but my jenny saves the fish & fridge
  3. Nothing doing lol but I still advertise miss the old days was heaps going on
  4. I was buying direct from red claw , but hit Kev up at exotic fish you probably save like I did , good size too
  5. Yeah the layout changed killed this site sadly , only thing easier now is sharing pics . facebook was there before the changes so I don't think it's to blame sad this used to be where it was at , but not so much these days, I still use this site and post won't stop supporting it :-)
  6. They tend to have sharp edges from my experience, just check them out before buying I have 2 3ft fry tanks with built in sumps that came from them & they are fine , but have had sharp edge tanks especially around the bracing from them in the past
  7. Hi I am at Moorooka for pickup of the ghost knife 

    1. trk18


      Hey mate 

      can u send a mobile number to arrange pick up please 

    2. kitmini


      0402405523 I work thus morning but am free in the arvo


  8. Hi mate I can give it a home been looking for something different for my 8x2x2 display I tried to pm you & it won't let me, if u can send me a pm on where pick up is cheers
  9. Yes gum tree the go , not advertised on here for some reason 450 up to $1.5k for the platinum
  10. Looks good , make sure 0 gaps in the lids They great escape artist 🙈
  11. Also we're for sale at red dragon Last month
  12. Over rather than under if you can ! Fx5 x 4ft = clean & mostly problem free
  13. ^ yup lol But if he has too many I looking for 2-3 females ;-)
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