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  1. Leon AKA arrows? He get them straight from the guy that breed/makes them .
  2. He's a very nice kamfa indeed look at his worming over the kok very nice fish
  3. Take mum n dad out and put in 100 cherry shrimp...(there good at eating dud eggs not the good eggs) I hope your male is a breeder it's hard to find a male but there out there .. Where did you get them ...
  4. Yes she breeds (I have over 1500 fry from 3 spawns from her ) she is picky with the boys She has breed with a SGT male a huge ZZ male and a big marbled fenny...
  5. We are starting to get a few nice fh here in QLD good work guys All my flowerhorns are **** in breed **** sent up from Perth and Sydney not even worth posting pics man lol
  6. I herd your the man tuffy for pure trimacs you got any for sale!!
  7. Hi Mate.

    Have about 100 Elec blue 1-2cm. Looking for corals.



  8. At that size my prices are 1st gen $10-30 2nd gen $100-150 3rd gen name your price
  9. I would do the same my self but that's a big job ...
  10. I love you guys ..... Jester that's NOT A BAD looking 1st gen Kkp x SGT This forum makes me pmsl all then time RED Texas are a hard fish to make that's why there is fuck all around .. Super vije ... Good luck would like pics in 3-4 years if you can hold out that long that is ( not dissing you ) But good luck to all you guys .... Just one more thing why worming over pearls for the SRT ..
  11. That suxs I lost most of my short body SGT x red Texas fry it must be a short body thing But keep ya chin up and try again . I have a short body fh x Bp here you can breed with later on if you get any fry to live if there any good that is ...
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