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  1. hi James4128 around 20 regganies around 8 electric yellow and some common bristlenose catfish
  2. got some more young julidochromis regganies avalible
  3. still for sale breeding pair of daffodil Brichardi $30 the pair
  4. Thanks very much for that , absolute pleasure to meet you , i think those fish are going to be in even better hands with you , thanks again for all your knowledge
  5. Breeding pair of angels male is around 160 tall , solid black with NO barring at all female is around 120/130 tall very good pair = $80.00 have some of there young pick up coomera
  6. 3 at $5 each lager one $10 pick up coomera
  7. julidochromis regganie gold $10 electric yellow pick up coomera
  8. Marine Pure around 10 ltr = $40 K1 around 15 ltr = $30 sorry tried to up load photos but not working , can send pics to mobils if need be pick up coomera
  9. Hi I have a pair of black Ghost Knife fish with are now coming up to maybe 2 + years old, originally brought 10 to start with and sold of what never seemed to pair , they are in a 4 ft tank and have been for around 9 months , im chasing any info that may be out there or to be pointed in the right direction much appreciated
  10. Thanks guys much appreciated Iv looked them up and yes there are a lot of colour variants thanks heaps
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