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  1. julidochromis transcriptus juvenile 4 cm
  2. I wish I had the room for these ones the 30 cheery spots I got from you are going so well very very impressed with the whole transaction (transport eg) once again thanks heaps
  3. Ventralis Kambwimba F1 Fry

    Hi Lloyd Very very impressed Ventralis they have settled very well Thanks again
  4. Ventralis Kambwimba F1 Fry

    Sorry are the ventralis know also as orange cap and how much to deliver 10 to upper Coomera 4209 thanks
  5. Hi aquagolic99 thanks for the info i didn't know you could do that , dam I could have saved a small fortune I already got the bulk heads I will deferntly do that on the next lot thanks heaps
  6. Thanks tdj5 and Blueneon much appreciated
  7. Hi i am connecting 6 tanks to I sump I have holes drilled to suit 32 mm bsb tank fittings i have always used silicon in the past , but the place were I got the new bsb tank fitting assured me I don't need to use silicone my question is has any one used these with out silicon and had success thanks
  8. Thanks luke the Reganis settled so well very happy with these thanks heaps Troy
  9. Hi like have you got any left thanks Troy
  10. Yeh the stands are not the size that was ordered So I tried contacting the stand maker but the number has been disconnected unfortunately
  11. thanks tdj5 and Stefan i got the ply for the bases thanks again
  12. Not so long ago I ordered some stands for my tanks the tanks are 4 x 2 x 20in high per stand 6 tanks in total 2 rows 3 high So I ordered some stands to suit them I didn't think to measure the stands and this morning I went to put the tanks on the stand and I am short by 20 mm on the out sides not sure if I can over hang the tanks x 20 mm on one side I have added some pics thanks