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  1. Hi Pantodon , it was a pleasure to meet you today. would love to see photos of your new setup when ready. once again thanks
  2. i have some Julidochromis marlieri for sale $10 pick up coomera thanks
  3. yer i throught i reply to here and gumtree , sorry if it didnt get through i will be around Monday no probs you can contact me on 0415 392 020 when your heading thanks
  4. Hi Jonah, Yes I have roughly 10 ready to go now.
  5. large angel fish Has been picked up thanks
  6. hi James4128 around 20 regganies around 8 electric yellow and some common bristlenose catfish
  7. got some more young julidochromis regganies avalible
  8. still for sale breeding pair of daffodil Brichardi $30 the pair
  9. Thanks very much for that , absolute pleasure to meet you , i think those fish are going to be in even better hands with you , thanks again for all your knowledge
  10. julidochromis regganie gold $10 electric yellows $5 bristlenose catfish $4 pick up coomera
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