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  1. hi can you let me know if you have any left of the apistogramma cacatuoides and how much


    1. aLkAh0LiK


      Sending you a message mate! 

  2. Free fish tank size 6 ft needs to be resealed on 1 edge pick up coomera
  3. wrong spelling will correct , thanks
  4. for sale young Tropheus kaiser 11 Tropheus duboisi / ALL SOLD leleupi / yellow Julidochromis dickfeldi from $10 each all small ($5) sold pick up coomera
  5. hi all i current ly have a lagre numbers of both kiriza and duboisi , will do special price for 20 and over , for this weekend only
  6. got some more juvenile tropheus duboisi kiriza's for sale can contact me on 0415 392 020
  7. Yes ,they wont sit still, told you i am no good with a camera
  8. sorry for the bad pics here are some of the parents and the fry aswell
  9. More duboisi and kiriza ready, 2.5 cm + $15 each
  10. Tropheus kiriza $15e SOLD Tropheus duboisi $15e SOLD Julidochromis dickfeldi $10e ALL SOLD Neolamprologus leleupi $10e SOLD will have some more tropheus soon pick up coomera pm or can contact 0415 392 020
  11. Hi I have a pair of black Ghost Knife fish with are now coming up to maybe 2 + years old, originally brought 10 to start with and sold of what never seemed to pair , they are in a 4 ft tank and have been for around 9 months , im chasing any info that may be out there or to be pointed in the right direction much appreciated
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