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  1. For sale 1 LED white and blue light size 900 mm pick up Coomera best contact 0415392020 $100
  2. Selling 6 tanks at 4x2x2 ft on a galvanised stand bulk heads in each tank (12 all up) plus pump and sump $1200 the lot = $900 pick up upper Coomera
  3. troy

    WTB tanks

    hi im wanting to buy 2 tanks size is 600 x 450 x 380mm please message me on 0415392020 thanks
  4. Black ghost knife breeding pair there showing signs while I am taking these pics 200 for the pair extra 100 for there internal breeding set up it will suit a 6 x 2 of bigger
  5. If your looking to set up a good size system and save , I have for sale the following. All pipes taps connectors adapters bulk heads and the uv filter $250 the lot pick up coomera
  6. troy

    Filter medium SOLD

    hi the marine pure is gone still got the other if interested pick up is upper coomera $40
  7. Hi for sale the following ceramic noodles $60 Marin pure $90 around 200 of the Marin pure SOLD bio balls $70 or the lot for $150 thanks
  8. For sale Adult neon acaras pair pick up coomera $40.00
  9. All pairs sold , thanks
  10. Hi sorry for the late reply I couldn’t get back on the site i think it was down at my end , I don’t have any way of sending them .
  11. For sale Ceramic noodles and bio balls only 40 the lot = SOLD Marine pure sold addvertised else where Pick up coomera thanks
  12. 2 free 4 x 2 x 2 pick up coomera you will need 2 people to move them thanks
  13. troy

    Filter medium SOLD

    Reduced $80.00 the lot
  14. troy

    Breeding pairs

    Angel sold Fire mouths sold normal Acaras sold
  15. Angels pair 1 / Solid ph/1 female and normal black male $60 pair 2 Saphire Male , Black Marbel female $40 pair 3 Saphire Male , Smoke Female $40 2 x Fire mouth pairs $40 each pair 2 x Neon Acara pair $60 each 1 x normal Acara pair $40 will upload pics shortly can send picks to mobile pick up coomera
  16. troy

    Tank stand and sump SOLD

    the size is 1520mm x 610mm x 455mm