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  1. Will Post Some Pics Of My Corals Once I get a chance
  2. And Last But Not Least Wiz My Southern Cross Jungle Python. Cheers For Looking Peeps Hope You all enjoyed =)
  3. Hi Fish Keeperz =) Been a long time since Ive been on the site due to Other Commitments but I am back to show you how my Reef has come along after 6 Months. I also Put in a couple of Pics of My New Animals for you's as well My Reef Tank, Its houses Mostly Corals But I also have a Tomato Clown, Yellow Tang, Fairy Wrasse, Green Mandarin and a Coral Banded Shrimp.
  4. I like the Red Ones better, But the Silvers are still rocking
  5. Oi Bud, I bet thats a better price than any other LFS in town....
  6. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/live-stock-14/sale-clown-loaches-52958/ Dude use the search n find these questions yourself....
  7. Nice Reef and Great Fish there mate, Was Pretty happy to get my Clowns with its host Anemone
  8. Hey mate no I am also running a Marisys, Its a all-in-one Filter suited upto 240L, Pretty neat little unit, Down the track I might add another one of them because that internal prob wont last long lol And it sought of acts as a wavemaker till I get one aswell
  9. Nice one mate, Yea them Fronnys u got are sweet Will have to get around with Jutto n check out your setups one day.
  10. Thanks Lads, Just cant wait to get the rest of the live rock in it, She Will look heaps better and I will update pics once Ive done
  11. Be at bit more for u to take care of JP, With all them 8 footers you got lol
  12. I wouldn't Keep Americans and Africans together and But like DFF said Its been done
  13. Mate It about the same work as a well maintained Freshwater, Its all about taking your time, and not rushing with these, The more you let your tank establish and add things over time the better Result you will achieve Also mate I have only been Reefing about a month so Im am still learning myself haha but hey mate you never know till you give it a try yourself
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