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  1. Nice to meet you today John and thank again for the eheim part. The shop i bought the actual filter from cant even find any and have not heard from them over 2 mths. I called them a few times which they said we will give you a call back. Now is the time to play with my Bakki Rods and will order more soon with the other part
  2. I have been dealing with HUNG since he bought the shop over 8 yrs ago (I think - talked to him the other days about this as well). I bought nearly all my fishes from him from Guppies to Rays to Toga to Silveraro. I even sold some of my babies fish back to him. Great customer service and good Prices.
  3. The lady auctioneer was good. The guy was so bored and mumble.very disappointed this time.
  4. John/Techden, u guy done it again. got my 1500 watts heater. worming tablets and free food for my pleco. but where is my minty
  5. It can be done but might have to be courier. I am working in the office that we usually use same day courier. Customer has the option of delivery by COB or bullet which within 2 hours.
  6. got my Aquael pump and Bakki. thank again John. the box was very nicely packed even the lady at the post said that. will order some more bakki soon
  7. First of all, thank you very much for the service from you John, I bought a few thing from your shop and got delivered on time every time, I bought the pump which you ran out off stock and you upgraded for me with the same price that is a champion. I don't want to name one of the shop which is one of the sponsor here, the owner is pretty good but one of the staff just a bit of cocky. I asked him I want one if the pump which they ran out of stock, he just said rudely "put your name in book one of us will call" 2 weeks passed haven't heard anything and every time I calked they simply said" will have delivery next day" instead of offer customer with something else, I don't mind to pay extra ,but they did not. I wanted filter media so he said what tank size you got. I told him 10x3, he asked me what fish I keep in the tank, I said pair of ray, he said "mate you are going to need a lot if filter medias to cope up with the ray" then he waked off. What a prik, thank god I was in a good mood that day. By the way, I will get everything from you from now on, John, very good job. highly highly recommended
  8. Hi Shaun, are u still doing the steel stand??? Can u give me the quote how much is going to be for 8 foot long and 3 foot in width. The height for the is probably normal. Thank you Kris

  9. Yeap, was gonna go for FX then changed my mind, when Tim bought the box out from the back, holly **** it is a big filter. Hope it is good as its name
  10. went out today and bought Eheim 2080 from the age of aquarium with a very good price as they promised beat competitor by 10%. Very big thank to Tim. Now have to wait for my tax to get the media.
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