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  3. They are the coolest, do you think they could go with a blue dolphin, red emps, e yellows? They are the such clear pics.
  4. Whenever i try feeding my peppermint bristlenose the veggie wafers my albino auratus attacks it and doesnt let it near the food. How can i feed the pep without the auratus attacking it? I have another bristlenose of the same size yet the auratus doesn't seem to bother it. I have tried putting half the wafer at one end of the tank and half at the other but that only seemed to work a few times. I dont really want to have to get rid of the auratus but its making a mess of my peps tail. Any advise will be greatly appreciated as i am a complete novice. Thanks heaps Lily
  5. Using the flash makes the picture heaps better, less blurry. Just focus on one fish at a time to get an interesting picture, take loads and loads of pictures because the more you take the more likely you are to get one at a cool angle or something like that. Taking pictures of your fish while feeding them is good as well, heaps of action in those shots. Sorry my advise isnt very technical but its what i do to get less plain pictures of my fish, pictures of them actually doing things and incorprating the background and ornaments in the tank, i think it brings out the colours in the fish more as well.
  6. I am a massive fan of discuss fish as well, they are my favourite, altho i think i will have to settle for some dwarf gourami as i have heard they will be too difficult for me to look after as im a newb haha. Do you have any pix of your discuss? Lily
  7. This is an excellent forum, you can learn heaps as long as you ask anyone but me you will be able to get the answers you're after haha. Lily
  8. It's 8.5 foot so it's too big to cart around really. Cheers, Rusty
  9. Hey guys, i got a tank that needs just a single hole drilled as it came already drilled but with only one hole so i'd like to drill another, the other end. So i don't see a point in getting a bit myself when they cost 25 odd bucks upwards. I need a 32mm bit for a 25mm bulkhead. I'm happy to pick it up and give the guy 5 or ten bucks for the service. Or if someone local could come out i'd pay for the fuel and the 5 or ten bucks for the service. Cheers, Rusty P.S. Its Rusty because the auto log on is screwing up and won't let lily log out. So i'm out labrador, GC. Thanks again
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  11. It looks like you have yourself some kind of zebra. Am i right, people who would know?
  12. I have only recently discovered the beauty and excitement of fish and aquariums. I don't currently own a tank but willl eventually, hopefully some time soon. Going through pet stores and fish shops are so exciting i can't wait to be able to take some fish home with me and watch them interact. I am a huge fan of discus fish! Feel free to give me as many tips as possible because i definately need them! Thanks heaps
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