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  1. .i would like to ask you a question but its asking for you to delete some messages. cheers shane.
  2. Its alot better than when i picked it up yea good its alot more responsive than anything else
  3. :-( i hope she gets one i hope she is a girl
  4. this is a festae i picked up from pet city a few weeks ago around 8-9 cms maybe hard to check been told it has a bung mouth but I dont mind
  5. Having dividers ready isnt really efficent unless u are watching ever minute one could be killed at any time. take the advice from people like dff and if u want a success buy a larger tank and set it up correctly
  6. I understand what ur getting at kev. Its always a risk when ur letting people into ur home. why risk it even for money when it can come back at u 10 fold when u wake up the next day and everything u worked so hard at is gone
  7. always been terrible with paragraphing what im trying to say haha oh its bad. so yea basicly one of my neighbours took it and thought i was going to throw it away because it was close to my bin. but yea i now have it back home
  8. Thanks steve for the welcome back yes ill figure my way around. think im getting the hang of it haha. Sadly i did craig but all 5 ended up going down to darren. was pretty hard day had all but one survive then had to see them off. im moving house eithrr this year or early next so ill be looking to buy myself a 7fter or something nice and id like to buy a big one straight up have myself a nice big display. But for now i bought myself a festae i went into pcity to buy a wc oscar if any where in but they had this lone festae and everything was just popping colour dots black bars when she(hopeing turns out to be female) was angry. only thing i got told shes got abit of a bung mouth but that doesnt bother me so let the growing begin
  9. Bacause it was in anywere near our bins they just assumed i was throwing away. where as i had it hidden in the sun so no one could see it. it was still a good 5 mtrs away from the bin. but hey atleast i got it back
  10. So i got it back woop woop the neighbours housr i couldnt get into because of there fence had it. my friend was he and they where out side. With out being racist lets just say in his words they where fresh of thr boat because it took 4 of them to understand what he was asking but its now in my garage haha.
  11. yea just went around few houses nothing i live at the end so u really have to get into the street. if a dog picked that piece up id be amazed
  12. i just took my mangrove piece out of my tank to clean in the side of my house came out 10 to 15 minutes later and its been stolen i live in a dam colder sack what ****ing bunch of thieves
  13. Well i was first going to get another oscar coz i really liked my first i just want like a wc or something i had a snakeskin one but cant seem to find any around dont really want a tiger or albino. so if someone knows were i can get a one please let me know
  14. Thanks for the offer mate i dont know what they are have to see if i can get the time to come down to i aprreciate it. how are my old bass going hopefully getting bigger now. happy they went to good hands
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