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  1. ronny

    Chippy & Sparky for in wall tank

    Not a professional by any stretch of the imagination but i have done similar in my house. Unfortunately killed my old phone that had the progress photos but worst case i prob could give u some know how to proceed further. Pm if interested mate
  2. ronny

    Help! Canister filter problem

    Bunnings does cheap multipacks of o rings, best few buck ive spent have fixed many things with it. Also if u have a bearings and seals shop near you they could def help you out.
  3. ronny

    White Peppermint

    Have to admit les is crazy honest but was also helpfull. Had my own run ins but he was more than happy to help when asked. Was even decent enough to explain and honourable enough to assist. Prob something alot could learn
  4. ronny

    Muscles Needed

    Unfortunately i cannot make it. Just been warned by boss it will be a 12-18hr day tomorrow
  5. ronny

    Muscles Needed

    [MENTION=3361]028NVD[/MENTION] would be another great hand in the move
  6. ronny

    Muscles Needed

    If i aint working i will be there. Wont know untill that arvo but. Will bring some muscles but most importantly the height needed. This will be one ***** of a tank to get down. Looking forward to the challenge
  7. If u have big tanks then why does ur add ask for boys. Sounds more like u need a couple of burley men! To move tanks that is
  8. ronny

    2ft planted

    Bloody show off!!
  9. ronny

    Most Underrated Awards...

    Brasiliensis. Enough said. Those who know me know what i play with and know the amazing beauty of probably the most common American fish species.
  10. ronny

    Jack dempsey

  11. ronny

    Baffle Heights

    An extra baffle is great for ensuring good dissolved oxygen levels, a must if not adding o2 to the tank
  12. Crypts i use as as a side foreground plant personally. Remember alot of swords get huge i have 3 in a 4x2x2 and they occupy 2/3rds of the tank and they are planted close
  13. ronny

    1000ltr planted update dec 14

    Dare i ask what lighting?
  14. Silly question but when was ur sump last back flushed? I had a similar but not as drastic problem on a small sytem several years ago. Turns out my problem was my 30L of coral bones was clogged with mulm. Gave this a good tumble, in tank water, and was surprised by the amount of crud that came out of it. After that day i cleaned dense bio media 3 monthly to prevent same issue arising again
  15. ronny

    saratoga with my americans?

    I did successfully however i grew mine from 5-10 cm juvies