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  1. Hi All, My current external filter doesnt seem to be coping with my tank. As i cant keep my nitrate levels down and i do weekly water changes of around 30%. I have a 320 litre Fish tank and im going over seas for 5 weeks in a couple of months. My friend will most likely only change the water every 1 half weeks. I just wondering what a good filter would be with a budget of 250 to 300 ? thanks
  2. Okay cool, so Does it matter what size sponge filter ? What's this big rubbery bucket u speak of lol? When I move house it's only about 15 minutes away so I could just leave media how is yeah?
  3. hello the 5ft tank is a 5x18"x18 1500x460x460 which should be fine for that filter right ? i read 2000l per hour is good for up to 700 litres ?. I actually dont have a sponge filters, i used a mates one when i first set up 3ft. SHould i get a sponge filter now and stick it in current tank for a month before moving ? thanks for help so far
  4. Hello All, Next month i will be moving house and also upgrading to a 5ft tank. my Current tank (3ft) has about 10 africains,loch,silver shark & a upside down catfish in there. I was just wondering what is the best way to set up the 5ft tank? I will try to take as much water as i can from the 3ft along with the rocks and use the existing 2000/L h external filter. Should this be enough with out harming the fish ? thanks
  5. Hello all, First off I'm quite new to cichlids but I have had this tank runing for a couple of months. Currently I have about 8 cichlids,clown loach ,silver shark and a upside down catfish in 3ft tank. The biggest cichlid I have is around 7cm stocky build, the 2 that disappeared where around 3cm. One I found a small brown carcus other completely gone. Any ideas what's happening ? Thanks
  6. Well I have 3 tanks set up, 1 is a 3ft tank with 5 small Africans and 2 cat fish in it, which has a 2000l\hour canister filter and a airpump. The other is a 50litre tank which has a built in filter I already change the carbon every 4-5 weeks leaving the rings as be. It's my community tank got male fighter few females, sum tetras, 2 guppies and a pleco . 3rd tank is only 15 liters with a male fighter and sum shrimp it has a sponge filter in it. Thanks for responses
  7. Hello all, first ill just say hello very new in the aquarium game lol. but any who to my question, i was wondering how often you have to change the filter media in the canister filters? Also do you need to change everything etc bio balls, cermic rings, bio cotton. My other question was with bio sponge filters do you need to change these often or can they just be cleaned in the tanks water change ? thanks
  8. yeah my fighters wont stop eating them
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