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  1. Cheers BigPete! Appreciate the connection & well wishes! I'm hoping to find them direct from a breeder, but if I don't have any luck... then the bullet will be bitten! lol Thank you mate! Cheers, Jonce
  2. Blessings friends I'm looking to find some "GOLD LASER CORY CATFISH (CORYDORAS SP.)" If you, or know of someone who does have some for sale, I'd be most grateful for the connection. Happy Fish Keeping!
  3. Looking for some recommendations for someone to cut a piece of glass! I am located in Beenleigh
  4. Looking for lava rock of various sizes and shapes to use to make a water feature in my new tank!
  5. Wonderful, I don't think I've really been over feeding, but I had left an algae wafer in until it was gone.. next morning noticed big biofilm and sucked most of it out and did a water change. Then about two days later I noticed the worms.. then about another two days I saw the hydra. Less feedings, I started to use little trays as it's a shrimpies tank ATM. I purchased some no planrina / hydra as a last case resort. Just thought it would be good to have it before they exploded! How long could shrimp go without food?
  6. What happens if I can't gravel vac the whole tank due to being heavily planted..? @billfish
  7. Hey everyone I have noticed some worm like things my tank, which after hours of research come to find they are just Detritus worms. However in looking into my tank with open eyes, I noticed these other critters, which appear to be hydra. I have been syphoning them out, but no doubt there are many I am not seeing. Has anyone experience with Hydra? What is the best method of extermination? I have heard of things like no planaria/hydra killer, but that also will kill snails and I would have to remove them for months (I have some nerite snails... That I think are dope!) And only have one tank, do no new home for the snails. Is there maybe a fish that would save the day, or am I best off using the pill of no planrina? Or.... Thank you for anyone's time and advice. With many blessings and gratitude Jonce
  8. Looking for some white clouds Please connect with me if you have some you wish to sell Thank you
  9. Looking to find a six pack of these little cuties! If anyone knows of a Queensland breeder, that'd be just magical. Cheers!
  10. Just put it into 'other pets' no fees.. it'll still come up if you tag correctly for people searching
  11. Hey mate is this what you've got available at the moment? I'm wanting to get a group of say 10 juvies?
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