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  1. Nor I, until I saw this... looks like a few generation of line breeding to make these beasts tho
  2. I found this mate - if you can find one, maybe you could be the ONE!
  3. Anyone here selling Grindal Worm cultures?
  4. Hey mate. How'd you get on with the grindals? I am trying to chase up a small culture. Would be keen of anyone can help me out! Cheers Jonce
  5. I've got his mobile number if you'd like it - send me a message!
  6. Hello fishy friends! I am keen to get a handful of these amazing little creatures! Can anyone help me out in finding someone to get them from. I'd be most grateful, as I feel these are my Valentine! Thank you in advance for any advise or hook ups! Cheers, Jonce
  7. Anyone got some otocinclus cocama they'd like to gift me in exchange for some money ?
  8. anyone breeding Apistogramma cacatuoides, and want to swap some males and or females?
  9. When and where will the next auction be?
  10. You don't need much room. This is the space I use for one of my tanks.
  11. I have had many HOB's over the years, however for me they lead to disappointment. I'm now using on all tanks the SunSun HW-603 (as he mechanical/sponge section) then using whatever canister is laying around or cheap at the time (I have SunSun & Biopro, atm.) and packing them with media. That what works best for me, and I like to ensure their is going to be enough media to create the nitrogen cycle and keep it from ever crashing.
  12. Anyone a member of the ANGFA QLD? Was wondering what it was like?
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