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  1. Yes @Hamishh34 I agree mate! Every time I speak with someone about fish I always recommend this forum! & I agree, its as easy as copy & paste with the info, into the category and slap up the images! We are all in this together!
  2. We hear you @hamishh34 - guess the trick for us all is now to start breeding, offering completive pricing and in whatever way possible support each other!
  3. hi can you let me know if you have any left of the apistogramma cacatuoides and how much


    1. aLkAh0LiK


      Sending you a message mate! 

  4. Lets all share the love for the members still on the forum! I am looking forward to when this place reaches it glory days! Like how it was 10 years ago! This needs to become the place where hobbyists support hobbyists! stop allowing the stores to buy all of our fish, and offer better prices for those in the community who buy from us for next to nothing and take advantage of both the hobbyist breeder and those wishing to purchase! Anyhow, sending you all fishy love!
  5. I heard on FB there is another auction in September, is that right?
  6. I am breeding apistogramma cacatuoides - will have juvies available in a few weeks
  7. cheers mate will do! they are just up the road!
  8. Happy to buy or trade for some short fin L144s (have 5) about 6-7cm+
  9. Where was the auction held? Wish I had been more present and knew about it!
  10. Cheers Mick, will look into his of I can't find someone locally.
  11. Mate, reach out on facebook to Hunky-Dory Aquatics, they have amazing filter media. I've got it in all my canisters and sumps
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