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  1. I dont know, I'm noT blaming Brad, I think he's a top bloke. Regards marc
  2. Pl,ease dont flame me, but can you cross breed a large male BN with a small female pleco? I know my stuff with computers but fish are a different matter, and although ot may be a dumb question, I had to ask to find an answer! Regards marc
  3. has any one got suggestions on gettiong these to breed, think I'm doing the right thing, plenty of foof, plently of water changes, but the just arnt showing in interest, I had one pair sapawn 3 months in a row from feb through april, but the male kept kicking the eggs out, have replaced the male incase he is shoot blanks, am really getting frustreated. I tried some suggestions from another member here as he said a couple of my females look like they were full of eggs, but moving the male he suggested and the 2 fat females, only resulted in them dying over night being moved to a new tank! Any suggestions and advice would really be appreicated Regards Marc
  4. Anyone have any tips or tricks into getting their B/N to start spawing Regards Marc
  5. My BN have not laid again sice april, with the male having kicked the eggs out twice, I thought he may be shooting blanks so have bought a nice big albino male, they fight now and then, but still no more eggs, any suggestions!? Marc
  6. They didnt spawn at all last month, the only changes where addidion of another male in case my current one is shooting blanks, and introduction of a few falamebacks, I've set things to back how they were before, as the second male is mising some scales off his back so put him and the flame backs in their own 4 footer. how long before they should spawn again? Regards Marc
  7. My wife niticed one of my large males this afternnon, looked like some one had taken to one half of his back with a fish scaler. havent noticed any fighting or bullying, so have moved him to a different tank with a couple of 3 CM BN! Marc
  8. I have been flamed by many re my "Multiple posts" regarding trading of computers or computer equipment! I have appologised to the MODS who have approached me! And I in tern appologise to the forum members. how ever I dont know if to reply to the several PMs I received from people whating computers, parts, networking done or help in general! So Can we please Drop the issue and the flaming in return! I appreicate the advice and instructions I get from this forum, and know that to some I ask "dumb" questions! But I dont bag people who ask me "dumb" computer related question. So can we please put this behind us! Sincerely Marc
  9. Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 11:28 pm Post subject: bRISTLE NOSE NAME? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have recently purchased a new male BN from a LFS, its silver/grey in colour, with a little of the common bristle nose colouring. What name does it go by? I know what an albino looks like, what a pepperment looksd like etc, but was wondering if this colouration have a specific name? Regards Marc
  10. Welcome from Ipswich! Regards Marc
  11. Welcome from Ipswich! Regards Marc
  12. Welcome from Ipswich! Regards Marc
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