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  1. the smaller the sump the smaller the system , get out the back of a big set up , if your lucky u might see a drum filter in operation , u can never have enough filtration , but u can under do it
  2. 10 ooo litres in a 4ft sump , and you want good water , this is the funniest thing ive ever ever ever ever ever ever and yup ev er read , the slower the water goes through a sump the better , 3 to 5 times the volume of the tank water to be filtered/per hour is the best , you go quicker it doesnt get the best results ,10 000 litres in 4 ft sump thats a raging torent, ie if u had a uv in line from you sump returning to your tank with the flow rate you described you may as well turn off the uv , or buy the biggest you can get , and tripple it up , 10 000 litres in 4ft sump , haaaaaaaaaaaaaahehaaaaaaaaaa just because 4 litres of matrix will filter 400 gallons , doesnt mean it works flat out , you could fill a 4ft sump with matrix but dont mean nothn , a steady to moderate flow is best , how can the media break down bacteria when its going so fast , rocket science , hence the amount of crap sumps ive seen , recently got one of joshalon with a setup and it had 2 dividers in a 3ft sump ???? wheres the rest of the media go , and he had it built by APPARENTLY a person who thought they knew what they were doing , wnhen i saw the sump i couldnt stop laughing , they even patched a crack in the sump , and the sump was an old tank , so funny so true and thats right joshalon paid for the sump/custom , what a rort , thats why canisters work the way they do of a certain flow rate go figure , more rocket science, cheap canister cheap results , dearer canister brand bigger housing for media slower rate under pressure , gotta get back to the lab
  3. i had a marine tank 3ft , thru summer i just froze a heap of bottles of water with the lids kept on , and just kept swapping the thawed ones for new frozen ones, it worked
  4. fluke n tape worm tabs i used for discus as per directions , these were juvies , catfish underneath , discus no dramas , catfish dead
  5. underwater world and seaworld are stuffed then if them be the rules and they do it on large scale dialy so does australia zoo , i donated over 50 tanks to them and i was told they were going to woodford prison to breed yabbies to feed live to their platypuss etc so how funnys the law
  6. if and thats if the auctioneer was bill smith he works at a pet chain store , and they sell feeders , its common as, kilcoy fish hatchery sells goldfish as feeders , smiths sell em and so on i havnt been in a shop that doesnt
  7. really , didnt notice , they look the same , winch up the same , and the jaws set in metasuplhate the same , chainsaw cuts through the head the same too , but i will take your word for it , just looking at the jaws and they seem to be the same , oh well , dead ones a good one , n me surfboard feels tha same way
  8. do NOT USE fluke n tapeworm on your catties it will kill them , i used the bird wormer , 25 mls to 200 litres , then panacur , 1 day latter , daily water changes on glass bottom tank , leaving no secretion material , waited 2 days then repeated , , worked well fish never stopped breeding , only lost a few small fry
  9. doubt it , wouldnt go their to sell air , i know of a lot of people that have had dramas but choose not to air it , so as not to cause drama and life goes on
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  12. panacur 50 its stronger than the normal panacur , u can get it from the co op at beerwah , just go up the main street at beerwah , until u reach the servo , the co op is ajoined to the servo , the entrance is around the back , just ask one of the staff for it and they will get it
  13. i was just a merre passenger of the journey , thats gotta be the house , hoses comming out from under the garage door
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