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  1. I think you'll find your goni is a alveopora and was it purchased from a shop? goniopora have 24 tentacles per polyp and alveopora have 12 tentacles per poly. liquidg yours looks like an alveopora from the pic. as well
  2. chemist shop that still mixes and makes medicines,but most only deal with medicines already made, just ask your local chemist and they should be able to put you onto one
  3. Adrian Tappins book on Rainbowfish is fabulous and i recommend it to all and anyone interested in our natives should have a copy. An absolute quality product
  4. I feel sorry for your corals and fish! You need to address your husbandry!
  5. Personally i wouldn't, just look how many emitters (leds) are used in them (must be poor quality for the numbers used) There are much better led lights available
  6. Led lights are the way to go, do your research and just make sure they have quality emitters (leds) and drivers. Would you buy a new car without knowing what type of engine is fitted? I wouldn't. Would you fit any flouro (or other light) fitting to your aquarium without knowing the type of globe it has? Leds are like others different types of emitters for diff. things (downlights are diff. to torches which are diff. to hydro and diff. to aqurium lights) The hydro industry has been using leds over metal halides for years now as a 12w led can out perform a 150w halide without the heat problems and uses less than 10% the power with superior growth results. Lights with good quality emitters like CRee XR-E, XP-E, & XP-G should do fine. XR-E for depths over 20 inches and XP-E, & XP-G for less. Also check what type of lenses is used eg 10, 20,30,90 degrees etc. and make sure you get white and blue emitters to cover your light spectrum. Current guidelines for quality led lights are as little as .6 watt per gallon for high light planted aquariums and .8 watt per gallon for Reef. I also wouln't use leds that use mW would probably want min 3watts (use generally 2-3watts) per emitter with drivers. A lot of cheap chinese nockoffs with lots of emitters are a waste of money. Why would you use something with 100 lights compared to one with 12( for example). It's like trying to compare an F111 jet with a single seater cessnock, no comparison. Sorry for the goings on but I hope this helps. Nev
  7. If you have a problem get as much done as praticable If you have an accessable roof void or under floor area always make sure they treat these areas unless the body corp. gets it done. Roof voids are notorious fo spiders, cockies and silverfish (as well as other creepy crawlies). Don't know how may times i've blown a roof void then whilst treating outside you see cockies everywhere covered in the powder i use and if the pesty didn't do these areas i certainly wouldn't use them again. and just one more thing never never ever get your place gassed unless you have no other choice and i mean no other choice. I'll tell you a story of a friend who was gassing a joint and the spray gun that atomises the gas spat out a couple of proplets on a photocopier and when he went to wipe it off it smeared all the writing and images on it and had melted into the top of the photocopier I think from memory people have died when applying it as they have tripped or fallen over and there mask has been dislodged you only have a few seconds before it has a severe affect on the body. I am not talking about the pyrethrin gas although i still wouln't use it if there were aquariums. Just better to use alternatives.
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  9. Shouldn't be a problem, you say you've got hoods just keep them closed and cover them up with a towel or sheet if your worried. Just ask them not to spray anywhere near the tanks/cabinets if you don't have a pest problem within the cabinet or immediate surrounds. I have three aquariums at my place, two are uncoverd and never had a problem when i do it. Buy the way it's always nice to know what chemicals they are using and just keep a record for yourself. Then when you get it done again you can request for these chemicals (active ingredients not just the name on the bottle) to be used if you were happy with the work or need to use somebody else. For all the people that buy some of those kits where you can spray it yourself think twice as some of those chemicals are pretty nasty and i would't want them in my place. Research the active ingredients first if you are going to buy one as some of the chemicals whilst there is still approvals (government approved) to use them have not been used by a lot of people in the industry for years as there are much safer chemials to use. I see chemicals that i have not used in over ten years in some of those spray packs but i havn't looked at them for a while now, just shake my head when i see them. Nev
  10. Lived up the cape for a few years, some of them were that bloody big we used to spear them with home made spears. Sometimes twenty to twentyfive would cover those plastic bread trays that the bread used to be delivered in. They were magic for keepin the cherabin in. Bloody great chewin and barra bait. Might give some small ones a go, used to get some great colours in them
  11. Has anyone kept cherabin in their aquarium before? Just wondering how they went with the plants and other fish as i was going to bring some home. Only ever kept them for bait or to eat before but i thought a couple of smaller ones in a well set up large aquarium would look great. Have caught them as long as my forearm and nearly as thick as my wrist. I know they eat just about anything but are they very destructive and should they be kept in their own tank without other fish. Plants i can easily replace some fish i can't. Thanks Nev
  12. Off to Cape York to do some fishing in a couple of weeks and was thinking of bringing home some rainbowfish. Was going to use 20l buckets with aerators and add salt and methylene blue. Has anyone here done this with a high success rate and how did you do it? Have plenty of places to go too as I used to live up there. Trip back home will take 3 days maybe 4 and have transported larger natives in 200l and 300l eskies before with no probs. Open to advice and what are your ideas?
  13. does controller have ability to shut down automatically when you reach desired operating temperature (eg.29 degrees) or do you manually have to manually switch off as most controllers are factory preset to turn off at 70 or 80c and not adjustable
  14. I've got a couple at my place that had red wine in them and all i did was fill them, then leave for the wine to leach out of the wood for a couple of days. Emptied then refilled and left for a couple of weeks and they were fine. Got crimson spots in one and the frogs took over the other so I just left it and we have loads of frogs always has taddies in one crimsons breed in the other. So no probs with mossies. Just planted some water lillies in pots in them and away we went. Had them for four years now and no probs, just have to top up the water every couple of weeks if no rain. Just made sure when i got mine that the gaps in the wood were only near where they were cut and no more than 50-100mm down. No sealer or anything Fish breed in one, frogs breed in other, misses and grandkids love em Nev
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