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  1. Hi just wondering where would be the best place on the sunshine coast to get some Coraline algae to kick-start it in my tank. Thanks
  2. Yeah I know in nsw they're protected, but not so in qld as far as I can read.
  3. Hey, has anyone come across these before. Or even kept them in their aquariums? Any info would be great!!! Thanks
  4. Hey mate yeah I think so it's my brothers, and I'm sure he's still keen to move it on.

  5. Hi guys I'm looking for a small barramundi cod / panther grouper. I know they're very hard to come by being on the 'no take'. Any help would be great Thanks
  6. Hey guys Looking to try n buy a small mangrove jack. Anything smaller then 15 cm would be great also pref sunny coast but may travel.
  7. I had my jag jump out one night found him in the morning dried went to grab him thinking he was dead and the sucker tried to get me, scared the **** outa me. Put him back in the tank(which had glass lids on the whole time) and he survived like it didn't phase him at all. After that we named him Houdini
  8. For me who has only been on this forum for awhile, I think you kinda gotta expect to go the distance for the right fish/products, its up to the seller where you meet, you can negotiate I guess on it but either way if you want it you gotta put in the effort for it. Not too difficult to understand.......
  9. Jags are pretty awesome, especially when they're angry, mine little guy gets the blood red eyes, has big teeth, only problem is he won't take pellets, just feeder fish, must just love the hunt.
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  11. I think kev, take a look at the fish you love the most, and the ones that make you love the hobby and run with them, you can replace tanks, and setups but not that 'special' fish that you could let get away. Most of my drive for those awesome fish and that perfect setup get inspired more when I see pictures of your(and others) fish. And the storys behind fishrooms and why people like you keep the Fish you do. Those little threads always get me rev'd up to strive for 'that' kinda fish.
  12. I've had eheim since I started getting bigger tanks, I've got a eheim ecco pro 300 I've had for nearly 4yrs, never had a single problem with it, and now its on my turtle tank, best canister filter I've had. I got it from tropical marine on aerodrome rd, and when I replace sponges in it, theyre always easy to find. Id only ever go eheim for canisters simple to use, which means less to go wrong for me
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. It'll certainly be awesome if it works, the rate they grow you'll have plenty of time to chop and change.
  15. I've got my saw shell turtle in with a Murray cod and 2 festae, obviously as time goes on they'll be removed but while all fish are 5-7cm and the turtle as big as them they seem fine. I'm more worried about the turtle thinking they're just a big feeder fish.
  16. That site helped me heaps too before I got my baby turtle, there's so much you don't realise you need for them, its all worth it though.
  17. That does look pretty awesome, Im gonna try sand and wood and plants, mix it around see if I can't spark some new direction.
  18. Yeah it does help Steve thanks, how would you suggest I mix the scape up? what sort of tangs would be best for personality and colours? as I've only really ever had Americans
  19. Hi guys, Im starting to look at my tank with a bit of a emptiness and boredom, its just doesnt do it for me, so despite my wifes opinion and the $$$ involved, I wanna change over to saltwater or my 'Plan B' would be frontosa's. Ive read a few posts lately where people are getting bored aswell, so its kinda got me thinking more about just going for it. At the moment my tank is stocked with a few americans, I havent changed the setup since i bought it off a member here awhile ago. So heres the setup info http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-13/eoi-fs-5x2x2-5-full-setup-modern-cabinet-hood-sump-uv-8000lph-80w-pump-t5ho-36098/ and a pic of what it looks like now http://i1100.photobucket.com/albums/g401/zoniix1/IMAG0087.jpg If changing to a marine tank id only wanna stock live rock and fish so My questions are: What would i need to convert to a marine tank? How much roughly would it cost? How would maintenance be with a saltwater setup? Or should i just stay freshwater and change fish? Ive been researching for awhile about changing and maintenance of a marine tank, I dont know if itd be more trouble then its worth, as Ive never had a marine setup or know where to start, so any help at all would be great!!! Thanks Corey
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