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  1. Hi all, I have a small breeding setup for Africans, a F1 Burundi Colony and a large mixed African display tank. What is the best food mix to use? Should I have different food for each tank or can I buy something that works for all? At the moment I am thinking a 2kg Bucket of New life Spectrum (medium 2mm or Thera A 2mm) mixed with 2-3kg of Tech Den Colour enhancing or Aquamunch? Please suggest anything else to add or recommendations of which you prefer our of Tech Den/Aquamunch as a cheap food mix? Thanks, Dave
  2. I think I have one cuckoo and I literally never see him (he is alive, just always hiding) are all synodontis like that?
  3. Ok haha guess no point delaying the inevitable, but i filled in one corner where he got stock between my filter and side tank so I guess I'll just have to keep on top of pulling him out if he gets stuck ahha
  4. So yesterday I finished putting various rock caves all along the back wall of my 6ft tank. However to keep it even and allow for me to clean behind the rocks I left a 3/4cm gap between the back glass and my base rocks. My pleco is currently down at the bottom behind the rock works and I am worried he might get stuck? I am going to fill the very bottom with shell grit today so that will keep him below the base rocks but is there any ideas how to keep him out of the back part of my tank?
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  7. [MENTION=11130]Cudders[/MENTION] thanks, but would that second one really save the glass?
  8. Hey guys, picked up some gym foam flooring at bunnings today and was wondering what you thought about using it to protect my glass from falling rocks in my african tank. Yay or nay?
  9. I only have a 2ft tank to keep them in at the moment do you reckon they will be ok in that until I can sell them? [MENTION=4899]Yodapwnsasmurf[/MENTION]
  10. I have 5 large silver dollars in my tank that I have had for probably 4 years, since slowly raising the water hardness and ph to keep my electric yellows happy 1 has gotten pretty bad (looks like it will die) but the rest seem fine? Are these not suitable tank mates or is it just coincidence? Thanks!
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