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  1. I make them all the time.... im currently in the middle of a 8ft x 3ft job ATM If you look down in the sunshine coast aquarium club section you will see some images of some of the ones i showed members how to build... If your looking for a KIT to build your own then the club can provide you one.
  2. What about this [MENTION=889]tutters187[/MENTION] MALE FEMALE Not yet albino but still
  3. Just a quick update on the fundraising event. we currently have raised $3870 out of the $15,000 goal and have paid and rescued 2 children
  4. hi [MENTION=12486]Brad Crowdey[/MENTION] welcome to the forum. Many of us ship fish but it would depend on what your looking for. I specialize in African Cichlids an ship just about every week to Cairns or Townsville i also do a lot of shipping for other breeders and sellers
  5. Pleasure doing business Nice to meet you also and good to see some people still find value in books and not just forums these days lol
  6. We have a nice little thriving aquarium community here on the Sunshine Coast also. You just need to take the initiative and just step out and do it. Last year i started up the club (sunshine coast aquarium society) here again and we have a good turn out every month and this year we plan to have our very first Auction also
  7. Reading some of my old posts on the old site.... lol I was a shocker
  8. Sorry i missed your thread. Im glad you got it sorted out. I run a fish packing/shipping service for fish keeps out of the sunshine coast
  9. conventional evacuated solar hot water systems have the copper core, I use a ALL GLASS system. In total im using 100 50mm tubes
  10. I heat 12,000L - 15,000L using evacuated solar tubes water heaters (all glass not copper). To run it i use a tiny little hot water pump and a solar pool controller and it easily keeps the fish room toasty all year round. Total power used would be under $50/year to run it. GOOD Insulation is also a MUST
  11. hey [MENTION=156]hareysfish[/MENTION] the "Lab.sp yellow's"or AKA Yellow labs is what i was referring to. Any chance for a photo of yours? These are not mine but i can't see any black in the dorsal from the images that were provided.
  12. certainly has the eye and look of a Tropheops Chitande however i doubt that it is as its missing the small amount of black on the rear anal fin. Does anyone remember the "Yellow Labs"that were in circulation years ago?
  13. Hello Everyone Just curios to some information on some fish that are being traded as "pure electric" Electric Yellows" does anyone have any info on these and where are they from? are the an electric yellow species with no black? Edited: Images were supplied by breeder as well as permission was given before posting...
  14. Im guessing nobody has a Johanni that looks like a Maingano and has yellow girls....
  15. I would love to see anyone in Australia with a picture of there OWN johanni that the male looks like a maingano and yellow females
  16. I also just recently was at these markets ill post up some images for you
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. My entire fish room is on auto feed from the fry tanks to the grow out tubs. They ALL have there issues but with a few modifications im happy with what I have
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