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  1. I know someone on sunnycoast with a 5 ft going cheap that may get you out of trouble. PM me if needed
  2. I'm definitely a stripper, I will strip my girls at and time from 3 days to 2 weeks (i try to do the whole fish room in 1 day and then strip again the whole fishroom a week or up to 2 weeks later) I know that everyone has their own idea's about stripping "whether you should or shouldn't" and what ever works for you is fine... Personally i find the conditions of the females are much better if i strip them rather than allow them to hold for the full incubation period. I find using a BIC pen lid works great and a little gentle squeeze in and out with your finger under the jaw while the moth is open will flush the eggs or young wrigglers out. I also have a small syringe of water standing by for those mothers that have little swimmers inside that like to jam up close the the gills and just will not come out. Ill put the syringe in the jaw and open it and gently squirt some water in and that usually dislodges the fry out. Anouther trick i use sometimes if young fry are in the mouth that i can't get out ill simply put the end of the Bic Pen lid in her mouth and let her go in a bucket (pick lid still in her mouth) Sometimes she will spit the pen lid out and also and remaining babies.
  3. My Home is always open to visitors and we generally always have someone around to enjoy a cuppa with HOWEVER Our fish room is now no longer located on premises and we no longer allow the general public members in after some low life scoped us out for a robbery (now have a fully alarmed shed). In saying that i will not let the old low life stop the way i will treat others. After meeting people our home is always a good place to catch up and have a chin wag
  4. Yep they were mine I always put in fish over 6cm They have been breeding already. If you need more you know who to contact.
  5. Yep im pretty sure they were mine. Were hey good size ones?
  6. yeh sux when that happens, happens to me all the time I WANT MY FISH BACK
  7. If you want more at the 6-7cm size i can help you out Im not sure what the ration was in the bag but i usually try and throw in males and females Best way to tell sex is by vent sexing them Males o or oo females o0 If you know what i mean
  8. If they are from my old bloodline then i would be interested Some pictures here would be great
  9. Anyone on here got my old bloodine as i think they would be a great starting point? tutters you got them??
  10. we must know the same person. I got my kinsizei and flavus from i believe the same person. Matt_a if you are reading this then get in contact with tutters for that contact as that is where i got my nice yellow flavus from (i no longer have the contact)
  11. I have never seen true Kingsizei with bars on the top fin. Supercobwe you are correct about the 5 bars obviously there is a 6 and7 bar but they should be really really faint should have made myself more clear. if you keep your eye out there is a bad strain getting around claimed to be kingsizei that have 6-7 very distinctive bars. To me they look like they have been crossed with some sort of zebra or afra
  12. something is not right with those Kingsizei pictures for sure Kingsizei should have a white blaze and also 5 distinctive bars (not 6-7 like you see around also)
  13. I have used LED strips to light up my aquarium however they are just not bright enough I now use LED flood lights which work out cheaper and give much better light
  14. Looks like a bit like a Protomelas but it's definatly not a taiwan reef. Im leaning also to yellow fin mloto (Otopharynx Tetraspilus) with that yellow tail
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Yeh tell me about it. kids just had a drink of water and said "yuk the water tastes wierd" Just smelt it and smells like a over dosed pool
  17. Things that worked really well for me was *Solar Heating with disgital controller - room cost me maybe $100 a year in electricity costs TOTAL *Insulation *plumbed sump with float valve and overflow drain *Automatic scheduled water changes *Auto Feeders What was not so good Fully insulated room with no natural light worst thing was the water where i lived *TOXIC* took me a long time to figure it out but after geting water and fish tested it contained very high levels of heavy metals
  18. Maybe by the picture but in real life they look nothing a like They look very simular to Saulosi Girls only bigger and slightly more orange
  19. I love the "Genuine" Msobo Sadly thou there is a lot of crosses out there, i mean "A LOT" Here is some of my old pics I love the cleaness of the girls Boy Girl
  20. Woops that came out wrong what i meant was in not 100% convinced they are not Msobo
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