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  1. Have you tried Aquamunch algae wafers they are pretty good and a good size and a lot cheaper
  2. you need to remember that the flow rate is measured at the propeller. every time you use a fitting or and elbow flow is also greatly reduced. i use one of these pumps on my 6ft tank as they are ultra quiet and are only 50watts power http://cgi.ebay.com.au/6000-lph-Submersible-Pond-Water-Feature-Fountain-Pump-/200474482077?cmd=ViewItem&pt=AU_Gardening_Equipment&hash=item2ead35d59d
  3. try using magic white sponges (avaliable at any supermarket). No scratches and im sure you will be impressed, they are the best thing in the market for algae
  4. Ask these guys for a deal. Im sure they will look after you http://stores.shop.ebay.com.au/aquaholics-online__W0QQ_armrsZ1
  5. Ask these guys http://stores.shop.ebay.com.au/aquaholics-online__W0QQ_armrsZ1 i believe they do pumps and specialize aquaponics
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  7. very hard too tell from the pics. I don't like to guess what people fish are if they don't know because i hate it when someone start selling something that they are not. but if i was to take a guess it looks a little like a female flavus to me
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  9. if i had a choice i would be on tank water all the way.... since moving to the sunny coast i have had nothing but drama's with the towns water supply :hothead:
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  11. hey thanks for the video what type of camera do you use the clarity is awesome well done
  12. i agree with peter bio balls in canister filters generally are useless better for wet dry filters. you can also get this stuff call aquaclay its pretty good
  13. i use coral rubble in mine but it also depends on the filter? coral is porous helps colonize bacteria as well as buff the ph
  14. Watch This http://www.sustainlane.com/reviews/mythbusters-take-on-lightbulb-energy-myths/2IXDCB3S72RNY2NAFJT87HQ72U9S BUSTED
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  16. i have 2 twin 4ft t5 on my 6ft and i think it looks awesome people are always commenting on how great my display looks go with the T5 you will not regret it
  17. the amount of times these fish have traded hands to me sounds dodgy on its own! if you have quality fish you hold onto them?
  18. hey mate if you go down to NIELSEN'S MARINE MATES Near the Hyperdome they have an awesome range of different rocks Really good prices too they just got this new rock in called calcium rock and it looks awesome. they also have different types of lava rock there address is Nielsen's Marine Mates 45 - 47 Beeneligh Redland Bay Road Loganholme, QLD, 4129
  19. is this the type of filter http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=190308146765&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT they have a great amount of bio bacteria compared to the standard compact power head style filter and the heater section makes heating a fish tank more efficient
  20. i agree with peter doesn't sound like ph was the problem to me either. sometime these things are just mysteries of fish keeping i remember many years ago coming home to find everything but bristlenose dead in my 6ft a there was no logical reason. sorry about your loss
  21. i agree with braddo that uv does not allow for the fishies immune systems to develop hardy enough but they are great for controlling fungus on hatchery tanks and do produce a much clearer water for those display tanks
  22. thanks guys i will start looking into them tomorrow but if anyone else has some info please post it here as i am sure to hit some brick walls basically my intentions are to design 2 types of pellets for our lovely africans 1 color food without the toxins 2 breeding food i want to make 1 2 3mm sizes test it and then market it if it works well for my fishies
  23. hey guys i'm looking for a manufacturer of fish pellet here in qld basically i want to produce my own line of food has anybody got any leads they can direct me to ?
  24. i agree dirty filter water is great to get it started but if that wasn't available because the sytem was all new and previously you had no fish a couple of dead green prawns will get it started nigel {japes edit: No advertising in posts}
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