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  1. you could try breeders blend pellets from AOA http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/breeders_blend_fish_food.php there food contains naturose which is a natural astax great for reds. also if you have a look at this old thread http://www.qldaf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6043aquaone color pellets are great as well but they are no longer making this product so it is limited and hard to find but is like magic on reds and particular blues. i feed this stuff to my display tank as well as spectrum cichlid and you can see the color of red my empress is after feeding them this food as for white crane i would keep away but it does work like magic all fish will color up including females but its not too good for there health nigel
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  3. i tried it once myself and must say i was disappointed i now use a moonlight on my tank at night and think it is great in fact i have a couple of extras that im selling on ebay just search the word moonlight and you will find it
  4. i have received several shocks while playing in the fish room but the worst would have to be when i was stapling some plastic on the walls. i was standing in a 1000l drum waist deep in water when i stapled the power cord
  5. just to add a spin on things most of you know that i now live on the sunny coast and ever since i moved i have had nothing but TROUBLE with the water i often see young fry with two heads or two bodies ore even cyclops since i have moved up here every time i do a water change 3 days later heaps of fish DIE and it's not just me others up here have the same stories to tell i just had a fish autopsy done by the underwater world vet and swabs grown by the DPI to be told the fish immune systems are shot due to stress from the water and they have suggested to get the water from the tap Annalise by a lab i have invested heaps on pre filter and sterilize my tap water but nothing works as they say it is most likely a metal poisoning so i'm off this week with water from the tap and taking it to a lab.
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  9. i find lighting to be one very important factor when it comes to a display tank i use on my displays high output T5 lighting with 1 20000k white bulb and 1 20000k blue bulb an i think i't makes a huge difference compare to the standard 4ft aquarium Sylvania Aquastar bulbs and lights i know it is a touchy subject at the moment but i get my twin 4ft t5's thru guppys aquarium supplies with bulbs for about $55ea never had a problem.
  10. put a 4ft fish tank in a spare bed room with a pool table and a house full of teenagers :eureka: need i say any more
  11. ask the local shops to get you in some Naturose Ben sells it at ageofaquariums
  12. dont want to make trouble but that is exactly what msobo juvies should look like about time the real things were starting to get around. they take soooooo long to color up the transaction between yellow to blue takes around a year once they start. GOOD WORK.
  13. been using this pellet on my african display which consists of mainly males and i must say it is GREAT all fish are fat and healthy no bloat problems and the color is defiantly a huge improvement compared to spectrum infact i would nearly say it is the best color food around that appears natural the girls i have in the tank are still dull and boring and are still having mouthful's so it defiantly does not have hormones or the effects of white crane here is a pic of my display red empress he was no where near that red before i put him on the food
  14. just ask your local shop to order you one, i'm sure Bay have them
  15. Petz for you are the one 30m up the rd from fish cave it has changed a lot lately go in and check it out where on areodrome rd do you work? i run the 24hr IGA up the rd
  16. go and check out petz4u on areodrome rd maroochydore they have a great range of cichlids now
  17. sorry to hear that mate any tats or facial hair? im sure if we all ask questions to you and you reply to us with as much info as possible we will all get a pic of the guy in our head and something will click with someone i know what it is like dealing with thieves " it suxs"
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  19. go to irripump on moss st slacks creek just up the road from autobarn they usually give great discounts and are cheaper than bunnings i usually get 25% OFF and i don't even know them just got to butter them up a bit about that you like to support the smaller guys and not bunnings but i think they are now under new owners but it is worth seeing them go in and get some 25mm thru glass bulkhead fittings last time i got mine they were just a little dearer than wetearth which we all know are ridiculously cheap these guy use to also do cash sales if you ask and get no receipt nigel
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