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  1. we all know just how important lighting is on aquarium fish,so i thought i would share in what i found . we just had our trade expo for work and a company was showing how great there fluro light bulbs were for color of fruit and vege and prolonging life. the thing about the bulbs are they nearly emit no UV rays which means "no algae" big bonus they also at first sight show how great there color is compared to normal bulbs in fact they looked so good it looks like trickery. any way to keep a long story short i convinced them to give me one as an experiment with fish and omg wow these bulbs make aquastars look like crap anyway they cost about $35ea (4ft) but i think there more than worth it they are promolux bulbs they really need to be seen to believed
  2. purigen is a mechanical filtration it will remove the smallest of particles like tannins and is a must have as far as i am concerned for dispaly tanks.it will also remove nitrates and ammonia and just about any bacteria in the water. Purigen will make you water crystal clear and the best thing about it is it is a once of investment. unlike carbon where you have to replace it once its exhausted purigen you can regenerate it but soaking it in a bleach water mix for a few days then soak it in a strong dechlorinater mix ( i use a double dose of prime) it realy is amazing stuff well worth the $$
  3. Russ i think everyone had a great time and got something out of the day. We are greatfull to all that had an imput on the day right down to the bus driver. i think i need to agree wth Largehead about the talks i think some people have the gift of the gab and others just dont i personally found it hard to keep focus on what the intro presentation was about none of the stories seemed to have an end or it took to long to get to the point. i think more talks would be great but keep them short and simple.
  4. thanks guys i think i have fixed some of the bugs does anyone else have any probs with it
  5. i can't figure out why on some computers you can see the bug but on most you cant? as for the search bar i will be removing that one
  6. i had the same problem on the work computer but every other computer it was fine don'y know why will look into it
  7. hey guys i have started building my own web site still have lost of editing and lots more fish and profiles to add but you can see where I'm heading what do you think www.somethingfishyaustralia.com
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  9. hey pete if this is one of your first big tanks to move all i can say is GOOD LUCK these things are heavy
  10. they all say "we only use tetra color bits"
  11. yeh you can keep bullrout in fresh water as long as that is where they come from but most are fresh water. as for keeping with natives make sure they are bigger than him otherwise they will become lunch bullrouts can eat just about anything there size
  12. you should always boil it first otherwise you run a huge risk of parasites ie worms should also mention don't get caught as it is illegal and carried huge fines
  13. my wife will come as well she basically runs my fish room these days
  14. i for one did a chase on these guys a few years back thought i got close to finding but everytime someone says they have them it turns out they don't good luck
  15. if you think that looks really cool try digging a S shaped canal in your gravel and place the glass flat on top of the S shaped canal so the glass is resting on the gravel. put a airstone under one end of the glass in the canal and slightly push that end of the glass into the gravel. the effect you should get is the bubbles run along the canal under the glass which inturn looks like a under water river
  16. a bit of topic but i bet you will find they are feed a hormone food a lot stronger than white crane (which apparently doesn't contain hormones "YEH RIGHT" )before they get imported even white crane will not make them that red
  17. just my 2 cents worth but you get what you pay for when it comes to a all round service you cant go past BEN at AOA but there are cheaper guys out there ie guppies but does it come with the service and garantee BEN provides " i dont think so". personally i get stuff off both where else but guppies can you get a double T5 light with 20000k bulbs for $54??????????? yeh you may get a broken one or one that dosn't last but $54 you cant even get the bulbs from an aquarium for that price. you just need to way up the odds .
  18. bay fish have them at the moment ask your local aquarium to get some for you
  19. i can get it for you let me know how much you want and ill get you a price on 100% pure organic spirulina
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