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  1. just thought i would let everyone know about the new AQUARIUM just opened (Nielsens Marine Mates) Beenleigh Redland Bay Road Loganholme it,s only 1 minute off the freeway don't let the name put you off the aqarium has a great range of all types of fish but you will absolutly fall in love with the huge variety of marine fish as well as african cichlids, discus, americans, rainbows, natives goldfish, anyway go have a look and post what you think
  2. don't be surpised if you girls have mouth fulls at 4cm my fry breed all the time as they are growing up and usually start seeing mouthfulls at 4cm
  3. i don't disagree with this at all but a sorce told me what we have is actually a ice blue which gets its name from the color these guys get when they grow somewhat resembles the color of deep ice like in a glacier hence the name ICE BLUES white nights apparently are WHITE genetic mutants of Electric blues don't quote me on this thou as is just what i've been told and it made sense to me
  4. i think you will find they are ICE BLUES not ICEBERG BLUES or ELECTRIC BLUES but we commonly call them whitenights even though they aren't the real thing just my opinion thou
  5. if you are going to add TROPHEUS MOORII KAISER I IKOLA i suggest you feed only vege flake otherwise they will most likely get bloat beware they are violent aswell you may end up with a lot of dead fish
  6. talking about snakes look what i found eating my mums chooks
  7. bore water can be AWSOME for fish depending on the area. often it contains much needed minerals for aquatic fish and often helps with breeding and general health just check your ph as it is often acidic
  8. hey a mate of mines 6ft just busted a silicon seal and flooded his house. he lives on the north coast of nsw and was wondering how much it would cost him to get it re siliconed does anyone have any idea what $$ he is looking at and if summerland aqauriums do tank repairs cheers
  9. can relate to this as me and 3 other guys moved a 8x3x2.5 once NEVER AGAIN
  10. that wc hongi produces excelent fry the best you'll ever see AWSOME i should know as he use to be mine and will be missed
  11. I LOVE EM ALL (ADDICTIVE LITTLE SUCKERS)mine list is too huge to write but here is my fish which i have afra cobue kingsizei demansoni flavus elongatus chewere elongatus neon spots afra lions cove afra chewere tropheops chitande tropheops chilumba cobalt blues afra jalo reef polits leleupi (WHICH HAVE JUST LAID FOR ME FIRST TIME) pelvic long fins paralellus electric yellows electric blus peppermints bristle nose frontosa hongi lombardi salousi
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