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  1. Update: They turned out to be guppy's.. not been on for a while it costs me too much money on things i didnt know i needed until someone was selling one :-)
  2. Hi All, Ive got an electric yellow in a 3ft tank with 2 electric blues, 2 peacocks and 4 small stripy blue fish (cant remember the name) last week the yellow started turning black. i initially thought it was ammonia poisoning so did a water change.. a few days later and no improvement is he just maturing or something serious.. i have a spare tank in the shed i could set up and cycle as a hospital tank if needed. thanks
  3. Hi All, I recently bought 2 gold sucking catfish from the LFS. 1 Pregnant female and 1 unsexed possibly male. The female was heavily pregnant on Friday night constantly hiding in the plants and ornaments when we checked on them Saturday arvo she was no longer pregnant. Does anyone know the hatching time for catfish eggs, Success rate of hatching or how big the fry is once hatched?? :confused: Since no longer being fat / laying the eggs she seems more sociable and happily swimming around the tank. Was hoping to do a water change tonight but think i might leave it until we see signs of life so we don't suck up the eggs Thanks
  4. Oh ok, Ill dig out the camera and see if we can get some better pics for identification
  5. Pictures below sorry for the poor quality, they are taken on my phones camera. the first picture shows the + on the body that is different from the guppy fry i've had before. these buggers dont like to stay still for a photo! emma
  6. 5 more unidetified babies now in fry tank 3 more at least swimming round display tank, would love to know what they are will try to take a piccy
  7. Cheers, We did buy a plant yesterday but lfs just keeps guppy fry in the tank with the plants. Trying to get a picture but its too small. Hoping is a sucking catfish those things are cute. Assuming it is a sucking catfish how many eggs will 1 adult lay, and how long for eggs to hatch?
  8. Hi Guys, In the middle of a water change on the 3ft display tank we noticed what we thought was one Guppy Fry hiding amongst the plants. We moved him to the fry tank and noticed he is a different shape to the guppies, bigger and a lot darker... on the unidentified baby it seems to have a cross (+) shape on its body... kinda hard to explain heres a homemade drawing thanks to notepad. Guppy fry o--- Baby o--+--- Could we have accidently bread gold sucking Catfish? for the last couple of days one of the catfish has been chasing the other In the display tank we have neon tetras, 2 cory Catfish, 2 gold sucking catfish and lots of guppies. emma
  9. hi, I ran both filters for a week and then removed the 1500lph tankmaid, so far all is ok. levels are ok in the tank, one guppy died at the weekend it just sat at the top of the tank and when it did swim it swam on its side. Thanks all for the advice, didnt want to kill all my fish in the first few weeks! I've got 12 guppy babies in a 20l tank that have been rescued from the big tank from 2 lots of fry some are 2 weeks old and some are 3 weeks old and today released them from the breeding net in to the tank and they are happily swimming around and enjoying swimming in the water flow of the small filter in there Only been keeping fish for a month and feels like a lifetime, just need a bigger tank now... Emma
  10. ok will give that a try.. might be selling some slightly damaged guppies soon haha :-)
  11. Thanks Guys, I cant put the sponges or media into the Fluval as they are different sizes. (TankMaid sponges are huge round things and the Fluval sponges are long flat things) If i have both filters running im not sure the fish would have anywhere to swim without getting concussion :-) Could I rinse the sponges out into the tank and use the Fluval to suck up the bacteria or is this a stupid suggestion? Emma
  12. Hi All Newbie here, I currently have in my 3ft tank (approx 140 Litres) a TankMaid pro 1500 filter (recommended by the LFS when we bought the set-up) I have recently bought a Fluval U3 600lph and wanting to change it over as the TankMaid seems a little violent for the tank. The TankMaid is battering the plants and the Guppies don't seem to use the middle of the tank as they get flung about. How do I go about changing the filter over without distressing the fish too much and loosing any good bacteria in the current filter?:confused: I believe the tank is still in cycle Thanks Emma
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