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  1. Ok, that makes sense. Thankyou guys, I'll have to do a bit of research into everything to make sure this is something I can do in my current living situation. I'll keep you posted if I go through with it
  2. Thanks for your advice Is there a minimum size of the breeding setup to consider or does it not really matter? My idea was to get three 2ft tanks filtered with an air pump and sponge filters and a small layer of gravel. Have the log in two of the tanks. Then have two pairs going and another tank to move the older fish to. Is this a good way to do it?
  3. Welcome to the site mate That's a nice lot of fish you've got there. I'm wanting to get into BN breeding as well, just starting to look into costs of it. I don't know the answer to your snail question though sorry :S .
  4. Hey everyone, haven't been on in a while. Hope you're all well A friend of mine mentioned today he was planning to breed his Red Devils and it got me curious about breeding. I asked him a bit about it and mentioned I was interested in giving it a go. He told me I should start with either some generic Bristlenose or Peppermint Bristlenose because it's reasonably easy and you can sometimes make a little money out of it. He said you just keep a pair per 2ft tank and use sponge filters run by an air pump so it uses little electricity. To me (knowing nothing about breeding fish) this sounded too good to be true. Is this the case? Do aquarium stores/private buyers regularly purchase baby Bristlenose or is it one of those sort of fish where you won't sell any and then become overrun with no tanks to put them. I just wanted to check popularity of them on this forum before I venture out and buy everything. Thanks for your time, Dave
  5. Fishheadsoup: I do understand what i've read, it seems basic. I do chemistry in high school and we studied water quality and did an entire EEI (Extended Experimental Investigation) on it so i know what's happening there. I'll make sure i get the kits beforehand, thankyou Shanoz: yer i saw that mate and really liked the look. It's just, right now i'm not ready to buy i want to sort everything out before i go out and get the tank. Unfortunetely i can't drive as well, so therefore i'd need to rely on my folks and i don't know if they'd wanna drive 1.5-2hrs for a tank (I would, but i don't think they'd want to) Goldenswimmers: Thankyou very much. I'll take another trip to the pet store and write names down. Once that's done i'll go back over them on google and find out everything about them. Issh: Thankyou for the site, i just bookmarked it
  6. good on you man, you're doing a great thing here i'm only new and don't even have my first tank yet, but it's great to see a forum with guys like you. I will certainly be visiting many many times nightly. hope whoever gets it deserves it (I'm not entering btw)
  7. i'm in Virginia on the Northside. I think second hand on this forum seems to be the best bet, WAY cheaper and i really don't mind second hand if it saves a few hundred dollars. I can't buy RIGHT NOW, but hopefully in a few weeks i'll be up and running and starting the cycling. I looked at some african pics and they look amazing, can i get africans and then also other fish? or are they better by themselves (if better by themselves, i'll get variations of other fish). Thankyou everyone so much for your help. Basically, for the entire set up (tank, stand, filters, lights, heaters) i want to spend probably around...$250 or so (hence why pet stores and buying new is a bit tough). If it's less than that and still good than fantastic. After that's done, i'll start the cycling and then be more focused on working on which fish to get. at the moment i went to the store and saw a few i like plus i had some advice on this forum so they're probably what i'll go for. The sad thing is, i haven't even got this tank but i'm already thinking of doing some breeding (I think it'll be intersting to see and monitor) :S. Is there anything i REALLY need to know before buying anything?? (i understand more money comes in with test kits and the water purifying stuff)
  8. I saw that site and liked the look of the : 3 foot (36x18x18) which was 95 for the tank then 99 for the stand. How much would it cost to get lights/filter/heater for that set up?
  9. Hey guys, thanks for quick reply kasman, where would i get that sort of price for that equipment? is that with lights and filtration? I want something with these basic dimensions (if budget allows) Length: 1metre Width: 0.4metre Height: 0.4metre that's just rough, but you get my point. I really want a few medium sized and a few small, really just an array of species that will all be beautiful to look at when i'm stressing over school. I don't really know about Africans :S:S I'll look into them a little, any particular species or are africans the species ? :S:S (sorry for my lack of knowledge) With regards to the all in one, I think for me that's preferred, but if i'm pointed in the right direction for everything, i don't mind spreading around everything. If it's a 3ft tank, i would probably need a stand of some form specifically designed to hold that weight, how would i go about that? thankyou very much, i know it's a lot
  10. Hey all, First of all, I've been reading through this forum while waiting for my account to be activated and it seems great, lots of good info which is really uplifting for a novice like me. My name is David, I'm a student in Brisbane and am really interested in getting a fish tank for my bedroom. I'm 17 so now have an income of around $100 a week and can afford to have my own pets and would love some beautiful fish. I've had fish years ago but they weren't cared for properly as i realise now by researching. I want to know how to set up my own tank and cost of everything involved. From what i can gather, i should be wanting a 10 to 20 gallon tank (this is because i want an array of fish. I went to a local petstore and looked at prices of tanks and for a 70L, it was $200. Now i'm not sure if that's reasonable or if i should go for second hand. I'm not 100% sure on the fish i want (advice on great, pretty starter fish would be nice) though i saw some Angel fish which looked awesome but i read somewhere that they might eat the other fish. Basically, i want to know from your opinions how much a set-up will cost me, if there are any fish that would be great or i should avoid and if i should buy a tank in store or second hand from maybe someone on this forum. Also, does anyone know some great aquarium stores in Brisbane? Thankyou Very Much - David
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