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  1. How many cube tanks , size and price, Pickle

  2. Hi mick , ur name was passed on to me regarding buying some heaters , do u still have some for sale ?

    Thx Darren

  3. From this Sunday I will be gone for several months and I want to say a big thank you to all those great people who have brought fish and tanks etc from me. I look forward to being back in the future Until then all the best to all members in our great hobby. Cheers All Malawimick
  4. Yes I have some left - they are $20

    Pls call on 0412 526 533

  5. hey mick do you have any 300w stainless heaters?

  6. Would like 1 x NS 130 and 1 x NS180. Can you supply total cost with postage and your acct details for EFT payment.

    Thanks, Alan

    Postal address

    36 Don St Bowen 4805

  7. Hi mick, it's matt here I came and seen you last Friday for some heaters that food you gave me my fish seem to be loving it I just can't remember what it was called lol, I'm defiantly wanting some more and was hoping to come and see you in around 3weeks time do you think you will still have some left?? Also will be chasing some more fish cheers, matt

  8. Hey mate a tank drama ATM. Will talk in about 2-3 weeks righto. Enjoy

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