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  1. I have 3 Yellow Leleupi for sale. A few extras that I need to move on to make room for some new additions to the tank. 2-3cm in size, nice healthy fish $20 for the lot
  2. Use a power head pump, drop it in your drum put the hose in your tank, easy. doesn't have to be anything thing with massive power, 300-400 LH shouldn't disturb your gravel much
  3. As you know the situation in Brisbane seems pretty dire in regards to finding Tangs and other bits and pieces. It's pretty bad when you cant even find a Black Calvus. I have reached out to some Breeders In Sydney to see if they are interested in shipping some fish up if people are interested. There is nothing in it for me, you will deal directly with them, I will just pass there contact details on to you. All I want is for us to have quality fish circulating in Brisbane/Qld again. Ok this is what is available at the moment in regards to the Tangs. One of the Breeders also has high end Malawis that you can ask about. Pm me if you are interested in anything and we will go from there.
  4. I am after around 5 Black calvus preferably juvies or young adults. Surely somebody still has these in Brisbane or the gold coast? any help with leads or passing my ad on would be appreciated.
  5. Hello all, I am looking at placing a power head into my cichlid tank which is a 4x2x2. It has a 1000 L/H Eheim canister filter. The design of the tank is a rock pile in the centre. my concern is a build up of debris in the rear section of the tank behind the rock pile. I would like to place a power head to create water flow at the rear of the tank behind the rock pile to toward the intake nozzle of the filter. It will be stocked with Tangs so I don't want them to get pounded to much by the current that will be created. So my question is what size power head should I use? I read that the general rule of thumb is 3 x your volume in the tank which should be something around 1200 L/H. will this be to extreme? I am more inclined to go a little lower maybe 600 L/H or 420 L/H The last thing I want is to blast my fish into the other side of the tank but want enough flow to ensure movement and push any debris build up that will occur. your advice and experience would really be appreciated before I pull the trigger and buy something
  6. I am looking to purchase some new tang juvies , hoping these fish are still getting around and we can all help keeping them in our community. If you know anybody that has any or could pass the information onto them or myself that would be great. looking for quality examples at a fair price/going rate Daffodil Brichardi - Neolamprolagus pulcher Clavus - Black pearl or black cyprichromis leptosoma varieties - a feel for what is out there Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis
  7. Thank you to everyone, obviously sold to mcfry40. Nice to hear from you JB been a long time since we last saw each other, hope all is well.
  8. Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbow Colony from Jim's Stock. Had for about 3 years as juvies and have bread successfully on several occasions. There are about 20-23 fish a little hard to count them all properly The majority are adults with 5 or so juvies from breeding in the past Looking to try something different and let someone else enjoy them now. $450 for the lot P.m me. I am a night shift worker that needs his sleep during the day so please no time wasters.
  9. I tied a rock to it with some fishing line and buried the rock under the substrate.
  10. thankyou guys, havn't been on for a while and thought things had died off. will upload a photo of tank. thanks for the advice
  11. quite discouraging that no one has any advice or willing to help out a fellow fish keeper, evident that this place has gone to piss.
  12. I have a 4x2x2 hooded tank with 4 fluro lights. I currently have only a couple plants two anubus varieties and some java fern. of the anubus is doing quite good, the other could be doing better as could java fern. 2400 lm , 80 lm/vv , 30W/840 are the specs I can see. Philips brightboost super 80 cool white. Is this adequate? currently giving them around 5-6 hours of light a day. Have a diatom problem also covering the foliage. tank is cycled and been running for about 7 months. Not looking to spend big bucks on lights and something that won't chew to much power. Any info on the lights, hours of lighting, diatoms, would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi Guys, was hoping someone can help me with some information or picture of aquarium friendly silicone that will not eat away a polyurethane foam background that it will be used to hold in the aquarium. thanks, Rob
  14. Big thanks to Rob who went out of his way ( other side of Brisbane) to deliver fish for me..

  15. I'd imagine them being in abundance up there, Have you tried any fish breeding farms? I heard there was one up north that bread them and bara may be an option? Or a cast net into some of the rivers and creeks
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