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  1. I tied a rock to it with some fishing line and buried the rock under the substrate.
  2. thankyou guys, havn't been on for a while and thought things had died off. will upload a photo of tank. thanks for the advice
  3. quite discouraging that no one has any advice or willing to help out a fellow fish keeper, evident that this place has gone to piss.
  4. I have a 4x2x2 hooded tank with 4 fluro lights. I currently have only a couple plants two anubus varieties and some java fern. of the anubus is doing quite good, the other could be doing better as could java fern. 2400 lm , 80 lm/vv , 30W/840 are the specs I can see. Philips brightboost super 80 cool white. Is this adequate? currently giving them around 5-6 hours of light a day. Have a diatom problem also covering the foliage. tank is cycled and been running for about 7 months. Not looking to spend big bucks on lights and something that won't chew to much power. Any info on the lights, hours of lighting, diatoms, would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, was hoping someone can help me with some information or picture of aquarium friendly silicone that will not eat away a polyurethane foam background that it will be used to hold in the aquarium. thanks, Rob
  6. I'd imagine them being in abundance up there, Have you tried any fish breeding farms? I heard there was one up north that bread them and bara may be an option? Or a cast net into some of the rivers and creeks
  7. Same here interested to try something new with my lepto fry if this works out well for you
  8. I get a little bit of brown algae on my tank if anyone has any info on what this is caused by also and how to remedy it, would be appreciated
  9. Possible heater malfunction, direct sunlight, heat from lighting? some things you may want to look at
  10. Always nice to see innovative ways to do water changes
  11. I have been using aquasonic rift lake buffer powder also and it has been working fine for me
  12. I have been using API for quite some time now and am satisfied with it.
  13. I have used the spirulina flake for quite some time now with my adults and fry, may introduce some veggie flake into their diet aswell.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Great looking setup I wish I had the room for a bigger tank.
  16. No problem mate they will be here for you, I have been building a greenhouse and am a bit of a perfectionist myself, so I can appreciate someone taking their time and doing it right.
  17. Very impressive, I bet its a nice feeling to have it done. There's some Lepto Mpimbwe waiting for you
  18. Hi guys, I'm looking for some info on where to buy some more shells for my neo similis pair. I've had a look in some pet stores but the variety is limited or none at all. If anyone knows of some places selling them or someone that has a few spare for sale PM or reply to post. Thanks Rob
  19. I have a colony of 20 in a 4x2x2, 6 males and 14 females. I was hoping to increase breeding with a small colony in a 2x1x1. I had read that someone was breeding in a 2 footer, a colony of five, but I think you nailed it Shon with it being a puddle of water for them. After watching there breeding rituals you could see alot of the eggs falling to the bottom before the female has a chance to regather in a 2 foot tank. Thanks guys
  20. Hi guys I have successfully been breeding Leptosoma Mpimbwe Jumbo's in a 4ft tank now for almost 2 years however I am not having any success in a 2x1x1. I have put 3 of my best females and 1 male in there for 2 months now with no luck. It's a prety standard lepto set up mostly open water with one plant and a sponge filter, no substrate. I have not seen the male displaying very often which is making me lean toward introducing another male however I do not want to crowd the tank. Anyone with any advice or experience for breeding them in 2 foot tanks would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  21. Hay guys I wrote a post a week or so ago on cleaning driftwood. I done that to the best of my abilit, boiling water with a bit of salt and a good couple scrubs with a brush. My next 2 dilemas are as follows, I've had both pieces in my small 2 ft getting water logged for the last 8 days the water has turned urine yellow and the wood doesnt want to sink. I've only ever bought prepared driftwood in the past so any help with these 2 issues would be greatly appreciated as I am a bit weary of putting the pieces in my main while they are still seaping out the yellowie colour from the timber. Cheers, Rob
  22. Thanks everyone for your input, the pieces were prety water logged when I found them on the rocks at redcliffe. I have salt and boling water so I will give them a good scrub. Should I let them fully dry out after cleaning in the sun then water log them and place them in the tank?
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