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  1. No wonder why it wont listen to me when i tell it sit
  2. Thanks for that! Looks much better then this normally this is a pic of it after about five minutes after moving it.
  3. any idea on sex and just if its a normal green or sgt can never tell
  4. lol yes... i sold the rd pair just after these guys hatched then put the festae in there hoping it would munch them but instead i got this;)
  5. hi all my festae is raising my red devil fry:confused: just wondering if this normal....
  6. It does have alot of blue through its dorsal ill get another pic ( with a good camera this pic is off my phone) also my male dovii does the"shake" every once and a while so idk. might put it in 5ft for now until its back up to scratch then sell it.
  7. yeah its on the mend and starting to look good again ,he is 22cm
  8. fell through open to offers via pm pick up ipswich
  9. i have some interest in this guy atm but make an offer and ill let you know if it falls through.
  10. cheers it was sold to me as a female
  11. hi all im planning on selling my festae and just need some help sexing it. (it was attacked by my dovii ) thanks mickyd
  12. Hey cheers for the replies my polleni breed every 2 weeks and have done several times but they eat the eggs as soon as the lights go off .i have managed to get them out and put them in a egg tumbler and they are on there second day in there and from what i can tell 90% are fertile;)
  13. Hi all I have a pair of polleni they spawn every three weeks but have eaten there eggs everytime. I now have an egg tumbler that i want to try but i am unsure how to tell if the eggs have been fertalised or not...they are a pinkish colour atm any help with this would be great. Cheers mickyd
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