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    Have been keeping fish for about 6 years now on and off and I'm particularly interested in American cichlids

    i am looking at getting back into the fish buisness i have been pretty quiet the last year and miss it.

    love my sport
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    fishing, soccer, animals and cichlids
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    Sapes rep

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  1. Hi guys Wanted to know if anyone knows of anyone petshop or local that may stick these mbunas I really hope they are still about
  2. It’s a shame really especially not being able to introduce new bloodlines etc down the track really hope they start being allowed to come through
  3. Really a shame I have heard that most imports now are German bred so they are the closest we get correct me if im wrong anyone haha
  4. Hi guys I know importing is becoming near impossible but can someone point me in the right direction for an updated import list for African cichlids and possible suppliers muchly appreciated I’m based in Brisbane
  5. So I just wanted to show everyone the transformation of one of kasmans babies from near 18mths ago I unfortunately don't own him anymore but was lucky enough to get an updated pic: All I have to say is wow
  6. Still got the pleco? Plz SMS me time and address for pick up, weekend prefered as too busy other days. 0403935468. Howievn.

  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. she is looking good kas and the boy is to as always lol let me know how u get on
  9. Yea water was perfect Donny the waters were nearly identical during the water change
  10. It was a half water change and I didn't clean the filters there was no reall symtoms the were just sorta belly up with there mouths open they just sorted were laying on the side flicking every now and then
  11. [MENTION=280]chris[/MENTION]tschumy understand what u mean and if this is true what else could it have been neutralizer was added (seachem prime) and stability the filter wasn't clean I only syphoned the water out so I could slide it to a new spot and it was only a half water change It would have me stumped if it was electrocution that's the only thing that was wrong
  12. Yea I have shorted the power a couple of times when a power pack has got wet and stuff so it must be working
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