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  1. wow she looks good!! they have abt 3-4 spots on the anal fin duno we'll see what happens
  2. can u post up a pic of the mum on here?
  3. @mrnos yea. 3 like that one i would like to think ther girls but i think they might be boys they do have some blue spots on the fins
  4. any info on red claw dams in the local area????
  5. got some great links here if anyones interested How an Aquaponics System Works: Animation | Ecofilms Aquaponics: CHOP2 Revealed | Ecofilms
  6. got some great links here if anyones interested How an Aquaponics System Works: Animation | Ecofilms Aquaponics: CHOP2 Revealed | Ecofilms
  7. cheers warwick i might take u up on the offer later on. the system i'm doing 3 growbeds 2 sumps 1 fish tank atm i have have heaps of info on building the system. atm i'm just trying to source all the gear i need at a good price. food grade ibc's i have seen on ebay (local guy) for $90 this seems an ok price (i'm after 6 ibc's) then the grow bed medium will be my next problem the expanded clay balls would be my ideal medium but the price of the stuff is crazy. i'm doing 3 grow beds for the moment 300lt each (for purposes of working out how much medium i need won't hold that much water) so 900lt, on ebay i have seen it for abt $25 for 30lt. i can use just 10mm pebble but my info tells me the clay is better.ther r other methods like floating raft but i think for what i want to grow this won't be suitable. i wasn't sure on what fish to stock but have received some good info so far on that cheers to craig and woftam. i was also considering having some yabbies or redclaw in the 2 sumps i plan to have but not sure how these guys will go with low ph. so thats where i'm at if anyone has more advice to add
  8. hmm will it affect ph? i have seen in one manul they say if u put ur medium in vinegar and bubbles come of it its no good
  9. jeebers!!! anyone know another good growing medium just checked the price of expanded clay balls
  10. cheers craig for info very helpful the only water that u lose from system is evaporation and what the plants use but hey i got about 2000lt worth in tropical fish tanks i do a %25 water change weekly on so that water will go into top up the aquaponics system so it comes down to the cost of a sump pump
  11. getting into aquaponics. for those that don't know its maintaining a fruit and veg grow med with the nutriments fish produce in there water sorta a cross between hydroponics and aquaculture. just feed the fish and u get fruit, veg and fish to eat anyway i'm chasing aquaculture fish tanks they are like a big tub i can use a ibc for this but was hoping i might pick up something cheaper looking around the 1000lt size??? then second i need to get fingerling fish to go in the system atm don't know what varity i want was thinking barramundi but would settle on any freshwater native fish thats good to eat. anyone know a supplier??? lastly if anyone can get food grade ibc's cheap let me know as well??.
  12. ok just found this pretty good i think Aquarium Fish Tank Build Aquariums
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