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  1. Try to reduce aquarium lighting level and the lighting period. Around 6 hours of light per day should be sufficient. When the algae issue is fixed, then you can gradually increase the number of hours,
  2. It looks very natural and beautiful. The plants are growing well in there.
  3. The grain size of Oliver Knott Aqua Earth aquarium substrate is quite large and very noticeable especially in smaller tanks. It would have been great if it is a bit smaller.
  4. Besides the cost factor, another very important factor to consider is the maintenance factor as well. For freshwater setups especially low light tanks, you could get away with relatively low level of maintenance. It depends on what you really like and how much time you have, besides the cost factor.
  5. You can get aquarium-safe pumice stones here. Actual pumice stones can remain floating in the aquarium due to their density being around approximately 0.25 g/cm3. You can attach some aquarium plants such as Peacock Moss on them to create a natural effect for your tank.
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