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  1. Yet you find yourself scrolling and commenting on flowerhorn/hybrid threads haha
  2. I didn't mean dancing around naked in front of the mirror after a shower
  3. 5-10 mins a day of mirror time an regular water changes helps with kok growth
  4. thanks bluebelle I wont be butchering it, as you said ill just cut the worst off from it Are there any water additives that promote plant growth?
  5. Thanks, Does the plant go into shock if too much is trimmed off?
  6. Thanks for all the help, ill remove it from the tank and treat it bit by bit and trim the black off. It had been poorly maintained in my opinion. Ill try and get it back to good health. Does it require substrate or anything for longterm health?...previous bloke had it in some eco soil/gravel.
  7. ive got some "no more black beard" from the previous owner....almost 2 full large bottles. Ill give that a crack....will it harm any fish in there with high dosages?? Whats something like this fern worth Donny??... cheers
  8. thanks for all the input. the two tanks are currently running with individual filtration.....one with a canister and the other with an internal power filter...and both have sponges. Yesterday I acquired a near new canister with approx 2600lph flow rate and Im keen to use it but don't really wana run 2 canisters due to power costs. I have pretty much have all the pipework to do it and Is readily available from work if I new extra fittings ect Drilling holes in the glass isn't really an option. Ok I changed where the supply T (to tank) is and raised it to the top...to eliminate the path of least resistance as Matt suggested and help it to feed the top tank equally. Ive also added numbers as to where the check valves could go so just suggest which number in relation to position of valve thanks for the info
  9. So no one has a clue what this form of algae is or how to treat it????
  10. ive got 2 co2 regs and some other stuff for them. the previous bloke was using a sodastream co2 bottle with a bottle adapter. The regs have solenoids and also a coil and plug....similar to the one in the link below Aquarium CO2 Magnetic Solenoid Regulator Valve With Bubble Counter FOR Planted | eBay
  11. Hey Ive got a 2 tier rack, each tier with a 4ft tank on it. I was thinking about running one cannister for both tanks. does anyone do this at all? One thing I am concerned about is the syphon effect in a power fail from 1 tank to the other.....obviously from high to low Would I need check valves anywhere?? Pic below shows my plan and the ??marks are where im considering where the check valves would go?? thanks
  12. Hey guys! Yesterday I bought complete setup second hand. Most of it was in pretty good condition and only really bought it for the tank, canister and accessories. My main concern is that it came with some plants that I know nothing about as ive never had live plants before.... The tank never ran an air pump but had a co2 kit that was empty but hadn't been used for god knows how long. I want to know what this crap is on the leaves??? I don't really want to run co2 as my main focus is my fish, not plants. Apparently they are needle java fern......its all attached to driftwood Thanks
  13. nice one Blade!! Pearling looks good.....do ya think it will cover his kok? what size and how much did you pay?
  14. my female just laid eggs today for the first time without any males in the tank, she would be 6mths old @10cm. I have another female same age and size that just laid eggs yesterday and has a male same size in the tank, they paired up straight away last week with no issues, fighting ect...id say hes not old enough to fertilize yet but ill soon find out if they hatch in a few days
  15. id say left side male. right side possibly female....but ive been wrong before
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