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  1. Hey mate, was nice meeting you. I'm glad you are happy with them. More available now
  2. one trio or pair available at the moment @acidlink
  3. $10 per pair or $15 per trio pickup in samsonvale (bring own container/bag) Cheers
  4. the temp was sitting at 27-28 and i gradually raised it to 30-31. I am pretty sure i have gotten rid of the white spot now as there are no signs of it on the bristlenose and they are looking healthy again. will just keep the water changes up and try to get the tank back up to where it was. Thanks for everyones help
  5. after some time of upping the the temperature and adding salt and seeing no results i ended up buying some 'White Spot Remedy'. I half dosed and followed the instructions on the bottle. the instructions said to half dose again after 3 days. I did this and woke up to a tank full of dead fish. pretty damn annoyed. guessing it was too much of the remedy for the fish to handle even though that is what it says on the bottle to dose. Out of all the fish i started off with I am now left with only 2 bristlenose and a cory.
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