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  1. a few portions of monte carlo back available
  2. only 1 more available from Pack 2.
  3. Pack 1: (1 available) Large portion of Java Fern, 30 stems of hygrophila sunset, 13 stems of hygrophila pinnatifidia, 10 stems rotala green and a small handful of subwassertang. 30cm ruler for size reference. $50 Pack 2: (2 available) 40 stems of hygrophila pinnatifidia. $40 or $70 for both or buy all 3 for $100. Cheers
  4. bump. I also have bulk rotala colorata at the moment (100 stems $40)
  5. Looking to rescape my 6ft tank and don't have a use for the driftwood anymore. $100 for the piece , pickup in Samsonvale Cheers
  6. one trio or pair available at the moment @acidlink
  7. staurogyne sp porto velho added to list of plants available
  8. crypt balansae and peacock moss sold out for now
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