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  1. apart from L168s how many l numbers have come in lawfully ?
  2. a lot of people including people who catch out of the lake will tell the whole german thing is a load of ...............
  3. there seems to be a lot of scaremongering about losing rare fish to the upcoming laws ,what is rare?
  4. take a chill pill people its not the end of the world (or our hobby) if it is the end of the hobby well our hobby is pretty weak and miserable and pathetic then .(take a moment to ponder that )
  5. what shops? i thought we roll in similar circles but i guess not .....................................make you stock up the bunker the end of the world is near lol
  6. honestly when do people buy rare fish from shops at retail anyway ?
  7. Is something better than nothing?
  8. Pls check above for what you get for your money You get fed 4 times. Dinner is buffet so no one goes hungry (quote from owner) Tea Coffee and Ice water station open all day 5/6 Fish talks from the Gurus A chance to meet them and ask questions Large screen and TVs so no one misses the fun Conference shirt and lucky door prize ticket Bar for Alcohol and soft drinks Huge Raffles so bring some cash Plenty of parking Bus stop outside Train 10 minutes walk Smoking area outside venue We have a maximum number of tickets You are urged to buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment Tickets will be for sale @ the door on the day only if a seat shirt and meals are still available tickets for sale now Most great Aquarium retailers Caboolture auction Or contact any QCG Member FJ so how many actual talks will ad konings be doing?
  9. plenty of nice tetras still be discovered in the lake .Brycinus Imberi Kabwe
  10. product A is designed for multiple fish not just Malawi cichlids and designed buy scientists and probably one of the most widely used and recomended products in the world this is what helps me choose the best food for all my varied types of fish . so i guess reputation ,ingredients ,performance ,colour and lack of deformity's in my fish are the guidelines i use to choose, the food i feed my fish not price .it also helps if multiple brands try to compare there product to product A that tells me product A is the bench mark
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