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  1. Ive never used a sump so would like to use canisters. The bar top would fold out from the top of the stand, i want the focal point to be the aquarium.
  2. I have also been thinking of including a bar fridge underneath and a fold out bar top ??
  3. .Hey All For my yr12 timber major i will be constructing a timber stand and possibly a hood if i have enough time. Id like it to be a decent sized tank around the 8ft mark. Im going to post the progress of it here so it could possibly help others and also to get some tips and advice along the way. So far i haven't committed to a size yet because id like to get the tank first before i start building. Here are some ruff plans i have drawn up. (wont upload for some reason) I have an idea of a slide out step coming out of the center of the aquarium as i want the stand to be quite high this would help gain access to the tank without having to use a step ladder or something like that. It can also double up as storage space with drawers.-What are peoples thoughts on this? Thanks
  4. Anyone got any Leopard bush fish ? Real keen to get some
  5. Eel in one of my dams, pretty friendly
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  7. Big thanks to The Tech Den for the new internal sponge/k1 filter, very well packed with lots of bubble wrap and mentos
  8. they looks sweet ! how big do they get and would they eat cull fh's ?
  9. Yeah there around, 2ft may be OK. i thought it was 3 wide. What about some other large fish, pbass, birchir (if you can get some)
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