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  1. Hi does anyone know of any LFS in SEQ that stock Aqua Clear HOB filters?
  2. I did eventually find some but am unwilling to admit how much I paid for 3 snails delivered.
  3. Hi all. has anyone seen freshwater Nerite snails in any stores recently?
  4. Use a hose attached to a tap. I normally run it first for a few minutes to flush the water through.
  5. Interesting I didnt think these were used anymore. Will research some more.
  6. Thanks aLkAh0LiK sounds like a bomb proof set up but don't have that much room to be running 2 canisters.
  7. Thanks msc0433 i was always happy with my aqua clears.
  8. Looking at starting up a tank after not having 1 for several years. Its going to be small display aquarium community planted low tech not sure on volume yet. I used to use aqua clear HOB filters and never had an issue with them but thinking about using a seachem tidal HOB. What are peeps thoughts on these that have used them. Filter basket looks like a good size and seems adaptable to different media types.
  9. AOA have had the freeze dried black worms in the past but had none a couple of weekends ago.
  10. Oceanariums in WA used to sell live ones, not sure if they still do.
  11. Luke QLDAF has had tapatalk for ages. This is a web mobile version of QLDAF. Hope that is understandable.
  12. Thanks itsme007 for the platys smooth and easy transaction. Great quality fish. Cheers.
  13. http://www.ehp.qld.gov.au/licences-permits/plants-animals/moving-wildlife/fm-wl-ema.doc
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