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  1. Mary Ann's aquarium, mr dennison
  2. Can use newly hatched brine shrimp or powdered flake, just make sure to feed a few times a day and keep up with the water changes (not huge ones), as the more you feed the more they poo, also good to have a small pleco as a clean up crew for left over foods
  3. But its definitely NOT a green severum as one american cichlid expert keeper pointed out earlier
  4. @Cav You might be right, I found this on a german site A.V. ONG - Onze bewoners I
  5. These blue sevs are always blue, not just when in breeding mode
  6. Think it looks more like an id shark, worth $800
  7. Photos attached of parents and fry Note the adults heads can change colour to redish, this will depend on mood and when in breeding mode, see pics. Locally bred, the pair will clean a rock and female lays eggs on it and male swims over and does his jizzy dance, eggs will hatch after 3-4 days depending on water temp. Fry are raised on freshly hatched bbs and fed twice a day and the slowly switched to flake and bloodworms after several months. Fry will have bands running along body and will disappear when older Eating bloodworms and flake food now. $80 each now IF YOU HAVE **** COMMENTS TO SAY KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF AND DON'T POST HERE
  8. Get a pair of super texas lol, they can breed once 2/3 weeks and produce hundreds of fry, even close to 1000. I have a pair which I use the fry as feeders :-)
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. You just can't please everyone, that's a fact
  11. Pauls aquarium at oxley has some but his are in a clear plastic tub/bag non branded, worth checking out
  12. New issues I'm having; 1. Cannot upload any pics, either in a new thread or replying to another by clicking on "go advanced", error MSG comes up all the time. 2. On my mobile I clicked on the mobile version of this site, when I click on "go full site" it says page not found, so on my phone I'm now stuck to the mobile version, gay. Any help webmaster?
  13. Lol I remember that pic, that's the good ol days of your breeders, when albinos and commons were all the rage!
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