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  1. frontosa food

    Make sure you remove any old food from tank. I would just try work on getting their appetite back, do a 25% water change and dont feed for 3 days, then try a small amount of pellets to see if interested. If not starve them for another 2 days and try again. This usually gets them eating. If they look healthy etc then dont stress they are known for sooking.
  2. Looking for kigoma

    Kigoma is a 7 bar variant. the eye strip is still a bar. where did the above information come from?
  3. 3 tier 8ft breeding rack and fry tanks

    Offers welcome. Need gone.
  4. Frontosa Moba F1 fry 3 to 4cms $80ea or 10 for $750 Pick up Bellbird park. Shipping available
  5. F1 Frontosa Fry

  6. Tropheus Nkonde F1 Fry

    Bump. about 30 left
  7. 6ft 3 tier rack

  8. 3 tier 8ft breeding rack and fry tanks

    Bump. Open to offers on this one
  9. frontosa food

    Live sea food is good, or even just fresh sea food, i use to feed my frontosa alot of whiting and beach yabbies when i was fishing lots. They loved it.
  10. frontosa food

    I use Tropical krill chips, tropical super forte flakes, Tropical tang chips and frozen mysis shrimp.
  11. What do people feed their tropheus?

    I use the flake everyday. And use the 3 Algae tabs every few days.
  12. What do people feed their tropheus?

    I feed all my tropheus Tropical super forte. Never had some much breeding until using this food.
  13. Golden firecracker is not an actual variant but a trade name for different ones. The picture posted looks like kazumba