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  1. Black background

    black contact or vinyl is easiest.
  2. Fry Savers

    I use and sell the ziss fry savers. Very neat. They are 15 x 15 x 14cms. PM if interested. I have brand new and used ones available for sale.
  3. wondering if these will x breed

    Stoney is correct, they will just as likely xbreed. All tropheus run the risk of x breeding. If its just for a big display and fry are culled then no problems.
  4. egg tumblers

    I have the ziss egg tumblers. Pm if interested i can post them to you
  5. 3 tier 8ft breeding rack and fry tanks

    Still available
  6. Trophues question

    As above. Nope. Tropheus are best kept in species only tanks with large numbers in the colony to spread out aggression etc.
  7. Frontosa Moba F1 Fry 4cms 5 for $400, 10 for $750 Shipping available, pick up Bellbird Park. Pic of male.
  8. Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbow F1 fry 3 - 4cms 10 for $350 Shipping available at buyers expense, pick up Bellbird park. Pics of adults and fry
  9. Tropheus Nkonde F1 Fry

    Another 25 ready.
  10. Frontosa Moba F1 fry

    More ready to go
  11. New tank builder- Gold Coast

    Half my fish room is built by Michael Ellis. Not sure if he is building tanks any more though.
  12. 3 tier 8ft breeding rack and fry tanks

    Hahaha yes sure is Ray. I just need it gone.. You could use 1 more set up surely... haha