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  1. Thanks JB, Yes i have F1 kigoma fry ready to go.
  2. I have some F1 kigoma fry ready, Juvie Bulombora, and young adult bulombora colony, F1 moba young adult colony aswell. PM if interested in any.
  3. Not generally. Most my fry sold are from multiple females and 1 or 2 males all from wild caught colonies.
  4. Thanks for the tag JB. I do also have F1 kigoma fry growing out, have some ready now and more in about 4 - 6 weeks. Yes Kigoma and bulombora are very similar if not the same. Like a lot of the frontosa variants they are all very similar so i stick with the collection location as that is the norm for the industry.
  5. They are great hey. I switched to these a few years back and all still going strong.
  6. Nkonde are looking good. So are the Kalambos
  7. I use and sell the ziss fry savers. Very neat. They are 15 x 15 x 14cms. PM if interested. I have brand new and used ones available for sale.
  8. Stoney is correct, they will just as likely xbreed. All tropheus run the risk of x breeding. If its just for a big display and fry are culled then no problems.
  9. As above. Nope. Tropheus are best kept in species only tanks with large numbers in the colony to spread out aggression etc.
  10. Half my fish room is built by Michael Ellis. Not sure if he is building tanks any more though.
  11. Best off contacting an importer to see if they can obtain in an order they do. Importing to australia is not so simple, Import licence and quaratine room are required and would probably not be ecconomical to just get a few angels imported
  12. Make sure you remove any old food from tank. I would just try work on getting their appetite back, do a 25% water change and dont feed for 3 days, then try a small amount of pellets to see if interested. If not starve them for another 2 days and try again. This usually gets them eating. If they look healthy etc then dont stress they are known for sooking.
  13. Live sea food is good, or even just fresh sea food, i use to feed my frontosa alot of whiting and beach yabbies when i was fishing lots. They loved it.
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