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  1. Hello, long time forum member, but been quite a while since being user! Anyhow, was thinking of turning my 7w 2.5d 2h foot tank into a nice spacious peaceful tank... Wanted to try and grow out an aged healthy EBJD (I know it's apparently hard)... Tank mates currently thinking of 50 odd Cardinal Tetras haha... A pleco, and a yoyo loach maybe. Anyone got any ideas for me for tank mates or extra tips or recommend a breeder? (I'm Northside Brisbane). Any replies would be appreciated, cheers!
  2. Hi mate. You still have the monos' and the plecos'? Plz pm me as i'm interested. I hope you're not too far from brissy.

    Ps. I am usually busy but today it's raining so got the day off. I'm a concreter and don't get on the net often as usually busy so might take a while to reply at times, or SMS me on 0403935468. Halvan.

  3. Great replys all thanks! All very helpful and informative! They actually look like they could be a little bit of fun just for a nice neat clean looking display in a small area!
  4. So have a friend wanting to buy a little aquarium and she came across the Fluval Edge 46L (See link below) http://www.amazingamazon.com.au/fluval-edge-2-fish-tank-aquarium.html Wondering if anyone has one? What is actually in the Filter setup? Would the filter compartment be a thousand times better if I was to change what was in it with say matrix + purigen etc.? And generally how good does it look and anything else etc? Any info or opinions would be appreciated! Cheers, Tim.
  5. Good thread thanks for all the info, hopefully I'll have a decent little supply going soon enough, cheers all!
  6. Sounds good! 3ft can be whatever temp as have adequate sized heater, will set at 24 than! So by weed I guess than I'll have to put gravel (got spare river pebble/gravel) in to and plant few 'weedy' like plants! Just few air sponge filters be best to no doubt? Might just suss out local city farmers which quite close first, buy half dozen hopefully they got some. Thanks.
  7. Cheers for help all! Thanks Clint check your PM. So as for these White Clouds, where can I get these from? And is it as simple as getting a few of them and chucking them in the 3ft cycled tank and let them breed and grow without taking to many out at a time?
  8. Good reply thanks! Jack about 9cm at moment... Any idea at what size would he out-eat a convict pair supply of feeders? Anybody know of any breeders on Northside Brisbane on this forum?
  9. So I have a Mangrove Jack in my 7x2.5x2 Tank now. Been feeding him just the feeder gudgeons from the local City Farmers (50 for $10). Will try and get him on mix of pellets some time when he gets a bit larger. Only about 9cm at the moment. Anyhow, my question/situation is, I have a spare 3ft Tank in my garage, how hard would it be to keep some species of fish that breeds rapidly and would be a good cheap breeder to supply me with a good amount of feeder fish for my mangrove jack? Tried searching for info on here but didn't find anything that related? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Tim.
  10. Thanks for your 2c... by fancy electronic gear are there any you would recommend or have used yourself and wouldn't? Primarily I want to be able to cover all water parameters/checks for ph/ammonia/nitrate/nitrite etc... Main electronic gizmo i came across was the Seneye, but that is limited on those checks...
  11. I've always just used simple water test kits pretty much cheapest ones could buy. Was wanting to take my water parameters a bit more serious now with maybe buying some more expensive fish. Have tried searching heap on here but not to much has come up. So therefore I was wondering what test kits (strips/drips/electronic) fellow fish keepers use and the feedback about it would be great! Cheers, Tim.
  12. So I'm in the process of selling off all my fish in my tank which I've had established for long while now everything runs perfect with sumps and occasional water changes if nitrates building up. However once I sell all fish, I'm looking at getting a Mangrove Jack. So I'm wondering if there is a time of say a month or so between last fish being sold and new mangrove jack being placed in the tank, will I have to re-cycle the tank? Or can I get away with just keep tank water/sump flowing and add in some food/prawns each week etc? I'm talking going from about 30fish different sizes/species down to just 1. Tank is 7x2.5x2 Currently got about 10ish left to sell so I'm already little worried about such a big jump in food/bio load changing may cause some sort of spike? I understand I can just re-cycle tank when find mangrove jack but it seems they are quite rare at the moment so would be best to have tank ready to go if one pops up anywhere! All help be great appreciated thank you
  13. Yes I've had a great EBJD in large tank before was getting quite big n healthy long fins and great colour than next thing couple days dead! If I went EBJD again think have to only have strictly few of them! Seen a RBS before at asian mans fish shop on gympie rd yonks again and yes they were a interesting fish massive mouth thats for sure could be interesting for feedings thats for sure! might look into them some more! Might look into Saratoga characteristics more too.... Giant Gouramis are really ugly though haha once again thanks for ideas all
  14. thanks for few ideas! @stevie wonder - what kind fish you have with sand? and what kind of cleaning routine do you have to do? i love a spotless tank and past little experience i have had with sand was it algae built up on it very easily... dunno bout few thousand mini fish though... thought bout low tech planted but be a lot of extra set up to get it going I'm limited for time on my weeks back from work!
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