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  1. 8ft fish tank - 20 bay barracks | eBay thought this might be useful to some one?
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  4. I just got a new 4ft, and this one will be going in my room. So I want one fish (not an oscar) that has a bit of a personality. I would love a saratoga but they would get a bit to big wouldnt they? I would love suggestions please.
  5. I got my leds off the guy on here who is selling the 12v ones! Came with a power supple and shipping for like 75 bucks!! It is great.
  6. they would have been about 5mm to 10mm long, i didnt see an egg sack :S?
  7. No i couldnt find anyone in town selling them, and i talked to a few people and they said aquabird would not have any until like december for $25 each.
  8. I bought 5 at 3-4cm and then 5 where chucked in at 5mm. I wasnt going to say no would you?
  9. I do a 40% water change every 3 days and they have grown from .5cm to 2cm in about a month.
  10. I have 5 2cm fronts in a 2fter atm until they get big enuf not to be eaten. They will be fine
  11. is there a certain type of worm that is better for fish? I have read on a few sites that black worms are good for fish, but i dont know how they go breeding in the boxes?
  12. so they would be perfectly fine to feed to africans etc?
  13. hey guys, I have seen those $70 worm farms at bunnings and was wondering if anyone else uses them to breed worms for their fishiesss? The pic below is the similar to the one i was looking at buying. Google Images
  14. I know many people disagree with injecting and dying fish, however who sells them? Are the mostly private people, or shops aswell?
  15. Very Friendly Yellow Blood Red Parrots Close Up - YouTube That link their shows them better. I think they look amazing. Would love to have one of these on display.
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