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  1. Hello QLDAF! For our final week of Marine Madness May we are doing 50% off all marine water refills (max 200L per customer per day). Ends Sunday, 29th May! Be quick! That means for Pet City VIP Club Members it is only 15 cents a Litre - or 17 cents if you don't have an active membership (yet ) Hope you guys can take good advantage of this offer! - Pet City Aquarium Team
  2. Hello QLDAF! Here at Pet City Mt Gravatt we are running a promotion for a week as part of our Marine Madness May. Buy 2 Corals and get 1 for free* *cheapest Check out the poster below for any T&Cs. So come visit us at Pet City Mt Gravatt - 224 Wishart Rd.
  3. Hi All, we have a position available in the aquarium section. Please have a look and email a copy of your resume if interested. Thanks Gavin http://www.petcity.com.au/?Employment;Info;1482
  4. Hello QLDAF, 30% off Acro and Fungia Corals at Pet City Mt Gravatt 224 Wishart Rd. Please note that the Club or QLDAF Discount will NOT apply. Have a great weekend! Some photos taken earlier today by Chris: More photos are available at our Facebook page here
  5. Hello QLDAF! Welcome to Week Two of our specials every week leading up to and finishing on Christmas Eve - so make sure to check next Friday for the last one. Enjoy! Highlights: Marine Pure 6 Pack Cubes for $9.50 (Club get 10% off!) and Assorted Male Dwarf Gouramis for only $9 each! WEEK TWO (11/12/15 to 17/12/15)
  6. Pet_City

    Wild Rams

    Not until the new year. Aquarium Industries only have 2 on there list, i would wait until you had more to choose from better chances of geeting some pairs.
  7. Hello QLDAF! At Pet City Mt Gravatt we are having a new set of specials every week leading up to and finishing on Christmas Eve - so make sure to check every Friday for the newest ones. Enjoy! WEEK ONE (4/12/15 to 10/12/15)
  8. Hey everyone! We have some specials in our Aquarium department for October plus a competition running until end of November to win a Weber BBQ (Be pretty awesome for summer!). Please note that these items exclude the QLDAF discount.
  9. Check out more photos of the Killifish here: https://www.facebook.com/petcitymtgravatt/posts/10153217009051843 Visit our Facebook page to see the other cool fish we are constantly getting in: www.facebook.com/petcitymtgravatt
  10. If you have applied via email chances are the card is sitting at the aquarium section for collection as stated in the instrucions. For people that want to confirm this please send an email to gavin@petcity.com.au or aquarium@petcity.com.au and i will get back to you once i have checked. Note: The card may take several business days to make and be available at the Aquarium Department - however the discount is available at time of purchase, and from then on the card must be used.
  11. AQUARIUM DEPARTMENT GERMAN PRE-ORDER LIST Hey guys, we have a sneek peak of some great stock from Germany click the link and check it out. http://www.petcity.com.au/?German%20Pre-Order%20List;Info;1592 Just follow the instructions in the link and Enable Editing to fill out the form. Tangy
  12. Hi guys worth a look, click the link as we have some great buys of all types of aquariums. Tangy http://www.petcity.com.au/?TANKSALE;Info;1590
  13. Time to do a bit of a clean up first up - Arowana Tanning Lights. They have more uses than just for arowana, they are great for any fish that has a large amount of tannins. These lights are to be used UNDERWATER as not to filter out the UVA/UVB through glass and water depth. They must be used with the proper Arcadia fitting as this is made of a material that also doesn't filter the UVA/UVB. The following is some information on the "Red" lights CLEARANCE SPECIAL! Arowana T8 Fitting 30W - RRP $179.95 Club $159.95 - SPECIAL $120.00 NFD Arowana T8 Fitting 36W - RRP $189.95 Club $169.95 - SPECIAL $130.00 NFD Both units come in With the light bulb choice of gold or red. Light Tubes T8 30W Gold RRP $69.95 Club $54.95 - SPECIAL $35.00 NFD T8 36W Gold RRP $75.95 Club $59.95 - SPECIAL $40.00 NFD T8 30W Red RRP $69.95 Cub $54.95 - SPECIAL $35.00 NFD T8 36W Red RRP $75.95 Club $59.95 - SPECIAL $40.00 NFD
  14. Pm sent Let me know what you think
  15. We only have the basics in at the moment Apisto, Agassizii Dbl Red, Cacuatoides Super Red, Honsloi, Borelli G.Bred, Meinkeni Wild and Neon Head. next week we have a few different types coming in you can click the link and have a look what AI has in stock and let us know if you want us to add anything to next week. Aquarium Industries - Current Stock Gavin
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