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  1. Willing to give a few away to someone that will help me out and do this
  2. Mara rocks and what u mean donny?
  3. I know what I have now thanks he got them mixed up
  4. To find out what his other fish are?? I only wanted to know what I had haha
  5. His females look like the silver ones in pic above
  6. I think he has got the two mixed up as he did have both and the other fry didn't have the strip on them like these ones more a dot and all the crock rock pics I've found look like his other ones
  7. Thought they were mara rocks thanks for the help
  8. ..Got some fry from a guy on here was told they were Copadichromis Borleyi Crocodile Rock but after some research I don't think they are by the way the fry look have pics of both parents and fry last pic shows what fry look like
  9. is there any thing like that around brisbane thats just crazy!!!
  10. would u take 100 for the fronnies and yellows?

  11. So ur getting out of fish. What fish do u have to get rid of might have to come have a look at this tank you're selling. Do u still keep shrimps?

    So let mw knOw what u got.

    Night Jess :)

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