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  1. No there not for sale iso means in search of so not selling them.
  2. Haha damn should of told me what you thought it was so you could win the bet haha and okay will remember that for next time cheers
  3. okay well iso means (in search of) so yes i am looking for bristlenose that are breeding.
  4. Hey peeps. ISO a BN breeding trio on the sunshine coast. Please let me know what you got and how much. Am willing too travel. Thanks
  5. Just a quick question how big do bristlenose need too be before they will start breeding?
  6. Hey guys. Just wondering what type of fish are able too be in the same tank as Bristlenose as they are breeding and will not cause much of an issue for them while they do there thing. And are able too live in a tank temp of around 23-26 Degrees C. Also which Plecos will breed in a tank. Thanks Alex.
  7. Hey guys Iam looking for cheap plecos/Albino Brislnose 6cms or bigger on the sunshine coast. If you have got some send me a text on 0450008135. I am looking for about 3.
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