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  1. The foam on top of the water is from the antibiotics.Keep up the water changes,and maybe keep the lights off.Good luck I hope the rest will be ok
  2. Hi I was wondering if anyone breeds or knows where I can purchase a pair a san merah discus have had no luck in finding any hope someone can point me in the right direction.Cheers.
  3. I think my discus has HLLE dont know how it has caught this,it has 5 red marks between its eyes I have put in qtank doing daily water changes ,it is not eating,is this contagious to my other discus,have had them for 3 years with no problems at all,the only thing that has changed is added some new plants could these have anything to do with it.Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. thanks for info,so if they are not able to be imported does that mean they are illegal to have in oz or would be just hard to come by now because of import restrictions
  5. was wondering if synodontis ornatipinnis where available in Australia? saw a picture of one while browsing net
  6. re peppies glad you are happy with them, perhaps when they breed I can get 10 off you good luck

  7. On that advice its a must do. Thanks
  8. Hi was asked to go to an upcoming auction on theGold Coast,just wondering what they are like and the positives or cons of these events ,any input would be appreciated
  9. just a quick hi, new here so am keen to find my way around,lots to learn have a couple of tanks,with some cichlids, and plecos.
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