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  1. Hey nate was wondering if u had any natives for sale still

  2. yeah my devil is the calm one, he is much bigger, more solid, and gets beaten up, friggen sook lol. no devil in him haha
  3. Ok hello everyone, I have a mental 35 cm fenny, he is an awesome fish, never had a problem with him at the old house, but.....when i moved house he went mental on everything with a fin in my 8 ft. so he has been baneshed to my 4 ft, i tried rearanging the tank to what it was in the old house, plus new looks and left him out for nearly a week at atime before reintroducing. I will not get rid of him, only because he will just be trouble soewhere else and get moved on again, thats not fair to him. i need ideas, i plan to keep him in the 4 ft from now on, but he still angry, mental even. he spends all day moving sand and gravel around, throwing water everywhere (with lids on) tank is 2ft deep and he belts into the bottom of the tank with such force it throws the water out of the tank. any ideas would be muchly appreciated, just wanna see him happy again. and hopefully back in with the large boys in the 8 ft. cheers Geoff
  4. yeah i agree, i have 8x2x2 with 3 male devils, 1 female, jags, braz,jds,sgt,pollini,gt's all get along fine for over 7 months
  5. awesome thanks for all the advice guys, going to try a few things at a time and see what works best, really am trying to get this tank to run well as its got my best fush in it. did a test today after the water change yesterday and the ammonia has dropped right off, going to skip the mid week water change and load up a drum on the weekend for the change, have an internal power head (2200) pushing the water around, but i have also got my sump pushing water in 3 direction through 20mm pipe so the water moves really well. the bio balls i have gone half water running through, and half submerged, but will chase a few of those items you all suggested and see how it goes. my test kit is 2 weeks old, bought a master kit cause i was sick of having sperate boxes for everything, and as you can see i bought the hardness kit yesterday. my ph constantly stays around 8 to 8.2 so i'm not gonna fiddle with that for now. cheers everyone Geoff
  6. ok will do that as well, thanks for the advice
  7. ok, found out the gh.kh reading, is above on original post
  8. ok, and general hardness, i'll be back, going to find those test kits
  9. ohh carbonate hardness, i love google, where do i get a tester for that
  10. hmm ok still new at this, but whats kh/gh readings
  11. Problem:- Ammonia keeps spiking above 4ppm Ph:-8.2 Ammonia:-currently 4ppm, changed water 2 hrs ago...was 8 ppm, but on wednesday before water change it was 0ppm.am currently using "Super-chlor Ammonia remover" instead of Prime. Nitrate:-5 ppm Nitrite:-0 ppm Gh:-50-100 ppm Kh:-0-50ppm Size of tank:-8x2x2 800L Temperature °C:-27 to 28 Been running for:- 3 months Filtration:- sump ( 36w UV filter, filter wool, pre filter noodles, 2 ltrs of matrix, 150 bioballs, pumps aprox 5000L an hour, plus aqua 2200 internal. Fish in tank:- 2 x 30cm devils, 2 x 15cm oscars, 2 x 15cm jags (with eggs), 2 x 10cm brazilies, 2 x 10cm GT, 2 x 8cm JD's, 1 10cm SGT, 2 8cm featherfin catys and 1 20cm feather fin. 1 common plec, 3 x crays Plants in Tank:- none atm, they keep getting detroyed Feeding:- ciclid gold floating, twice a day. Recent Medication Treatments:-none Last water change:-2 hrs ago Water change every 3 to 4 days, 200 ltrs at a time, gravel syphoned once a week. all my other tanks run the same sort of set up, with external filters or internal bio filters, all there readings stay in range. my 8ft is either over stocked, or insuff filtration. any thoughts before i go spend money on a larger sump pump or anything like that. cheers Geoff
  12. yeah was gonna ask if that was ok to do next time, cheers mate
  13. yeah i removed the male last night, he was just too agressive, being there first batch i was expecting much. got home today and the fry are all gone. oh well, will fatten her up and try again.
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