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  1. Video Evidence... Again this morning Grover saw GPGs swanning around under the Elephant Ears. This male was seen leaving at a great rate of knots (he is at the end of the 2nd video). Today's post brings you two videos (below are links to YouTube): GPG UW Billabong25 (a) GPG UW Billabong25 (b) Cheers, Grover (now to get the underwater camera operating and see what's happening under there...)
  2. Suspicious Spring-time Behaviour Now that Grover has peeled back the blue cover around the huge Elephant Ear growth, he has noticed some of the GPGs regularly inspecting underneath the island base. The swimming pool has a ledge the whole circumference of the pool - it's about 30-40cm down and about the same width. So, the Elephant Ear island is creating a cosy little nook for (hopefully) amorous giant gouramis. Grover has sat there for a while and seen both lumpy-headed GPGs along with the smoothies swimming gently in and out of this area. Not that he's getting excited, but it's nice to see possible behaviour that can be encouraged with more plants and a much messier Billabong (in terms of plant debris to be made available for any nest building ideas they might have!). Here's today's photo of a gourami swimming in to inspect. Cheers, Grover (one day it might happen... one day... )
  3. Talking of Huge... Grover finally noticed that the Elephant Ears on an island are huge! He'd stuck this island up at the shallow end of the Billabong and folded back the blue cover to let it have a tiny bit of room... The whole lot is now about 3-4m wide... Ooops! Cheers, Grover PS: With the warmth in the Brisbane air, it's probably time for the blue cover to be removed next weekend.
  4. Sent from mobile You've got to admit they are huge now... Video: GPG feeding in early morning Grover
  5. Just don't put the "Wolff Creek" DVD on the in-car movie list...
  6. Right... back to the Siphon... A combination of tinkering with the actual plastic of the siphon (adding the 90deg bend at the bottom, and using silicone to seal the top cap of the "bell" part), then adjusting the flow rate from the Aquael pump, and temporarily setting the timer seems to have gone close to getting it sorted today! It not the sort of thing Grover is going to video as the entire cycle takes about 65min, and he realizes there's only one exciting bit in the whole thing - where the siphon suction actually breaks and the water stops gurgling. Thrilling it ain't Here's the BBF in mid-cycle, as proof that the water actually does rise and fall - and here's the scientific documentation recording the parameters used for experimental purposes (the numbers are in minutes that Grover stood there, bored, but watching) - As you can see, this is well-documented for future budding siphon-builders Grover has rejected the "Fast" timing in favour of the "Mid". Some of the technical terms may be hard to follow, but 'gurgle' is clear; 'fill & stop' or 'fill & down' are a bit tricky; and 'empty break' you'll need a science degree to master Cheers, Grover
  7. Billabong Re-vegetation After deciding to ignore the BBF & siphon (as seen above), Grover resurrected one of the Elephant Ear Islands today - This will be planted up with Elephant Ears and floated on the Billabong when the blue cover comes off in Spring. Theoretically, Spring is already here in BrisVegas, but the EVO is still running on & off to keep the temperature at 26degC. So don't mind me if I keep the cover on for a little longer... Cheers, Grover (will be getting some new varieties of water iris from Watergarden Paradise Nursery some time soon) Water Iris Varieties
  8. Still testing... The siphon gurgles but doesn't seem to want to do the siphon-action and suck out the water faster than it comes in. Hmm... Time for fine-tuning: a) adjust the Aquael pump flow (either up or down) b) add an elbow on the bottom pipe to encourage formation of a solid flow of water c) alter the height at which the siphon is supposed to start (ie. lower the level) as there's a good 10+cm of water above the scoria. Urgles... watching the water level change is worse than watching grass grow ! Grover ( is going to ignore the siphon on the weekend and re-pot water iris plants for the GPGs instead )
  9. BBF Shenanigans Thanks to an unscheduled Monday visit aquaholic99 and I have come up with Mark #6 version of a bell siphon for the Bog Bed Filter. It actually works! Which means we have yet to "fine-tune" it Here 'tis... Grover & co. ( note the "run-of-the-mill" overflow holes around the top, and the 90mm open top which is the "absolute-disaster" overflow backup! )
  10. Weekend Achievements So, version#2 of the "U" Siphon also did not live up to expectations. Here are 8 seconds of scintillating water flow, gurgling down the pipe but not generating any siphon effect - Bog Bed Filter - Stage 2 Both Grover and @aquaholic99 agreed it was a challenge and will marshall the forces of good (that's us!) and superior technology to overcome gravity and obstinate water flow at some future date. Meanwhile, the water remains very clear, and Grover spotted this character investigating the Elephant Ear plants up at the shallow end. Also, just wanted to say "thanx" for all the support from QLDAF and its members for following the GPGs through a tough year of 2020 ! Cheers, Grover ( already planning for a much improved FY-2021! )
  11. BUV Operations All four UVs are operative. You really have to run them at night to see the back-glow – Brisbane daytime is just too bright to see the gleaming rings. They're off again now until the morning. Grover (spooky eh?)
  12. Drips & All Update... Some of you may consider Grover is a drip... I'll take that as a compliment Yes, the BUV sprang two drips this morning; but by this arvo they were both down to single drips every minute or so = problem solved! (or at least "Let Well Enough Alone"). Moving on to the Bog Bed Filter... After flushing the BBF twice with Brisbane water (full to empty, and repeat) - Video: BBF Running clear water There you have 11 exciting seconds of water running out of the Bog Bed Filter - this is thanks to the Aquael pumping a riveting 4,000 litre/hour through the Big Blue Barrels and into the BBF. And the water? Actually crystal clear and no floaties/gunk as shown by Grover's highly technical analysis - an empty tonic water bottle filled and minutely inspected. Now that the test water is flowing, he decided to attempt a monster "U" siphon from 90mm pipe fittings. Sure enough! With such a piddly flow-rate... A monster fail! Tomorrow will see version#2 of "U" Siphon, thanx to @aquaholic99 Grover (stay tuned...)
  13. Back to the BUV... With the scoria under control, attention returns to the Blagdon UV filters. What was holding Grover up was the thought of bolting it all together and then watching it leak. This is always the most depressing part of re-jigging the plumbing for the Billabong. On the plus side, losing a few litres per day out of 40,000 litres has to be put in perspective - it's not that big a deal This afternoon saw much action with 40mm ag pipe, various pipe fittings, and slatherings of silicone grease. The install went OK - But the working ends - inlet & outlets - are spaghetti central ! Oh well! Grover is leaving it until tomorrow morning with daylight to check for leaks! Cheers, Grover ( if you leave the leak alone, sometimes the sludge will seal it for you - fingers crossed! )
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