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    Grew up in a large family with multiple fish tanks that Dad had made out of old window panes, did a Biology Degree, joined Q.NPWS, became an IT consultant, decided to keep Oscars and more recently GPGs.
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  1. Solomon Islands Souvenir Found this in my collection of things from 2002 when I worked at SITCO in Honiara. Looking suspiciously like a Giant Pink Gourami ! This was acquired about 7 years before Tiddles arrived. Grover (Picture on right courtesy of "Aquadiction" - Design © 2021 - All Rights Reserved)
  2. GPG Feeding Frenzy This morning's feeding time in the Billabong - no commentary, just photos! Cheers, Grover
  3. Meanwhile back in the BBF... The starring plant at the moment is the Amazon Sword Plant. Echinodorus cordifolia The history of these particular plants goes back to Grover's earliest years keeping aquariums. The family moved to Buderim, Qld in the early 1970s and at the back of the garage (underneath the verandah) was where the 4 fishtanks in a wooden stand ended up. Grover then proceeded to have great plans to breed Swordtails for profit... Ha ha! You can imagine how that turned out. One of Dad's friends was Evan Williams in Alstonville, northern NSW, who at the time specialized in growing and hybridizing waterlilies. He also supplied a small variety of aquarium plants and Grover decided to splash out big $$ on some Echinodorus plants (the price? $2.00 per plant incl. postage!). Bear in mind that Grover was earning a whole 60c per hour at his Saturday morning job, so $2 (+ postage) was a big ask. Short story is that a number of Giant Amazon Sword plants turned up, and in sub-tropical QLD promptly grew out of the tanks with emergent leaves and flower stalks. And Grover has managed to hang onto descendants of these originals thanx firstly to his Mum, and then a younger sister who grew them in tiny ornamental ponds while he was moving around the state from job to job / house to house. Photos from the Bog Bed Filter (BBF) - These flower stalks have small white flowers with bright yellow centers spaced about 5-10cm apart. And as the flower stalk lengthens, the flowers die, but are replaced with small plantlets. Tiny roots go down into the muck and somewhat small but growing leaves start reaching upwards. The stalk part hangs on for quite some time, so a pair scissors does the job of cutting the new plant loose. And there you have the cycle! From adult plant to tiddly plant which then grows to adult plant. By the way, these plants look absolutely stunning when grown underwater. In the Billabong they would probably last about 5minutes against the giant pink gouramis voracious appetite, so its best that they help reduce the bioload in the Bog Bed Filter! In the BBF nearly all the larger Amazon Sword plants are throwing out flower stalks and the tiddlers are taking root and going gang-busters. Here is some more detailed information from the web - Tropical Fish Magazine Issue Mar/Apr 2018 Cheers, Grover (more to come on the GPGs next time...)
  4. Thanx @aquaholic99 ! Green Tree frogs would be a great start - it'll help the Bog Bed Filter "come to life". Just noticed over the weekend that even though the Elephant Ears have been denuded by caterpillars, they still made the effort to produce flowers. Cheers, and thank you Grover PS: Do you have photo of the pipe clusters?
  5. Ha ha! I hope other people go spotlighting fishies in the middle of the night when insomnia strikes! Actually I counted 8 and then gave up Thanx @billfish !
  6. Giant Gourami by torchlight... When you can't sleep - try counting Giant Pink Gouramis floating around the Billabong. Cheers, Grover (the Border Collie has rounded up all the sheep, I'm left with GPGs to count and fall asleep)
  7. Bog Bed Filter Update #2 In summary, everything is growing! And as everything looks happy so far, Grover is branching out. In NSW (Australia), the Watergarden Paradise Aquatic Nursery maintains over a 1,000+ waterlilies and aquatic plants for sale. The downside of the GPG's is their herbivorous nature and the fact that they will demolish anything of a vaguely vegetable nature. Grover's idea is to buy some 'test' plants to grow in the BBF and if successful, expand them onto the floating islands (currently occupied by Elephant Ears). The Elephant Ears are looking rather sad, as they have been munched by caterpillars. He is sure they will bounce back when the caterpillars disappear as butterflies. And the GPGs cannot really leap onto the islands, so the plants are relatively safe Arriving soon is a tropical waterlily - Nymphaea colorata ( A smaller growing waterlily with rich violet-blue coloured flowers fading with age.) And a creeping plant to infill between the Water Iris and Amazon Swords - Water Hyssop (Bacopa amplexicaulis - Bright green ovate leaves that clasps the stiff trailing stems. Small bright blue tubular flowers produced in the warmer months.) This is the current plan... Grover (Waterlily planted!)
  8. Rain, rain, glorious rain! Brisbane had some drenching rain this morning. As you can see, the Billabong is now overflowing! It's actually overflowing through the old swimming pool filter outlet. Luckily! Otherwise the GPGs would be swimming on the back lawn. Here's two of them enjoying some 10mm pellets in amongst the Elephant Ear leaves. Grover (wet, wet, wet !)
  9. Edible Pandans - Update The 6 Pandans arrived and have acclimatized to the Bog Bed Filter. The Water Iris have doubled or tripled in size. The Giant Amazon Sword plants are doing their thing - sending out flower sprays which form tiny vegetative plantlets at their ends. The plants are thriving, but the wildlife is missing. Specifically, Grover misses his "bop" frogs ! They used to live in a side pool, until one day he used too much chlorinated city water to refill the wading pool. Now... no more little 'bops' or 'tocs' in the dead of night. Most people want less of these noisy amphibians, so if you have any to go to a good home (i.e. the "BBF") please send a PM. Cheers, Grover ( ribbit ribbit )
  10. Edible Pandans Hooray! Oxley Nursery has received a supply of Edible Pandans (Pandanus amaryllifolius) so I ordered x6 and pick them up tomorrow! Now I have to work out how to adapt them from normal pot plants into boggy, soggy BBF plants without killing them (@ $23 a plant). Photos tomorrow :-) Grover
  11. Bog Bed Filter Update:- The iris plants are growing strongly, the giant amazon sword plants have taken hold (one even sending out a flower stalk), and the edible pandans are still hanging in there. Mind you, I'm still waiting for Oxley Nursery to get some more in so I can attempt to adapt them to boggy, soggy conditions in the BBF. Grover (the Big Blue Barrels were cleaned yesterday as a little job during BrisVegas' CV-19 lockdown)
  12. Back to the Bog Bed Filter... You may have noticed a short break for the GPGs over the Christmas period. Grover was otherwise occupied with farm activities at Kangaroo Creek south of Grafton. Luckily, the police let him and The Dog back in at the COVID-19 Border Control near the Cobaki Lakes M1 Pacific Motorway on approach to the Queensland Border! During his absence the sump pump powering the Cetus Sieve swallowed a chunk of plastic from one of the previous Aquael pumps, and ground to a halt. It has now burst back into life after the offending chunk was removed, but Grover has also shot off to his LFS (Bunnings) for a backup Ryobi Sump pump - just in case! Anyway, The Bog Bed Filter looked very mucky, so the Big Blue Barrels have been cleaned. Appearances may be deceptive, because the new water iris plants have doubled or tripled in size, and the 'Edible Pandan' (PS: it's never going in any salad that Grover's housemate may create - you can see below what it grows in!!!) has started to sprout and develop new shoots - Hooray And just to get in early... Happy New Year for 2021 ! The 2020 year will soon be officially Grover & The Dog (Another year of hope for GPG babies has gone bust, but the planning continues to give giant pink gouramis the right conditions for breeding)
  13. Yes! For a split-second when I fished it out of the Cetus Sieve, I thought that the Giant Gouramis were going for a colour-change operation. Ha! Such a brilliant piece of design work by Nature
  14. Found in a Filter... One guess each (no prizes tho ) ! Grover (Wot?! Is that life-sized?)
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