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    Grew up in a large family with multiple fish tanks that Dad had made out of old window panes, did a Biology Degree, joined Q.NPWS, became an IT consultant, decided to keep Oscars and more recently GPGs.
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  1. Billabong Spring... The water temperature is still hovering around the 24degC mark, whilst the would-be-goldfish pond is still about 18degC. The excitement of keeping giant gouramis extends to feeding time. Woolies is a good source of large-ish zucchinis (any small ones in the package go to the humans in the house). The Plecostomus have been extremely grateful for these and each day reduce them back to zucchini skins! They were probably tired of scoffing up the leftover peas and beans from the GPGs. Lettuce has come down in price, so the lettuce volume has gone up to one per day. As an added extra, in addition to any free goldfish (when that occurs in the next month or so), you can also carry away some water iris plants. Why? Because the ones I planted in the BBF are taking over and squeezing the life out of the Edible Pandans and the Giant Amazon Sword plants. So, they are being thinned out and will also be given away with the goldfish. Cheers, Grover (finally defrosting from Winter, but not yet time to pull the blue cover off the Billabong)
  2. Goldfish Weed-Out... To all the QLDAFers eager for some goldfish - the temperatures are getting closer between the Billabong and the spare pool. 24degC in the Billabong and 18degC in the spare goldfish pool Grover thinks that the 6degC difference would still take out a fair few goldies, so he's going to wait a few more weeks. Stay tuned... Grover (PS: the Winter electricity bill came in under just 4 ($$$$.00) figures, so Grover was reasonably pleased, if still a little shell-shocked. "What are those 6kW of solar panels doing up there?")
  3. Strawberry Fields Forever... Let me take you down 'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields... Close enough! Here's today's feeding of the Giant Pink Gouramis (GPGs). Yes! Strawberries! And don't ask Grover how giant pink gouramis manage to forage for strawberries in the wilds of SE Asia! I suspect they swim along canals looking for unsuspecting strawberry farmers, then slither up the banks into the fields, munch a few strawberries, and then flick back into the water Here they are in action when Grover pours the food in. While up the other end of the Billabong is where the lettuce gets torn about and tossed to ravenous GPGs You wouldn't want to go swimming in the Billabong dressed only in lettuce leaves... oohhh arrrghh... Cheers, Grover (Well! the GPGs think a Lettuce Leaf Swimsuit might be a great idea!)
  4. Mid-week Update... Thanx guys! @johnbetta @crusty76 And I knew the Elephant Ears were getting tooooo talllll ! Still, I can see more of the GPGs and the goldfish now Grover
  5. Weekend Update... Yes, there's been a slight delay in updates over the past week or so. But Grover does have a reason! #1 Daughter was married on Saturday, and "Father of Bride" was roped in to provide the wedding car and a speech at the reception. The day went well, and the happy couple tootled off on a Covid-19-free tour of Queensland in their 4WD. Back at the Billabong, the housemate was in charge... Firstly, the GPGs are all alive, happy, and well-fed (tick). Secondly, the Elephant Ear island has recovered and grown remarkably well and is probably about to tip over again sometime soon (tick). Lastly, the Sludge Filter (aka the Cetus Sieve) scored a gruesome victim (cross). Oh, well... as they say "2 outta 3 ain't bad". Cheers, Grover (The weather is warming, and it won't be long until the blue cover comes off)
  6. GPGs vacuuming up their peas & beans !! and 1 lonely platy ! Grover
  7. Wow... Weekend What Was... It started with the usual. Cleaning the Sludge Filter (the Cetus Sieve) ! It does a great job, but it's up against a Billabong-full of Giant Gouramis and a gazillion goldfish. Things are going to get mucky! Moving on to the checking the Bog Bed Filter - tick The Giant Amazon Swords are multiplying, and the Water Hyssops (Bacopa amplexicaulis) are creeping everywhere. Sadly, the tropical waterlily (Nymphaea colorata) has been overwhelmed by the iris and pandans. Grover can't even find any remains Then lastly, fish food shopping Mask on, and off to Woolies. Honest! It was essential shopping - you don't want the GPGs to starve do you?? Cheers, Grover
  8. Hi @johnbetta, Keep an eye on these GPG posts - when the weather warms up enough Grover will catch a variety of goldies and have them in an 8ft pool to make it easier to "Catch & Go". There are some quite pretty ones - full orange with a white face, some shubunkin colours, and then an assortment of short and long-tail ones. And Grover needs to buy one of these first - Cheers, Grover
  9. Feeding the 5,000... Grover (almost lost a few fingers to some of the larger goldfish...)
  10. Hi @johnbetta Thanx very much for your support! I always admire how you respond and welcome the new members in QLDAF. We were all at that same beginning stage once. You do a great job of encouraging them to be a contributing part of QLDAF. To my shame I remember being asked to feed a neighbours aquarium room (I was about age 8 ) and I didn't know what I was doing. He had a tank-full of baby Corydorys and I overfed them and killed the lot! Hopefully, I think I've improved since then. And even I need encouragement every now and then to keep providing popcorn entertainment. Who'd have thought people would follow the ups and downs and sideways swings of a bunch of giant gouramis living in a suburban ex-swimming pool? Anyway, back to the GPGs this weekend Grover (By Gum! These are the biggest Datnoids Grover has ever seen!)
  11. Hi @TK94 Well done! Your crab is tiny and cute! Back in 2018 Grover was wandering near Cathedral Peak, Kokwane, in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa and found this little fellow hiding in small stream. Look after your little crusty one! Grover
  12. Thanx @billfish You are right! It was just a moment of insanity to think an apex predator would solve my goldfish problem! Grover will spend the $16 odd (maybe even buy two), and in Spring start a free goldfish give-away. He'll wait til Spring as everyone's pond water is under 10degC and the Billabong is still running at 22degC - don't want the poor little (huge) goldies dying of temperature shock. And speaking of give-aways... with the EKKA a non-event this year, here's some memories from QLDAF... Maybe Grover should put a tent out on the front footpath - "Aussie & South Seas Pearl Show" - and give away goldfish ! Cheers, Grover EKKA Memories... The McLaughlins have been involved with the Ekka since 1962, when they used to come and help friends with their showbag stands. They opened the now iconic Japanese Pearl Exhibition in 1964; an attraction that became an instant hit with Ekka visitors due to its kimono-clad attendants – at that time a novelty in Brisbane. “We also had the Lucky Pearl Dip,” said Elaine. “Japanese pearl oysters were imported unopened, and it was a thrill to see the oysters opened and the pearl taken out.” The catch-your-own goldfish display was another popular exhibit that saw nearly 700,000 happy visitors leave the Ekka with an addition to their family between 1964 and 2000. “Children waited all year for the chance to catch a goldfish,” Elaine said. (copyright the RNA ShowBiz Magazine, 2007)
  13. Well... If it wasn't for this weeks lockdown, Grover would have sent another dozen or so to Aquarama. Once Spring rolls around check back again for free garden-pond goldfish. Grover has thought of finding an RTC to do goldfish removal, but then how do RTCs and GPGs get on with each other? Grover (The Giant Pink Gouramis just get bigger every day)
  14. Hi ! Did you manage to take any photos of it ? Or "micro" photos if it's that tiny? Grover
  15. Lockdown Blues... While it was quite easy sitting in the sun this morning, Grover really wanted to fling across the border into Northern NSW to see Summerland Aquarium. But Uncle Steven and Auntie Anna have sternly forbidden aquarium jaunts as "un-necessary". Oh well, just have to keep looking at their web page... SummerLand Aquarium Meanwhile back at the Bog Bed Filter, Grover has had to dig out some of the water iris plants. They are now huge. BEFORE (before growing enormously over the last few months) AFTER (after a bit of a trim around the right-hand drain which runs back to the Billabong) And that's a monster Edible Pandan in the middle producing pups quite happily. Those are cherry tomatoes straggling across the front - when they're ripe they go straight back in to feed the GPGs. About the only real work Grover has done this weekend is to clean the Big Blue Barrels which had been left for almost two months as the Billabong looked crystal-clear. Here are the barrels spiffy-clean and ready to run for at least a month of lockdown if required! Grover (WFH: Working From Home / WH: Working Hard / HW: Hardly Working) PS: and don't forget "W.A.B." - when it all gets too much keyboard work - go for some "Work Avoidance Behaviour".
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