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    Grew up in a large family with multiple fish tanks that Dad had made out of old window panes, did a Biology Degree, joined Q.NPWS, became an IT consultant, decided to keep Oscars and more recently GPGs.
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  1. Hi @billfish No, no baby plecostomus... Even though they had terracotta pipes and huge plastic pipes as well. Here they are - out of the Billabong temporarily while I vacuumed up grunge and muck from the bottom of the pool. The pipes are approx. 30cm diameter and maybe 1.5m long, and attached to floating chains which then attach to the floating ducks! Cheers, Grover
  2. BBF Re-Run! (or "The Bog Bed Filter finally gets put together") OK cobbers, it's been a few years waiting but Grover is finally getting his act together in the filtering department. I've decided that this stay-at-home exercise is the time to move on re-building the Billabong filtration area. You saw the tank and stand go in (yes, a year or more ago), and have been patiently waiting for something (anything!) to actually happen. Now it is ! The tank was cleaned of bird poo, leaves, and algae growth. The geo-tex matting stuff has been laid on the bottom to at least slow down the scoria from trying to wear holes in the bottom of the tank. And a few bags plopped in to hold the matting down temporarily. Grover then goes off to read the aquaponics threads about the use & mis-use of scoria in aquaponic garden beds... Backyard Aquaponics - 2011 onwards Of course my nearby LFS (aka "Bunnings") has bagged scoria for a price. Don't worry - my intent is to let it get rinsed with rainwater for as long as it takes to remove the red dust, and then to check the pH levels of the water to ensure it is safe for the GPGs. Compared with cubic meter price in Melbourne (where they actually have extinct volcanoes in the countryside), "B" are somewhat exorbitant. But then the transport cost from VIC to QLD means buying it from Melbourne is NOT cost effective either! Oh well. Now I just need a 4.5tonne truck to deliver a pallet load to fill the BBF... Stay tuned Grover ( PS: the GPGs are alert, but not yet alarmed! )
  3. Hi @Pepperbris Long time, no see ! Great island idea :-) looks like a sheet of wall insulation or a cold-room wall with holes drilled in it. I do admit that the GPG islands are starting to look a little battered - having been turned-turtle a number of times by the Elephant Ears graowing too large and capsizing the whole thing. The islands will have to wait in line (with appropriate "social distancing") as I have a burst of enthusiasm for another project... see below
  4. In view of the current run on foodstuffs in the supermarket, I trust that no one will suggest eating the GPGs Not even if ScoMo declares that we all start eating home-grown goodies!!
  5. Oh... Look.... New ducks on the Billabong Courtesy of Bunnings ha ha! Grover (note the plastic chains to stop the plastic birds from escaping)
  6. Thanx! Happy to follow the guidelines. Cheers, Grover
  7. Good Evening Gentlemen That's you @Pepperbris and @wadedidit I do appreciate that there are the silent readers coming along on the GPG ride, although it's best if I just keep puddling along and don't remember that the Billabong posts are heading for 130,000 views in total... FYI - Daughter #1 has a partner and is living/farming on 67 acres near Gympie. She has a fish tank with a GNF, but says it needs a clean before you see any photos. She also has a number of dams that they want to stock with Redclaw yabbies and possibly Silver Perch, so I think the fishy-bug has been successfully passed on.. I'll be back in Brisvegas with time to clean the filters before flinging off to Synney again next week. Discovered last week that the local greengrocer had giant cos-type lettuce. Tall, long-leaved ones like spinach, but actually lettuce. He sold me a box of slightly droopy ones that had started wilting in his cold room for $10 (I've been buying Icebergs at $4 ea); the gouramis just smash them as I sprinkle leaves on the surface. No wonder the goldfish suffer the odd casualty on occasion, as the GPG just ram the lettuce and swirl back under with a huge splash. Ha! It only LOOKS like a video, but it does show some v.happy GPGs. Cheers from Grover still stuck in Sydney
  8. Ha ha! Rumours of Grover's demise have been greatly exaggerated He's currently in Sydney, for a few weeks of work, and has left the GPGs in the care of a new housemate. Fully detailed instructions about feeding peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and the tearing apart of lettuces with your bare hands were provided. Also, the fishy filters were cleaned and water plant islands reviewed. New housemate looks to be a very reliable lady and is not fazed by giant monsters in the Billabong, nor by The Dog. Actually The Dog quite approves of her if the tail-wagging is any guide. Grover has been a good procrastinator lately. He's decided that re-building the Big Box Filter can wait til Easter. Taking some work leave then to do the plumbing job properly ( = expensively). Thanx for the vote of confidence, I only write this because I know there's at least 6 people who read it !! Cheers, Grover (We want less about him and more about the fish )
  9. Ha ha! You'll need a bigger net - the GPGs are cracking 80cm in length Grover
  10. Night photo Looks like the floating islands of Elephant Ears have already got themselves sorted for my Billabong make-over!
  11. Inspiration while walking The Dog! Brisbanites on the north-side will know that Kedron Brook is a great place to run your dogs. It also a great place for inspiration after the recent flooding rain. Kedron Brook in flood - Feb 2020 As the creek banks are lined with reeds, tall grasses, and Elephant Ear plants; all of this was washed downstream and into great mucky piles of vegetation. Just perfect for GPGs to use as nest building materials! This had me thinking (at 1.30am in the morning !) of how I can make the shallow end of the Billabong more nest-friendly for the GPGs. All those years of ‘Technical Drawing’ have paid off as you can see in the above diagrams. I seem to remember that my middle-of-the-night idea was to put the large cane baskets back on the edge interspersed with lily plants in pots, and to invent “something” (in grey) to make the pool shallow at this end, but not “something" that would trap a GPG under it. The floating islands could then form a loose barricade at the surface. I’ve learnt from experience, meaning that the plant pots, cane baskets, and anything else will have stainless steel cables ensuring that they don’t end up (down!) 1-2 meters down in the depths. Also, I would have to source either long grass or hay (straw, lucerne, or sugar cane) or something like the mucky vegetation from Kedron Brook and give up trying to make the Billabong ­un-green. So… any comments / suggestions from the ½ dozen QLDAFers who actually read these posts? Cheers, Grover (once more – he tries to give the giant pink gouramis an environment like their S.E. Asian home)
  12. Rain, rain, rain... Great time to refresh the Billabong - I re-directed the rainwater tank hoses to go straight into the Billabong! It overflowed all night and half the next day Here's one of the v.happy GPGs. (I counted 6 or 7 swirling around & playing in the rain as it was dancing on the water.) And no comments please about "Monsters from the Black Lagoon" which I received from my brother when this posted on Instagram Cheers, Grover ( takes a fair amount of H2O to refresh 40,000 litres! )
  13. Hi @billfish, Looks like one Gummie bear is obviously tired of tyre-kickers ha! I think I remember paying about $150 each for half a dozen or so littlies back around 2010 - price has obviously gone up a tad. Mind you, I did also see Brisbane's "Holey" GPG on there as well (but dating back to Nov last year) - maybe I should add him/her to the Billabong. But it would be a big responsibility as he's (?) been around town for quite a few years now. And is reasonably famous !! Cheers, Grover
  14. Bl**dy Expensive GPG Even I can't afford this one! Grover (he's back !)
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