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  1. Elephant Ear Island... These Elephant Ears are more wishy-washy than a dodgy pollie! As of yesterday, they looked like this - As of this morning, they looked like that - Grover (despairing of having plants that actually stand up for themselves)
  2. Thoughts on a Giant Gourami... We all start as very small ones. But we have the potential to grow and mostly, God willing, we do. Those trips to the aquarium store where we pressed our nose up against a tank full of fat, black mollies like black olives from some exotic european land. Or else, the quicksilver Montezuma swordtails chasing females with dark half-crescent bellies. Ahh... the introduction to wild-caught Braziliensis - they of the startling electric blue sheen, and soon the hordes of babies swimming in a primary school and shepherded by caring parents. Onwards and larger still, you were swayed by Oscars. Their personality, their in-your-face excitement, their sheer eye-rolling joy at chasing and catching wriggling worms! And then? The giant pink gourami swam into your life. Tiddles, the first of a cohort of giants. Grover
  3. More "Whale-watching" with the GPGs... As promised, more photos of Giant Pink Gouramis from the weekend - Grover (relaxing by the Billabong!)
  4. Friday Fotos... Hmm... Time to buy some new ducklings from Bunnings! Grover keeps glimpsing this one and having heart palpitations that he's seeing a "floatie" GPG. In reality, it's marking the top of the 2m deep sump pump for the Cetus Sieve. And so that you know what a backyard tropical paradise looks like for GPGs - But the stars of the show are these guys and ladies!! Have a happy Covid-free weekend in Brissie! Grover
  5. So... How is the Billabong Going? In a word... "Good" Yes, it's still green, but the GPGs are visible for at least a metre down under. The Cetus Sieve Thingie is doing a great job of removing crud from the depths. The Bog Bed Filter looks a little snowed under, or at least the Big Blue Barrel filters probably need a clean as there is a layer of fine green sludge on top of the scoria. Out of the 10 water iris plants, 9 have thrived and 1 has keeled over. The Pandanus plants from @aquaholic99 are holding their own, but Grover is still waiting for Oxley Nursery to get a new supply so that he can try adapting them to soggy conditions. Also, he is thinking of reducing the duration of the flood cycle to make things a little bit dryer to let the plants establish. The GPGs love their lettuce - Woolworth stores tend to leave the outer leaves on their lettuce, so you get more leaf for your $ than at Coles. The Giant Gouramis also love hiding in the Elephant Ears where there are leaves/stems flat on the water and scaring Grover and the housemate with giant splashes when you least expect it. Hopefully, new photos will be available on the weekend. Cheers, Grover (was up-country last weekend, hence the overloaded BBB filters)
  6. Thanx @aquaholic99, But I really don't fancy tasting this... Until it looks like this... I'll stick with improved electronic wizardry Cheers, Grover
  7. Hi @billfish, I don't think I have ever measured the salinity - just everything else ! The Billabong was a salt-water pool 5 years, but I expect it is fully freshwater at the moment. I've seen salinity pen meters "StarterPen Salinity meter - IC-ST10S" - do you know if they are any good? https://www.instrumentchoice.com.au/instrument-choice/environment-meters/conductivity-meters/salinity-meters/starterpen-salinity-meter-ic-st10s Cheers, Grover
  8. Back in September... @billfish was all in favour of Barry White to encourage the GPGs - Grover has decided that what the GPGs need is some mood-setting. Something to make them think they are in Bali, or the exotic S.E. Asia area somewhere. So... Garden lighting is now employed to give that tropical feeling for the gouramis !! Cheers, Grover ( does he really think this will work?? )
  9. Islands in the Billabong It’s only taken a few years but Grover has discovered a “Law of Nature”. Some might call it physics, others think it’s just common-sense and he should have twigged to it long, long ago. The picture below looks commonplace, but solves a world of pain. Grover has figured that it would be beneficial to attach the stainless-steel boat-engine cables to the middle of the short sides of an island. Then, when it turns turtle (as it will when the Elephant Ears reach massive size) the island will merely spin on its long axis, and the cable will happily rotate 180deg. Grover won’t have to “swim with the fishes” to un-tangle things, and the GPGs will peacefully munch on the Elephant Ear leaves, and all will be well in the Billabong! You can see in the above that the islands are now linked as "barrier" islands in the shallow end of the Billabong. We'll see how they go during Summer. And yes the Elephant Ears on the main island have now recovered - the flattened ones are on the right here below. The giant pink gouramis have had a wonderful time munching them! Cheers, Grover (apologies for the temporary absence - NBN internet access dies after the storms and lightning strikes)
  10. The Billabong cover is up! And many, many straps have been employed to hold it down!! Grover (typing on his silly mobile phone keyboard)
  11. @Merkinater Oh dear!! You've been bitten by a GPG ! You would have discovered they actually have teeth too So far, so good with mine - I haven't come close to being nibbled. Mind you, don't go for a swim in the Billabong wearing a lettuce-leaf cozzie I'd love to see a video - you're very welcome to add it on to the Billabong stories. Cheers, Grover
  12. Hi @Merkinater ! Bella looks great! Nicely shaped and you obviously feed her all sorts of vegetarian goodies. Can I ask what her diet is? Ha ! GPGs are also so sleek looking at a young age with pointy noses And the excitement of moving house is great fun with one GPG - you can multiply that by about x12 for me back in 2014! I'm still so very grateful to a group of QLDAFers who turned up to help catch, bag, and then transport the then-current school of gouramis. Even now I can't remember how many there were - 12? 15? Really excellent that Bella is over 10 years old - you've done a v.good job of giving her a large environment. A few of my GPG "rescue" purchases were living in much smaller tanks. What is she like in temperament? Does she keep the pleco on his toes? Cheers Grover
  13. Billabong Shade Sail (BSS)… This morning’s Billabong task was to put up the Billabong Shade Sail (BSS). You may remember the last one suffered the fate of broken struts in another Brissie summer storm, but Grover had rescued the legs and the shade sail part. Gumtree has come to the recue and Grover managed to find another Oztrail Festival 15 to build the new BSS for this Summer. Here is the frame under construction – Then, the careful draping of a shade sail (previously bought at Bunnings as usual ! ) – Tensioning of the sail thanx to to UV-proof electrical zip ties (x44) – And the final top frame finished – Now Grover needs to rustle up some friends to “walk” the top frame over the pool fence, attach the legs, and then drop into the water. He’s learnt a lesson from today’s (Sun 25-Oct, Brisbane) mini-summer storm that the tie-down attachments need to be rock-solid and immovable else the BSS will take-off for the blue skies and land at Brisbane Airport (without any landing clearance by the airport tower whatsoever!). The intent is to reduce some of the solar input currently producing green water, and yet still let rain through so that the water bill remains manageable. Cheers, Grover (yes, he's done all this before and the job went well, but it almost went pear-shaped in this afternoon's storm !)
  14. Elephant Ears Bounce Back! You have to think that in the wild along the banks of rivers the Elephant Ears are going to be flattened by floods occasionally. And they need to recover fast to hold onto their prime position. So, it should not be a surprise that the Billabong ones have bounced back so fast! The Elephant Ear Island turned turtle earlier this month, but by today a number of large leaves have sprouted in the vertical position, leaving all the old parts horizontal. And on the bottom left corner of the photo above is Elephant Ear Island #2 which was hidden under the blue Winter cover. It has recovered swiftly and doesn't look at all like the previous spindly little plants - Grover (thanx also to @aquaholic99 there are a few trial Pandanus amaryllifolius now in the BBF to see how they go)
  15. Billabong Domesticlife The Billabong's permanent resident (who's not allowed to swim with the GPGs !) But who does have her very own pond complete with goldfish to be chased and jumped at! Grover (at least he doesn't have to feed the Water Dragon)
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