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  1. Finally... (photographic evidence of GPGs) It's been a worrying time with the temperature dipping, so I am now glad to report both an increase in Billabong temperature (up to 21degC) and the sighting of at least 2 GPGs. Yes, I know there's only 1 in the photo - I was trying to hold a flashlight, lift the blue cover, take a photograph - and not drop an expensive mobile phone into the 6ft depths... Grover (wandering around the Billabong at night is rather an unusual occupation...)
  2. Tempting... Just happened to browse casually through Gumtree... And I found "Bash" currently owned by Bob who needs an offer. He's probably called Bash for a very good reason - he looks to have a nuchal hump developing. Wonder if he would fit in the Billabong?? Grover (tell Grover in a post - Tell Him He's Dreamin' )
  3. Billabong Heating... What can I say? The EvoHeat thingie has not arrived and I've been forced to throw more electricity into the Billabong! Not literally of course - I don't need electro-cooked gouramis As a temporary measure... Grover has been able to run the Aquael pump water through a single blue barrel and mount a 200litre electric heater in it. He doesn't really want to know the $$$ of electricity that's running out the door 24/7 now Hopefully the pool heat pump will arrive and be installed this weekend or next week at latest ! Grover (Thankful that he has 6kW of solar on the roof, but he just needs the sun to shine all through the night as well) UPDATE: It's actually working! The Billabong is back up 20degC :-)
  4. Billabong "Still Water Rescue" Craft You've seen them on the news.... SES Flood and Swift Water Rescue Team Volunteers admiring the raging waters of the Billabong during extreme flood times... Now thrill with admiration for the new Billabong Still Water Rescue Craft (BSWRC) ! It's mounted on the back fence ready to launch into the Billabong and rescue fool-hardy fishermen trying to snaffle the GPGs. (Not to mention anyone e.g. Bill Fishy) Grover
  5. Ha! @billfish For one, you'll need a surf-casting rod to reel in 8-10+ kilos - the fly rod might bend a bit Two, you'll need to get past the ferocious guard Border Collie that will lick you to death. And three, the blue cover is solidly attached and backed by polystyrene pallets underneath!!! The EvoHeat people sent me an updated overhead photo when analysing what heat pump would suit. I just figured that the car port roof (18m x 3m) would hold another bunch of solar panels facing North... hmm... Best Regards, Grover (fiddling with the picture in Paint, I think I could probably squeeze another 17 panels on the carport :-)
  6. PS: Just in case you've forgotten what GPGs look like, here are some expensive 7cm babies on Gumtree...
  7. Less Plumbing, More GPGs... The ag pipe plumbing is somewhat finished - the last bits are now underwater. As proof, I give you the dribble that wet the scoria after going through the Blagdon UVs and the Big Blue Barrels. (Grover still hasn't managed to wash all the scoria...) On the GPG side, I spotted two of them cruising around the edges today. They are looking forward to the EvoHeat arriving and an increase in temperature. Unfortunately, the cold weather is dropping the Billabong temperatures to 18/19 deg C which I think is just too cold. The aquatic budget has been bent wildly outta shape and one of these is arriving ASAP. EvoHeat EVO Force-i9 Inverter Heat Pump Cheers, Grover
  8. I Came, I Plumbed, I ran out of bits I needed... True to the universal laws of nature, Grover is down to the final plumbing stages and has run out of specific bits! Tomorrow will see a quick scootle to Reece Plumbing for the following - He needs these - To complete this - To go on these - And he STILL needs to finish washing the scoria (will it never end?) Cheers, Grover (The plumbing is honestly not as thrilling as it looks :-)
  9. Thanx for looking ! Crusty76 is the new owner of Billabong memorabilia Hi ! These two Aqua One 1200 Canister Filters used to run the swimming pool under the house - that was when I had Oscars and only a few GPGs. They've been in a large box for 5 years now - so they might only be good for spare parts. Happy to let them go to someone who actually needs them; no E-bay resellers need apply. Send me a PM for why you can use them Grover (Sadly, they are a bit underpowered for filtering the 40,000 litres of the Billabong)
  10. Thar she blows ! The Cetus Sieve fired up this morning, and just as promptly shut down. Turns out the old sump pump had sprung an electrical short, picked up by the circuit breaker, which shut-down the house electricity, just as housemate was trying to make a cup of tea. Oh well. Take 2: (After a trip to Bunnings for a new Ryobi 750W Stainless steel sump pump) Cetus Sieve fired up again this morning, ran happily for a minute then started filling the sludge overflow with clean water. We pause here for some analysis of the problem and associated head-scratching. Grover then figures out that guiding the outflow thru the UVs, into the Big Blue Barrels and then back to the Billabong was creating too much resistance. And besides, one of the crummy joints from the Blagdon UV to the 50mm ag pipe had let loose. More plumbing: Disconnected the UV filter pumps and re-plumbed the spare ag pipe to run straight from the Cetus Sieve back to the Billabong. Take 3: Fire up Cetus Sieve again (third time's a charm?) Hooray !! Works a treat ! Sludge! What a wonderful sight! What a wonderful sight it was disappearing down the sludge hole, while clean water was heading back to the GPGs. Now to clean the sludge out of 40,000 litres - Grover will be back in a few weeks Grover (He's still here... it's just that a 750W sump pump running all day is going to inflate the electricity bill and he has to earn some $$$ to cover it)
  11. Hmmm.... Slight hiccup - all of my tubes of silicone have set hard Time for another Bunnings visit for some fresh stuff. Grover (not a very well-prepared plumber after all)
  12. Only You Can Save the Billabong (By Being a Plumber...): If Not You, Who Else? Thrill to the excitement of joining things together... Marvel at your ability to bend ag pipe with your bare hands... Stick your fingers together with silicone sealant... All in a days work for an ex-pert plumber - I should know, I've been studying the "EyeHandy"experts on YouTube - especially "How-To Solder Copper Pipe With Tara". Back to reality! Tara wasn't available, so the Dog helped (somewhat). Today's effort saw 90% of the plumbing dry connected, then began using plumbers tape (ran out of plumbers tape = quick trip to Bunnings for more pink tape) to connect the corners, T-pieces, and piping together. It started like this - Then progressed to this - The pooleyes had been installed (as per first photo), but I course I dropped the wrench in the bottom of the Cetus Sieve, and it's a loooong way down - But late afternoon brings that Qld Winter arvo glow, and the inner glow of achieving most of the connections! Only the emergency overflow drains to connect, and then slather silicone sealant around the pooleyes tomorrow Cheers, Grover (Apologies to Terry Pratchett: "Only You Can Save Mankind: If Not You, Then Who Else?")
  13. Rise of the CST... And now, the all NEW! and EXCITING! Cetus Sieve Thingie !!! With a little help from a Seth Afrikaan friend, the Cetus Sieve has been installed in lieu of the BCF. (It's only been a year or two since I bought it - you can't hurry these things.) And yes, it's rather BIG ! I've lowered the frame it sits on (weight rating of the frame is 1,000kg - it should hold up), and tomorrow I'll restart the plumbing installation. The timber panel is marine plywood to spread the weight, and it'll get a coat of outdoor varnish to encourage longer life. Similar to before - the water flow will be through the CST, down to the Blagdon UVs, then up in the BBB (Big Blue Barrels), and then off to the BBF (Bog Bed Filter) which is still being (slowly) filled as I wash the scoria. From there it should trickle back as CLEAN water to the Billabong. Did another bag today, so only 30+ to go And the housemate wants to plant cherry tomatoes in the scoria ! Small technical alteration to the CST. The clean water drain was only a single 45mm outlet, so I re-drilled that hole to 50mm and added a second 50mm one on the other side to install the Pool Eyes (reference: a couple of posts prior). This way I can split the water between the 4 Blagdon UV pairs. The other thing I've learnt in plumbing is to connect all the ag pipe first and leave the pool eye install right at the end. This is because you are always screwing or twisting the ag pipe connectors and right-angled bends to get a minimum of kinks in the hose path, and the very last bit should be the attaching of the pool eye which is then slathered in silicone and stuck where it is supposed to go (meaning no screwing things into the pool eye which would break the silicone seal). That's it for today. Cheers, Grover (Billabong temperature has dropped to 21degC - no cause for alarm yet but he is a lert. Also alert, but basically he's one of the "lert" variety of aquariusists)
  14. Awww.... How cute is that ! And they grow into a face only Grover could love :-) He/She needs to be about half a meter size (50cm) before I can throw them in the Billabong. Good Luck With the Sale ! Grover
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