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    Grew up in a large family with multiple fish tanks that Dad had made out of old window panes, did a Biology Degree, joined Q.NPWS, became an IT consultant, decided to keep Oscars and more recently GPGs.
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    IT Consultant to earn the $$ necessary to keep large fish!

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  1. Right... Change of tack... Buy these and make your very own "Pallet Canoe" - just the thing for floating around with a deck chair and a plastic glass of chardonnay!!!
  2. Price drop... 4 for $30 get them before the price drops deeper than a GPG in the Billabong...
  3. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    At least you didn't say "GPG and chips" are on the menu - which I for one am very grateful... @gingerbeer is obviously making wisecracks to keep us all entertained. Possibly the Friday he is referring to is FRIDAY THE 13TH ?
  4. Hi ! Left-over from the Giant Pink Gourami (GPG) Billabong are these new, un-used EPS Pallets: There are 4 of them. Roughly 1170mm (3 foot 10 inch) square, maybe 130mm (5 inches) deep. They cost about $35 each new, but all 4 of them can be yours for the price of two pizzas - $40 Here's what I used them for... Pallets in the GPG Billabong Send me a PM offer if you're interested. Grover PS: plus you get a guided tour of the Billabong - I don't supply underwater SCUBA gear though...
  5. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Aaahhh Puddles !!! The ad was only up for 5 hours and is sold! Hope it went to a good home! That's what I get for going to Bunnings and not looking at QLDAF :-(( Thanx @HaydnRex I'll try to be faster next time LOL Cheers, Grover
  6. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    I'm sure it was this Friday, as it wasn't there last Friday, and I've just time-travelled to next Friday and it's not there either...
  7. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Ahh... thank you very much for your offer!! But no, I think I'd be putting someone else to disadvantage who actually needs frogbit! All during Winter the inside tank has been home to some now rather large (and fairly violent :-/ ) marbled angelfish. The one of two bits of frogbit that escaped the GPGs was thrown in, and this is what it looks like now ha ! On a regular basis I scoop some out and throw it in with the peas, beans, lettuce, grapes, and bananas - and it all magically disappears in the Billabong LOL So please give it to someone just starting out in Spring with an outside pond! It's a shame the PTB (Powers That Be) decreed that the The Japanese Pearl Exhibit has to give out little plastic tanks. Whatever happened to the fun of catching your very own goldfish? I oughta open up the Billabong for kiddy-winks to come and catch the goldies for crusty76 ha ha... Cheers, Grover (going to the EKKA at least once this year - not entering any GPGs though, unless they have a "whale" category)
  8. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Ooops.... Pardon me
  9. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    On a different note... Where have all the "Giant Pink Gouramis For Sale" gone ? There used to be a few appearing on Gumtree and a few here on QLDAF, but lately there's just one lonely Grey down at Kemps Creek, NSW. Sadly, the Western suburbs of Synney are just a bit too far to tootle down with the giant esky and effect a GPG-rehoming. Oh well Grover (going fishing for GPGs)
  10. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Oooohh... So many giant pink gouramis to film.... I need a "Where's Wally" approach to this - will have another video go this weekend to film just GPG tails !! LOL Sorry @Tristan, GiGi hasn't really stood out from the crowd. Even "G for George" the grey rescue gourami courtesy of caring Aquarama staff has been camera-shy. I do realize that half the excitement of watching GPG youtubes is to see whether or not I fell in at the end with the camera - Ha! And the Billabong is being taken over by goldfish, so I can't wait for Spring to come to start removing them. @crusty76 is going to end up with a pond-full of the little blighters. The cover is still on, the food is still being thrown in, the filters get cleaned every 2-3 weeks, and the solar panels are still thumping out elec-trickery during the day to keep the pool heat pump churning out warm water to keep them toasty-warm (but NOT parboiled!). Cheers, Grover (insert dodgy photo of cooked gourami here... X )
  11. Is The Hobby in trouble?

    I find that concentrating on one type of fish to learn all I can has taken me 5-6 years so far, and probably will take another 15-20 to get better at keeping them LOL It's just lucky that mine live that long, if I don't try to kill them accidentally. Ha!
  12. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    Aaaargh..... Run away, run away :-)
  13. What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    It's a new section... GIANT GOURAMIS ONLY page... LOL Yay!
  14. big crayfish

    Yabbie fishing in it's finest form... As practised by Daughter #1 and Grover on holidays. A stick with a bit of string, and then sitting on the bank of a creek in the bush ha ha !
  15. big crayfish

    Ahhh.... That's nothing! Check out the yabbies from just over the border in Cockroach-land (Tenterfield, NSW)