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    Grew up in a large family with multiple fish tanks that Dad had made out of old window panes, did a Biology Degree, joined Q.NPWS, became an IT consultant, decided to keep Oscars and more recently GPGs.
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  1. BBF Drain Re-potting Here tis... First order of business was to dig out the errant water iris plants and one pandan. Tick ! Lug a wheelbarrow full of plants off to the spare pond to keep them alive. Tick, tick ! Back to digging out wet scoria (which weighs much more wet than dry) Grab stainless steel "skirt-thingie" and wrap in stainless steel flyscreen wire (thanx to Bunnings - your LFS :-) Tick ! Do a 'test' install to see if the whole thing looks OK. Tick ! Finally, run water and look for obvious problems. Tick ! Call it quits for the day, because Grover ain't gunna wash 1/2 tonne of scoria that came out of the BBF. Cheers, Grover
  2. Ready for tomorrow... As you can see in the photo, Grover is ready to start the Herculean job of re-potting the BBF drain. Currently, it's a tad cold in Brisbane, so whether he will launch out of bed early and start digging scoria and plants out of the BBF remains to be seen. The GPGs are betting that he'll hit the snooze button and stagger out to face the music at 9:30am. Here is the "Before" photo of the BBF drain - Stay tuned for an "After" photo tomorrow. Grover (He chucked all that scoria in the BBF; now he has to dig it out, then throw it back in again!)
  3. On the other hand... The Universe doesn't really send you 3 bad things in a row. Sometimes it gets confused, and after 2 bad things it throws you a good thing when you weren't expecting it. Case in point today - Grover had the bright realization that the council rubbish bins were exactly what he needed. That would solve the problem of the water iris growing into and destroying the laundry basket. The laundry basket is all that is holding back the scoria from getting into the Billabong. And then being swallowed by GPGs. With nasty side-effects!! OK... No, he didn't go and run a bin over and make off with it. He went to the factory and asked nicely and scored the "skirt-thingie" below (which is slightly damaged already, but still just great for the Billabong!) That's the GOOD thing that happened (in case you missed it) Stainless steel, so it will outlast Grover and the GPGs. And will be used to replace this - Which actually worked well and is cheaply replaceable, but is plastic and therefore less friendly than recycling something with a longer life. Also, the water iris plants were about to destroy it by growing through the plastic holes. There you have it! The Universe gave Grover x2 kicks up the rear and then patted him on the head (as though he was a Border Collie!) Cheers, Grover
  4. Yes! One of the Blagdon UVC units just blew a brand new $70 UV tube - "Not happy, Jan!"
  5. Please Do Not Adjust Your TV / Foxtel / Stan / Netflix / ... Grover has had a slight personal and involuntary hiccup in the employment department. Blog transmission will be resumed shortly (hopefully) when he finds another job. Regards, Grover (Yes folks, he's been made redundant from his IT job, which makes for a bit of "excitement") (But don't worry he can still afford to feed the GPGs for 6 months or so, rather than looking for tasty gourami recipes!)
  6. Hi @gingerbeer, It's a bit tough to get a 1cm platy in the same frame with a 70+cm giant pink gourami, but I'm up for the challenge Here's my problem... Grover
  7. Another video attempt... A slightly better video of the GPGs: Goldfish still get in the way! Grover (He's getting better with the camera)
  8. Happy GPGs.... Grumpy Goldfish... Found the underwater camera and slid it into the Billabong during feeding time today. Not a big success as the battery lasted all of 20 seconds then cut out ! All Grover saw on the video was a 20 second explosion of goldfish, and one rather grumpy one that barrelled straight into the camera. Grumpy the Goldfish video Look closely and you can see a large white body and dorsal fin in the background. That's the GPG Grover was trying to video Will find another battery and have another go later this week. Cheers, Grover (Cecil B. DeMille he ain't !)
  9. Billabong Feeding Time GPGs show some enthusiasm for peas, beans, and banana peel ! https://youtu.be/rARXwxdUMZ4 Grover
  10. Where was I ? Something about new ideas... Put them on hold for a bit - Grover's had a busy weekend. First up is the replacement of 2 sump pumps. The Ryobi 750Wer 6ft down in the deep end blew the earth-leakage safety switch on Saturday night. Of course, Grover was up on the Sunshine Coast visiting family and the house-mate had to wait for a hour or two til Grover got home to fix the electrics! Then there was the second earth-trip-up on Sunday. Figuring that the deep-end replacement sump pump had carked it in record time, he fiddles with the pump (pulling it up from the depths with the floating plastic chain). He looks somewhat bemused by the fact that it is actually still running... "What the ????". Then, while he's momentarily distracted, the plastic chain leaps at the chance to get sucked into the pump and jam it off. OH CR@P ! Run around the Billabong out to the power and switch off before the new pump burns out!!! By now he'd figured that it was the shallow Ozito pump powering the Bog Bed Filter that had died (probably in sympathy with the Ryobi one the day before). So, off to Bunnings again for more Billabong hardware. Grover now has two brand-new Ryobi sump pumps powering the Cetus Sieve, Big Blue Barrel filters, and the BBF. Phew! Not content with all that excitement, Grover had noticed during the past week that only two of the four Blagdon UVCs (with tube lamps emitting ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nm) are actually doing anything worthwhile. By now he's getting rather slapdash in his approach. Grabs a trusty plumber grab tool and extracts one dead tube, then does UVC #2. #1 comes out with the little rubber stopper - no worries, mate! #2 leaves the little rubber stopper 30cm down inside a very expensive glass tube - Bugger! Another exotic piece of Billabong hardware is now deployed (just like Thunderbirds... play theme music... tum de da dumm dee dee ta dum & repeat etc). Yes! It's Thunderbird #7 ! A pink Volta vacuum cleaner with a special 30cm plastic kink-resistant tubular device attachment (Grover sliced off a bit of old hose) to suck that little rubber grommety thing out! Success! And that's a wrap. The rubber thingie is retrieved and carefully filed away. The replacement tube globes Grover can find on the Internet are priced to give you heart-burn ($50/$60 and up to $90+ each), and of course Grover should probably buy 3 and have a spare. Give him a week or so and Grover will probably remember what his bright ideas actually were... Cheers, Grover (PS: the GPGs are still happy, water temp about 25degC, and the food goes in every day!
  11. And 1 GPG room please!
  12. Hi @hamishh34, Thanx heaps for your support & interest. I've got some new ideas that I'll write up later this week. In the meantime, I sit on the edge of the Billabong and paddle my toes in it to amuse the goldfish. Yes, it is peaceful especially with a R&C (Bundy) ! (Except for those bl@sted kookaburras ) Cheers, Grover
  13. The Chilly Winds of Winter in Brisvegas... With the daytime temperature rapidly plummeting and the odd sighting of Ugg boots there can only be one conclusion... Brrrr ! Winter! This week's exercise for the Billabong was the ceremonial "Installing of the Blue Blanket". A time-honoured event for the last few years. You know how it goes, so here are the photos - 1) Billabong in its natural state 2) Installing the rope at one end (held in place by the star-picket embedded 5ft into the ground) 3) At the other end, using "truckie hitches" to tension the rope across 9m of pool (being a Boy Scout many years ago helped at this point) 4) Hooray! Grover remembered to install the floating boxes at this point (ex-fish boxes kindly donated by his LFS - Aquarama, Stafford) 5) Retrieving the polystyrene pallets from inside the carport roof. 6) Positioning the pallets carefully on the ropes (Grover tossed them from the side then poked them into place with a barge-pole) 7) And then with assistance from the house-mate, unfurled the blue cover whilst leaving a gap for the Elephant Ears at the shallow end. There's just one tiny gap to allow Grover to feed the GPGs their vegies, pellets, and lettuce. And the temperature in the Billabong? A sunny 25degC ! Cheers, Grover
  14. Hi @billfish No, sorry. Only Gambusia affinis - it's pretty much cattle grazing country. The ones I caught ended up as grass fertilizer. For @QldMick I think there are some spiny crayfish species way up high in the granite country creeks. I remember seeing some of those type when I was a kid (possibly too many years ago!) Accommodation Creek is down on the flats and pretty well surrounded by cattle country. Cherax destructor you think? Grover
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