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    Grew up in a large family with multiple fish tanks that Dad had made out of old window panes, did a Biology Degree, joined Q.NPWS, became an IT consultant, decided to keep Oscars and more recently GPGs.
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  1. Its official The Billabong has gone green for summer, photo to come. So Grover is back to whale-watching as the GPGs surface to gulp air. Grover (Author of "How Green Was My Billabong")
  2. Ha! Discovered why there are so many goldfish in the Billabong. Found this little blighter in the filter box. Cheers, Grover
  3. Nighttime in the Billabong With the cover blown off, the GPGs are a bit more visible at night time. Video here - Billabong at Night Cheers, Grover (has to get his act together and put up another pool cover to stop predatory attacks by pelicans and sea-eagles )
  4. Small hiccup at the Billabong thanx to that wind storm the other day!
  5. To QLDAFers, Thanx for all your commiserations, now with Spring bouncing around it's time to peel off the blue cover and restart the Billabong to-do list. Ha! Cheers, Grover (Doesn't know what he's in for does he?)
  6. Death in the Billabong Sorry cobbers, there no easy way to say this - Grover has lost 8 GPGs over Winter. It appeared to be a combination of cold (the pool heat exchanger carked it at a critical time) and possibly injudicious choice of foodstuffs during the cold temperatures. Please, you can throw things at me, but I feel bad enough already. No pictures, as you all know what it like to lose special fish - I've had some of these since 2009/2010. No plans to replace them, but I will talk to some of the other QLDAFers who could take 5 or 6 as a chance to try their own breeding program. That should leave me with a few (less than 10 ) which might be a better school of fish. Grover PS: the bl**dy goldfish are thriving , growing and probably will multiply over Summer. If you want some send me a PM.
  7. GPG Spot-lighting at Night (Part 1) Went for a wander with the torch last night, and see who I found floating next to a filter outlet - Yes! "G for George" in all his his grey glory ! He seems happy enough, but is extremely shy during the day. Grover (fish hunting by torch-light again later in the week)
  8. Robo-Gourami Wanted... Saw this today - Robotic Fish and thought the GPGs could give robo-fish "What For" in the Billabong. Grover (on the hunt for fishie technological advances) Another article in "WIRED" has this quote (ha ha) - "Thus the fluid energizes the fish. But it also acts as a traditional hydraulic fluid, in that it transmits force in the tail and pectoral fins. When the pumps push the fluid to the fins, they bend back and forth to propel the robot. The pectoral fins work in the same way to steer the fish left and right.This doesn’t move the robot particularly quickly, mind you: The fish can cover about one and a half body lengths per minute. “It would definitely get eaten if it were in the ocean,” says Shepherd."
  9. Border Collie meets Goldfish Small problem today.... the BC went for a long throw ball in the backyard and hit the wading pool. As its been in the sun for 2years the pool promptly split washing flappy goldfish at the Dog. Who just as fast turned tail and ran from the deluge. I now have 6 free large pond goldfish to go to good home. Send me a PM, else I will throw them back in the Billabong with the GPGs. Cheers. Grover
  10. Very slow month.... The heat exchange pump needs repair, and I spotted one solitary fish on display where i worked in Sydney last week. Cheers, Grover (He's slightly frozen at the moment)
  11. Not sure what they did with it. Would be a waste to spike it, but with our strict quarantine.... ABC News on 14-Apr-2019 Ah bugger, it was humanely euthanised Spotted this tooo The man was then arrested and is expected to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on May 15. so let's see if he makes the news reports next Wednesday 15 in Adelaide Court list for Monday 13-Apr (dunno if he would be criminal or civil - criminal you think?) List
  12. Another week, another trip This time to Melb - cold, wet. and raining but I did find a new aquarium store at Keysborough, Melb. Walked in and the front was full of goldfish: some lovely black & gold Ranchus. Then thru doors to the back area of tropicals.... whew 30deg temp. Absolutely Great. Good selection of Africans and the usual tropicals. No giant gouramis tho. :- (( Left the GPGs in care of the housemate - all OK so far. Grover PS: Doesn't look much from the outside, but impressed as really well-run on the inside.
  13. Ha! In Synney again this week! Maybe I can hang a Giant gourami around my neck and fly home tomorrow night. Wont be a fully red arowana with certificate Cheers, Grover
  14. Notes from Synney... Wandered around the Harbour, and missed Brisbane warmth. Back to the GPGs on Friday. Grover
  15. Winter Prep... (Take #2) There was something slightly wrong with the last photo above... It came to me this morning that the cover was un-naturally flat. In my hurry to get everything done on the weekend - I had forgotten these - I had forgotten to tuck these under the ropes in the center of the Billabong to hold the poly pallets further out of the water and give the GPGs a lot more breathing space. So... With the final result mid-morning today looking much better! Grover (Anybody have any spare marbles for Grover who is losing his?)
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