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  1. Ha ha! Just like the Royal Family - you never put the all the family members on one airplane! So too with GPGs, you gotta let other people own one or two just in case the Billabong gets visited by a flock of hungry pelicans
  2. Demise of the BCF... So, the BCF (Big Cr@p Filter) is no more. And for the last week or so, I've been cleaning the ag pipe fittings for re-use with the Cetus Sieve. (I think I've got enough start with ) The Blagdon UV filters (all 4 of them - totalling 1,200W) have been carefully pulled apart, cleaned, and are awaiting reassembly. The Cetus Sieve filter (CSF) is waiting for me find/buy a hole saw to double the drainage holes which will run to the Big Blue Barrels (BBB) before heading for the scoria-filled Bog Bed Filter (BBF). Almost forgot - I need some more "pool eyes". If you take out the central swivel bit, the inside thread size is 50mm. You can then screw in the ag pipe joiner bits and start plumbing runs. The ones currently in the BBBs are leaking after a few years. And in the interest of trying not to lose too much water due to inept plumbing, I figure I need some new ones. Finally, the ex-BCF box might come in handy as a sludge-overflow collector - will wait to see what I invent as the final design. Grover { His finest hour(s) of plumbing await him ! } PS: The GPGs are still happy under the blue cover.
  3. Hi @MFF I need someone with your experience :-) Are you on 'AirTasker' ???
  4. Wonder if I can get the "extra" if I buy a heat pump from this mob?
  5. The Billabong has just dropped to 23degC. Anybody want to swap a few Jager or Eheim heaters for what I might need in the Billabong? Grover PS: 13.5kW might be overkill - I think I'll look at 8-10kW ones.... $$$$$
  6. Meanwhile... back in the BBF... OK cobbers, I've discovered what is causing the scoria to keep washing out red colour after you have rinsed it for 10-15 minutes - Red Clay! It pretends to be a chunk of rock - But then either gets crushed by the scoria being tumbled or else crumbles in the sun as it dries out - All I want is this - And what ends up in the BBF bottom layer is this - Not to worry! After I fully recover from my operation, I'll be back into washing the scoria & if I see any of these "jobbies" they will get hurled off into the garden beds Grover (Billabong temperature under the blue cover is sitting on 24degC - so far so good)
  7. Ha ha! That's awesome! Can I throw an adult Murray Cod in there?
  8. Winter Mode Completed... Tonight's update is rather short - off to the local hospital tomorrow for a procedure. Why can't humans use good old "Multicure" ? It used to work for swordtails with fungus and fin-rot!! The polystyrene pallets have been flung onto the ropes - And the Blue cover pulled out of storage and wrapped over the lot. Finished. Grover (back soon...)
  9. GPGs heading for Winter Mode... Tonight's update brought to you by the letters "W" and "A". "W" 'cause it was mostly Work; and "A" thanx to Atlas Aquarium in Rode Rd, Wavell Heights who happily supplied the new polystyrene boxes to be used as floats to hold the blue cover up so the gouramis can breathe. The old floats had filled with water, and I think the plecos had had a crack at rasping the algae on the base of them - So they are being eco-friendly-wise ditched. Here are the new ones in progress - ready to be taped together as giant "Floaties" - Then there's the stringing of the rope bridge across 9m of Billabong - Followed by the ceremonial retrieval of the polystyrene pallets from the ceiling space of the carport - Tomorrow will see this all come together, with hopefully a roll-out of the blue pool cover. The floating islands will all be corralled up one end, and Grover will investigate the price of new heat pumps / heat exchangers. Obviously, he doesn't want a repeat of the disastrous Winter of 2019 and the multiple deaths thereof Cheers, Grover (Will Grover ever finish washing the scoria? Will the GPGs stay warm over Winter? Does Grover actually know what he's doing? The answers to these and many, many other questions will be in future posts....)
  10. I also started flooding the BBF with water to wash the finest silt out. The silvery parts are water.
  11. Thanx @Slipshodman That made me LOL ! Excellent idea, and just to keep you updated - I managed to was a whole 3 bags of scoria yesterday Grover (his back is recovering today!)
  12. BBF Progress ( actually...! ) Another day in paradise, another 2 bags of scoria washed ! Grover (and the Dog helped...) PS: Only 35 bags to go
  13. Good thinking @Pepperbris ! I'm aiming to give every bag a preliminary rinse / wash, then flood the tank and drain a few times. I built a "T" piece into the plumbing before it gets to the Billabong, so I can divert the red water onto the lawn. Hopefully it will also rain sometime ! Also hoping my back holds up to handling almost 400kg of scoria-washing Grover
  14. BBF Progress ( sortof...! ) Hi @Slipshodman, Ha! It's taken a bl**dy virus to get me revved up and back into the GPGs Cleaning Scoria: Step 1 - fill wheelbarrow with water, load as much scoria as you can lift into a Bunning's sieve, shake violently from side-to-side (the sieve, not YOU!), think of choice swear words - then realise that none of them are strong enough, mutter quietly "Oh, my back is aching" ... Step 2 - repeat Step 1 a few more times Step 3 - put carefully washed scoria into large bucket and add water slowly to prove to yourself it is clean... Step 4 - mutter under breath, because it's NOT clean! Step 5 - repeat steps 1 to 4 (again!) Step 6 - give up and throw the ruddy stuff in the BBF ! The End. Grover (Is that all he washed? 1 bag out of 38! What's he been doing all Easter break?)
  15. Thanx again @aquaholic99 Today I tried sieving 1 bag as dry, and thought... "I'm never going to survive sieving the other 37!" Tomorrow I will dress in my daggiest old 'dog-walking' clothes and attempt "wet" sieving. Look for the red-mud coloured guy walking a russet-coloured Border Collie tomorrow afternoon
  16. BBF Progress ! Thanx @aquaholic99 ! Here's a photo of 38 bags of Brunnings scoria that arrived today from Bunnings Stafford :-) My Easter holiday will be sieving the dry stuff, washing the chunky stuff, then chucking it into the BBF. I was thinking of running the BBF in flood/dry mode. In other words flood the media during the day, and stop the pumps at night to let it dry (sortof). There will be about 3-4 cm across the bottom that won't completely drain out to act as a reservoir for the bacteria etc. My other option is to operate it as flood/dry during the day - fill to capacity (overflow pipes are in place if needed), then drain, then re-do the cycle continuously. Not sure what will be best yet. After the scoria is set, the Cetus Sieve will be going in. I know the GPGs are producing large amounts of 'sludge' so I am setting a hose that can wash down the sieve at day's end , plus large containers for sludge recycling (to go on the surrounding garden beds) . Mind you - carting x38 bags of 20 kg each = nearly a tonne.... I'm exhausted tonight Grover (the GPGs don't care about any CV virus... they just want their lettuce!!)
  17. Hi @billfish No, no baby plecostomus... Even though they had terracotta pipes and huge plastic pipes as well. Here they are - out of the Billabong temporarily while I vacuumed up grunge and muck from the bottom of the pool. The pipes are approx. 30cm diameter and maybe 1.5m long, and attached to floating chains which then attach to the floating ducks! Cheers, Grover
  18. BBF Re-Run! (or "The Bog Bed Filter finally gets put together") OK cobbers, it's been a few years waiting but Grover is finally getting his act together in the filtering department. I've decided that this stay-at-home exercise is the time to move on re-building the Billabong filtration area. You saw the tank and stand go in (yes, a year or more ago), and have been patiently waiting for something (anything!) to actually happen. Now it is ! The tank was cleaned of bird poo, leaves, and algae growth. The geo-tex matting stuff has been laid on the bottom to at least slow down the scoria from trying to wear holes in the bottom of the tank. And a few bags plopped in to hold the matting down temporarily. Grover then goes off to read the aquaponics threads about the use & mis-use of scoria in aquaponic garden beds... Backyard Aquaponics - 2011 onwards Of course my nearby LFS (aka "Bunnings") has bagged scoria for a price. Don't worry - my intent is to let it get rinsed with rainwater for as long as it takes to remove the red dust, and then to check the pH levels of the water to ensure it is safe for the GPGs. Compared with cubic meter price in Melbourne (where they actually have extinct volcanoes in the countryside), "B" are somewhat exorbitant. But then the transport cost from VIC to QLD means buying it from Melbourne is NOT cost effective either! Oh well. Now I just need a 4.5tonne truck to deliver a pallet load to fill the BBF... Stay tuned Grover ( PS: the GPGs are alert, but not yet alarmed! )
  19. Hi @Pepperbris Long time, no see ! Great island idea :-) looks like a sheet of wall insulation or a cold-room wall with holes drilled in it. I do admit that the GPG islands are starting to look a little battered - having been turned-turtle a number of times by the Elephant Ears graowing too large and capsizing the whole thing. The islands will have to wait in line (with appropriate "social distancing") as I have a burst of enthusiasm for another project... see below
  20. In view of the current run on foodstuffs in the supermarket, I trust that no one will suggest eating the GPGs Not even if ScoMo declares that we all start eating home-grown goodies!!
  21. Oh... Look.... New ducks on the Billabong Courtesy of Bunnings ha ha! Grover (note the plastic chains to stop the plastic birds from escaping)
  22. Thanx! Happy to follow the guidelines. Cheers, Grover
  23. Good Evening Gentlemen That's you @Pepperbris and @wadedidit I do appreciate that there are the silent readers coming along on the GPG ride, although it's best if I just keep puddling along and don't remember that the Billabong posts are heading for 130,000 views in total... FYI - Daughter #1 has a partner and is living/farming on 67 acres near Gympie. She has a fish tank with a GNF, but says it needs a clean before you see any photos. She also has a number of dams that they want to stock with Redclaw yabbies and possibly Silver Perch, so I think the fishy-bug has been successfully passed on.. I'll be back in Brisvegas with time to clean the filters before flinging off to Synney again next week. Discovered last week that the local greengrocer had giant cos-type lettuce. Tall, long-leaved ones like spinach, but actually lettuce. He sold me a box of slightly droopy ones that had started wilting in his cold room for $10 (I've been buying Icebergs at $4 ea); the gouramis just smash them as I sprinkle leaves on the surface. No wonder the goldfish suffer the odd casualty on occasion, as the GPG just ram the lettuce and swirl back under with a huge splash. Ha! It only LOOKS like a video, but it does show some v.happy GPGs. Cheers from Grover still stuck in Sydney
  24. Ha ha! Rumours of Grover's demise have been greatly exaggerated He's currently in Sydney, for a few weeks of work, and has left the GPGs in the care of a new housemate. Fully detailed instructions about feeding peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and the tearing apart of lettuces with your bare hands were provided. Also, the fishy filters were cleaned and water plant islands reviewed. New housemate looks to be a very reliable lady and is not fazed by giant monsters in the Billabong, nor by The Dog. Actually The Dog quite approves of her if the tail-wagging is any guide. Grover has been a good procrastinator lately. He's decided that re-building the Big Box Filter can wait til Easter. Taking some work leave then to do the plumbing job properly ( = expensively). Thanx for the vote of confidence, I only write this because I know there's at least 6 people who read it !! Cheers, Grover (We want less about him and more about the fish )
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