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  1. I just tried messaging to see if I could collect tommorow, but I keep getting an error. Can you message me to arrange? Or text 0417696739?
  2. Hey mate, I'm interested in the remainder. Do you know the genders? I could collect today (Tuesday)
  3. Howdy,  sent a  pm message before site updated.  My neighbour -Mike-  is  wanting to purchase two IBC for aquaponics.  We are on the Gold Coast. He is going away next week, so I will give you his number direct as he is not a member

    Mike - 0402615605.

      Thanks,  Regards Deb

  4. How big is a site?
  5. pantodon

    QFAS Market Day

    Should do these at least every three months!
  6. pantodon

    QFAS Market Day

    Dammit! I only just saw this and it is happening right now! Would have loved to bring some stuff to sell Note to self, check in more often
  7. Actually, we won't be able to make it this time due to schedule conflicts. I hope it goes really well and will try and drop by for a look. We often have various odds n ends to sell off cheap, so hopefully this will be a regular event.
  8. What are the approx sizes of the sites?
  9. Pay rate will be $21.62 per hour for 38 hours. Revised start date Monday 29th.
  10. It will be the minimum award wage. I have to check into this.
  11. 2-4 weeks full time casual. Must have manual license and be reasonably fit (lifting and carrying buckets of water, working on step ladders). Start and finish in Kallangur. Cleaning aquariums under supervision of other employee recovering from injury. Monday start for right person. Good presentation an advantage for customer service All equipment and vehicle supplied (vehicle garaged in Kallangur) Variable start/finish times depending jobs for day Great opportunity to break into the aquarium industry and gain valuable experience. Email phil@aquariumstogo.com.au with CV.
  12. pantodon

    Cleaning out IBC ready for use

    I dont want to cut these ones...
  13. Hi Folks, I picked up a couple of new IBCs from Peter Ford today. They will be used for mixing and storing seawater. How do guys go about cleaning them before first use? I have rinsed with water and have filled it up with an aerator overnight, then I was going to give it one more rinse. The sticker says they had sodium lactate in them. Thoughts? Phil.
  14. As the title says, just wondering who you get your NSW deliveries from and how much you pay? How would you rate quality and service?