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  1. I had a old Api test kit. Was out off date. Got a new one and got completely different readings. If you have ammonia your wish would most likely die. A properly cycled or mature tank will show no ammonia
  2. If your filter is cycled. Your test readings will be zero
  3. I helped move crustys. It's hard to imagine until you see it. Awesome size tanks. Hurry up jp and get your fish in there
  4. K1 fits through eggcrate. Ziptieing guttergaurd stops it passing through
  5. Use egg crate with gutter guard ziptied to it. Works well.
  6. GPM/GPH Flow based on PVC Pipe Size, ie, How much water can flow through Sch 40 Pvc Pipe Size 1/2" 3/4" 1" 1.5" 2" 2.5" 3" 4" 6" I no its a chart for flexible pvc but u can use smaller tubing
  7. That chart is fir gravity fed. Higher flow with a pump
  8. Everyone is whinging. How did l144s get in? No-one asked the question as they were just happy to have the opportunity to buy/own them
  9. But on saying that it took 7blokes to move my 7x3. 15mm thick glass
  10. Not saying it was easy but I can be done
  11. Isn't Mike's old tank 8x2x2.5 ??? And I moved my 8x2x2.5 12mm glass with me and one other bloke. Can be done.
  12. Cheers man. 15? Nice man with a awesome sized tank... pm sent man
  13. Yeah I'm getting another tank to house my male. Will need a big upgraded in a year or so
  14. yip now shes in there the airstone doesnt look as big haha
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